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Laurence Odell : HEY!! Maximilian, I got HUGE news to bring out that will totally help Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite's future in the FGC! Today, Disney (the current holders of the Marvel movie license) has officially brought out Fox for nearly $42.5 BILLION!!!

stuff - Official Channel : ...which predicts the Disney and FOX deal.

Mitchel McMullen : As Long 20th Century Fox is Normal, I'm in. And Welcome Back to Marvel World, X-Men and Fanatic Four

Peg The 20th Century Fox Fan Est. 2012 : what Disney Castle Model is this?

markdpane : Nice mashup! Though I think they'll just stick with the Disney intro.

Dustin Griffith : The Walt Disney Studio once bought Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor back in the late 1980s to form Disney/MGM Studios and that expired in 2007. But now Disney bought the Fox Studio, and this means it's Disney/Fox Studios. In the near future which Hollywood studio will be next and operated by Disney, will it be Paramount, Universal or Warner Brothers? I think I'm gonna be sick.

Grace Woofter : Honestly, Disney is turning into a monopoly of other studios. Who knows? Maybe by 2023, EVERY movie is a Disney movie.

supermariosonic 298 : I want the Disney and Fox deal to get expired NOW!!!

20thCenturyVictor : Excellent Nice

20thCenturyTotallySpies! : You forgot to Credits to Logomax production for this Model.

Yellow Flame Gaulent : The Mouse owns everything.

Maaz Kalim : I was intent to watch, dislike and then "ignore" this video [when stuck in my YouTube®] suggestions but man... Just the humour-quotient of this video [totally] changed my mind! In fact, this is the only humorous-video concerning production cards I've found in my whole life so far. Certainly the most-creatively original. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Potato The Wise : No, they will have their intro and then put the normal Fox logo like they did with lucasarts

Willam Hunt : Ethan James Tilton

Sunfish Studio : Is this the official logo?

Bryangaming645 Pro MIX Videos : Did I hear 20th Fox X-Men and ....what is that thing playing all theme

MINISTRYCRAFT 35 : Since Batman is a DC Character, Warner Bros. Probably bought the rights to the 1966 Batman TV series. Just Saying. Great animation.

20thCenturyVictorYes DenzelRamosNo : A lot of fanfares?

Cedrick Johnson : it looks like the castle is on the Disney logo

Skyler Mcfadden : I HAD THAT SAME IDEA!

Keyon Green : You 2 are the best youtuber ever

wildsurfer12 : Why doesn’t Wolverine pop up and say “Hey guys, we’re home!”

ISingand DoOtherThings : awesome man

Trend101Warrior : Annie Porter from _Speed_ finally gets to be a Disney Princess.

Eck0 : And then, there be two new amusement-parks. "DISNEY PRESENTS: FOX-LAND & FOX-WORLD" Coming soon, maybe...


Sonic The PepsiHog : *Good thing this is fake- oh wait. No it isn't* *Disney brought out Fox.*

Seth Carlow : i got the joke. and as Mickey Mouse would say see you real soon. i wonder what Disney is going to buy next ?

Guy Who Knew Too Much : I know the sell was true, but is this real logo?

XxMemeTrexxX ! : Please do CBS Disney

26ht7194uj en : OH MY GOODNESS


Private Account : Fox News belongs to Disney

jeiro Sanchez : I think you need 5 spotlight

john marchand : I like disney

THXFan2889 : I actually got the same news on Good Morning America.

Miguel Lins Vianna : L O L

Nick Naujalis : Sweet!

StupeINC : Why did you add so many searchlights and so many fanfares combined

Letticia Rosado : Very nice!

ethyn dawkins originals : Disney buys fox my story Spongebob:run! Its disney! Me:i thought you were owned by nicktoons,paramount,viacom and universal studios. Spongbob:then why wasnt i selled to comcast or nbc then. Ethyn:it is unacceptable for you and your nicktoon friends. I'm sorry but you are owned by disney now. The end A screen gems production in association with ethyn dawkins origanals

Priscilla Cook : I'm hoping that the upcoming 20th Century Fox DVD's that are own by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will be own by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment since Disney bought Fox.

Brenden Poindexter-Hammond : If 20th Centry Fox And Disney were teaming up from making a movie

Eddie Agbayani : Must be song of 20th century fox IDIOT!!!!😡

ed bi : Je suis en Plein

zach justice : another reason why i should put my foot through the tv

IceCrusher18 enterprises, inc. : Disney did not actually own TCF, they acquired some TCF assets. Comcast and Verizon are on a bidding war against it.

TurbinateArc747 : Do the one with the X-Men fanfare at the end.

Alessa Dolan : 0:32 and what now? *awkward silence*

02 S L : Now that is awesome