Dew Shoplifter

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sedrick holloway : This video made my entire day! I had to subscribe after this!

Howard Boyd : Two prostitutes and their question, no doubt. Trashy and trifling AF, stealing mountain dew and candy.... apparently not selling enough 🐱

Rusty Shackleford : 2 prostitutes and their pimp being scum

FL Biker : Mud sharks and future single moms.

Ice G : It's 1.50 for sugar and water. Who's robbing who..?

El Santo Plomo : Hold up!! Is that a choker?? 😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 best line ive heard on youtube in ages

Michael Mitchell : I wonder what their prices are. Two girl action should be affordable if they have to steal cokes.

CDN 0128 : Trying to knock off 'gas station encounters' are we?

james osagiede : Why am I horny watching a robbery. Damn they sexy. Y'all can come rob me. I don't mind.

Edison 720 : Just a typical trash day

alwaysbusiness4 : It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Captain Save A Ho!

Dr. Free meal : Once a girl goes hood , she's no good.

Sugar Spring : And her friend is doing hair stuff by the place where people are getting drinks. Ass.

Michelle Longley : This is terrible ! The dude commentating sounds like hes about to slip into a coma....or he just came out of one

pantslizard : ...wait...hookers STEALING??? NEVER...!?!

Amanda milson : Where did she hide the hotdog

mutalix : Chokers nowadays are like blackbelts for deepthroating.

Gabriel Barboza : Hoodrats from the trailer park

You You : The retardation of America... Those are your next generation heroin addicts...

Boy Genius : I actually forgot people steal petty stuff like pop and candy... that's like for ages 14-17 but adults? These three have nothing to lose in life 😒.

Monir Mansour : The other dude who dose video like this, is alot funnier

Rick massey : When they go black we don't want them back

Ian Robertson : Dude you voice is so boring

Patrick Smith : A lot of jealous white men in the comments....hahahaha

bavondale : So you're mad because you couldn't overcharge her for mountain dew?

A Revenant In The Nine Circles of Elysium : Why she stealing Dew tho? She charges 20 to take everyone else's...

EA 1017 : Watch out for people who drink Mountain Dew or root beer those people have no shame and are a danger to themselves and society

OMG 420 : Cherry dew and code red aren't the same hellllllllo

STP Productions : Idk...this doesn't make sense seeing that there's prob no major price difference I think they were getting the items they needed to sip some lean and didn't want to be questioned or something... idk

Lanwarder : That is the most exciting robbery video since Ocean 13......

John Doe : One in pink shirt needs those cakes pounded! 😉👌

C Faria : A negro pimp and his Caucasian hoes'. The American dream, for some...

GroverKent : I just clicked the thumbnail simply because I saw a great pair of legs.

rayoloco5000 : legins hooker had a nice ass

James Barnett : T H I C C

YaNoAwantoMas : Yep.. Thats what happens when you hang out with them long enogh...

Rob Nonya : 2 hoes and a pimp..Take care of your daughters people!! or a black pimp will..

Seth Eheart : That's their pimp

AvryQuick : Can this lady cook or clean?

SIX0 four : The one in the shorts is got a smoking body. I'd like to feed her my mountain dews

Michael Myers : Look how easily the non whites are impressed 👍

fishbaitor : She is probably still trying to brush the cum from her hair to this day.

Bruce Bernal : Wow ...crime of the century...

James Brown : Dew Lives Matter?

Jae KiDd : The white thottys be the worse lol they quick to steal but then cry or blame someone else ... Her friend in the leggings got a fatty tho

Uncommon Sense : Two future welfare single mothers there.

10,000 subs with no videos? : Sorry but say ur words with passion

Angel Feliciano : Those girls were cute.

Budget Tech : this guy trying so hard to be like gas station encounters

james bond : I'd make her large intestine pay