Dew Shoplifter

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sedrick holloway : This video made my entire day! I had to subscribe after this!

Howard Boyd : Two prostitutes and their question, no doubt. Trashy and trifling AF, stealing mountain dew and candy.... apparently not selling enough 🐱

AhBoop : This is like a monotone, depressed, boring version of Gas Station Encounters.

FL Biker : Mud sharks and future single moms.

Ice G : It's 1.50 for sugar and water. Who's robbing who..?

Michelle Longley : This is terrible ! The dude commentating sounds like hes about to slip into a coma....or he just came out of one

Michael Mitchell : I wonder what their prices are. Two girl action should be affordable if they have to steal cokes.

CDN 0128 : Trying to knock off 'gas station encounters' are we?

GroverKent : I just clicked the thumbnail simply because I saw a great pair of legs.

Edison 720 : Just a typical trash day

alwaysbusiness4 : It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Captain Save A Ho!

EA 1017 : Watch out for people who drink Mountain Dew or root beer those people have no shame and are a danger to themselves and society

mark marrow : Both had nice bodies

Amanda milson : Where did she hide the hotdog

El Santo Plomo : Hold up!! Is that a choker?? 😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 best line ive heard on youtube in ages

pantslizard : ...wait...hookers STEALING??? NEVER...!?!

mutalix : Chokers nowadays are like blackbelts for deepthroating.

Gabriel Barboza : Hoodrats from the trailer park

Boy Genius : I actually forgot people steal petty stuff like pop and candy... that's like for ages 14-17 but adults? These three have nothing to lose in life 😒.

YaNoAwantoMas : Yep.. Thats what happens when you hang out with them long enogh...

bavondale : So you're mad because you couldn't overcharge her for mountain dew?

Rick massey : When they go black we don't want them back

Ian Robertson : Dude you voice is so boring

Patrick Smith : A lot of jealous white men in the comments....hahahaha

AutumnsReign : "I didn't pay for the candy bar." "Haha girl you crazy!"

Soul 4Real : They didn't go to JAIL because they are white women.

fishbaitor : She is probably still trying to brush the cum from her hair to this day.

SIX0 four : The one in the shorts is got a smoking body. I'd like to feed her my mountain dews

Wildcard : There getting there sugar kick for the long pounding night 😂

OMG 420 : Cherry dew and code red aren't the same hellllllllo

Bruce Bernal : Wow ...crime of the century...

Dr. Free meal : Once a girl goes hood , she's no good.

Lanwarder : That is the most exciting robbery video since Ocean 13......

STP Productions : Idk...this doesn't make sense seeing that there's prob no major price difference I think they were getting the items they needed to sip some lean and didn't want to be questioned or something... idk

A Revenant In The Nine Circles of Elysium : Why she stealing Dew tho? She charges 20 to take everyone else's...

Kevlar Moneyclips : I can smell your hotpocket breath through my speakers

Marco Cruz : Two mud sharks and there dindunuffin pimp GROSS!!!!

Lindy Tucker : Look at all the hate in the comments. This world has turned into a pathetic place in 30 years. There is good and bad in every race. We need to do better and come together. They are dividing us up by color and we are the ones losing. There is only one color that matters on this Earth and it's money green!! And we have the nerve to talk shit about how kids act. Who do they get it from? What examples do they have of good people making a difference in our communities?? The crooked politicians and the wealthy are laughing all the way to the bank and most of us that "go without" sit around pointing fingers around at the other races blaming each other. And most of y'all got kids. They don't stand a chance of living a life without hatred for somebody based on their color. There is only one race losing....the human race.

For ever Dead inside : LOCK'M UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY!

PetePlayz - Norsk Gaming : In Soviet Russia shoplifter calls police on owner

Angel Feliciano : Those girls were cute.

Jae KiDd : The white thottys be the worse lol they quick to steal but then cry or blame someone else ... Her friend in the leggings got a fatty tho

John Doe : One in pink shirt needs those cakes pounded! 😉👌

Hector Martinez : Not a smart move at all it's pretty damn obvious that there are security cameras on just about every store⏺⏹⏪▶⏩⏹⏪▶⏹⏪⏹⏏ 📼 ( H E L L O ) 🙋

Uncommon Sense : Two future welfare single mothers there.

AvryQuick : Can this lady cook or clean?

james bond : I'd make her large intestine pay

Seth Eheart : That's their pimp

10,000 subs with no videos? : Sorry but say ur words with passion

Sir Kevin : Looks like a lot of genital herpes going on with these two.