Dew Shoplifter

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Mtn Dew Code Red shoplifter with a snack thief. Follow Us -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Now And Later Thief At Large" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


Howard Boyd : Two prostitutes and their question, no doubt. Trashy and trifling AF, stealing mountain dew and candy.... apparently not selling enough 🐱

AhBoop : This is like a monotone, depressed, boring version of Gas Station Encounters.

GroverKent : I just clicked the thumbnail simply because I saw a great pair of legs.

Eli Beserra : Yea...the "shoplifting" is whats Really being watched here. 🤣🤣. Nice try tho👍

PetePlayz - Norsk Gaming : In Soviet Russia shoplifter calls police on owner

mutalix : Chokers nowadays are like blackbelts for deepthroating.

Michelle Longley : This is terrible ! The dude commentating sounds like hes about to slip into a coma....or he just came out of one

El Santo Plomo : Hold up!! Is that a choker?? 😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 best line ive heard on youtube in ages

FL Biker : Mud sharks and future single moms.

Gabriel Barboza : Hoodrats from the trailer park

Dr. Free meal : Once a girl goes hood , she's no good.

CDN 0128 : Trying to knock off 'gas station encounters' are we?

Edison 720 : Just a typical trash day

AutumnsReign : "I didn't pay for the candy bar." "Haha girl you crazy!"

pantslizard : ...wait...hookers STEALING??? NEVER...!?!

Sir Kevin : Looks like a lot of genital herpes going on with these two.

alwaysbusiness4 : It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Captain Save A Ho!

Amanda milson : Where did she hide the hotdog

Romeo : What’s funny is this dude trying to be funny

Ice G : It's 1.50 for sugar and water. Who's robbing who..?

Uncommon Sense : Two future welfare single mothers there.

DubDanTV : Your commentary was so dry and boring, not even close to as funny as you think... only reason it got any views is because of the girls in the video

YaNoAwantoMas : Yep.. Thats what happens when you hang out with them long enogh...

Hugh Tahoob : Hold up first question what and where the hell is Fav Trip!? Wawa s Sheetz and Get Go are all I've been to

Lanwarder : That is the most exciting robbery video since Ocean 13......

George Jungle : Lol.. white trash at its best.

Damien Alexander : Cherry Dew is NOT Code Red or she would've gotten it. numbnuts. i more made at you for not knowing than the person who knows cherry flavor dew is not code red.

Thizz Or Die You BeeZy : Who else looking at thos booties

A Revenant In The Nine Circles of Elysium : Why she stealing Dew tho? She charges 20 to take everyone else's...

Ticci toby Lover 97 : This is worth subscribing for now I’m going to get some rootbeer and pringles from my HOUSE! Shh don’t tell my family.🤣🤫

CZAR HKVICE : Girl in leggings, gorgeous!😘😘

Adrian M. : 2:28 "Hiding behind this hateful Shaq O'Neal over there" Me: Lol

Ferny Quintana : Aye fam, fountain drinks be flat so I don’t blame them They livin in 2087

Joel Toifel : They probably do anything for a piece of crack

B1kRain : 😂 that was a $4 dollar heist job. Fast5 crew couldn't have done it better!

roscoroller989 : Wow they stole a can of soda. Great video.... Not. And the narrating was painful, I cringed so hard I had a seizure

Hector Martinez : Not a smart move at all it's pretty damn obvious that there are security cameras on just about every store⏺⏹⏪▶⏩⏹⏪▶⏹⏪⏹⏏ 📼 ( H E L L O ) 🙋

bestamerica : ' thank to all stores musts have too many security cameras... easily catch the crimes thiefs

Rain Twomoons : Couple of nice decent skanks.

amfe52 : "...cause why not. Little did she know..." Your narration is pure gold.

Jy Jym : Untrustworthy but very cute with a lovely butt. I could put up with that ..just sleep with one eye open.

For ever Dead inside : LOCK'M UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY!

i'll be your knight : "like a wise man once said" 😂

Joe Mako : Lot lizards.

1MegaBubble : A wise man once said, "You can get Mountain Dew from a fountain drink." Inspirational words to live by

paradoxxor 77 : Beautiful girls don't have any excuse to be broke. 😑 These days, they are practically worshipped. 😲

Shadow Banned : Jest dang Whyte trayash wit deer Niggrow pimp!

Kyle Morrison : Bro are you in KC?! Cause I feel like I've been to your gas station before lol

Greg Gentile : Those tricks have to steal because they give all their money to the pimp.