Seinfeld - The Magic Loogie, Reconstructed

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Master Leguichard : This is seriously one of the best things the show Seinfeld has ever done...........and that's saying something

Max Power : There's even an umbrella man, just like in the Zapruder film.

rulegm : And I screamed out, "I'M HIT!!!"

JohnDanielTorrance : 1:35 You can see the "second spitter" hiding behind the bush lol

Beerbottles123 : It's even funnier when you realise the actor who played Newman was also in a JFK movie

R R : That videotape being played while the narration takes the comedy to a whole other level.


Tizoc : "There had to have been a second spitter!" Always gets me.

Tom Smith : Lol,we just learned about JFK in school and my teacher showed the class this part.

Tys Dasd : if only jerry handled the jfk case if only.

Keith Frank : Back, and to the left.

ElGatoLoco698 : What makes this even more funny is Wayne Knight played the exact same role in courtroom magic bullet theory scene in JFK. 

tutsi witchking : jerry cant stop trying to hold in his uncontrollable laugh when explaining the magic loogie. LMAO

Kyle Ross : on june 14th 1987 the Mets beat the Pirates 7-3

Gary Mayo : Making light of such a serious historical event is not easy, but they did a great job.   Send Jerry to Dallas and let his take over that investigation.   That whole thing is a comedy anyway. In Jerry's skit, he ends the scene with the sad thing is, we may never know. Jerry, we know.

grogtgs : I just realized Neuman was in the film JFK! And he is doing the same thing he did in this clip!

Lionel Muggeridge : I stopped for juji fruit before watching this

Thomas Beaudry : "And then I screamed out, I'M HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rbzombie302 : All the way down to the umbrella man! Good job 👏👏👏

SimMaster : the CIA killed JFK

Ryan Lefchak : This is so funny, my teacher showed me this today and i could not stop laughing

mindsaglowin : I like Jerry's blouse in this scene.

Rex Mundi : Interestingly, Wayne Knight (Newman) was also in the Oliver Stone film JFK, as part of Jim Garrison's staff, playing a character called Numa Bertel. Numa sounds like 'Newman'. I'm guessing that the Seinfeld parody followed the film. Either way, it adds an extra layer of hilarity to an already great Seinfeld moment.

BillyThe Kid : "and I screamed I am HIT" lol

johno lanks : Anyone who believes in the 'magic bullet theory' is a joke! Loved this part in Seinfeld, making the people who believe that Oswald was the lone gunman are again a joke!

Daniel Dougan : IMO this is the greatest bit in the history of comedy, bar none. Just brilliant.

JKentF : Pure gold!

spinner90 : I've always thought of Seinfeld as that "one guy" my dad would hang out with.

117rememberreach : According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.

Neel1567 : IMO, this is the best scene in the entire series.

crysjumar1 : top 10 all-time seinfeld scene.

Nicolás Amenábar Dálbora : melo was the second spitter!

Dylan Watson : I love how Kramer & Newman especially Newman look like they're all angry with Hernandez at first and then when Jerry told his side of the story, they look really nervous and shy as if they just told straight out lie. Newman and the Kramer were best TV pairing outside of Andy Taylor and Barney Fife in TV comedy

nin6246 : 3:32 - "The sad things is, we may never know the real truth." Fun fact: All records in the Kennedy Collection will be opened by 2017 unless certified as justifiably closed by the President of the United States. Don't hold your breath, your govt would never admit to any participation in the killing of our own president.

Subarna Figo : Notice anything strange at 01:37?

Adil A : Chris Paul needs to watch this haha

johnbidochka : One of the finer moments on the show

Lau Cerizola : And I screamed out, I'M HIT!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha 😂😂 Pure gold!

Sam Brown : Only figured it out when he said second spitter

ricochet188 : "Sick shirt Jerry."

Albert Weijers : 3 actors and one guy who can't keep a straight face...

Rahil Sethi : nice game pretty boy! hahaha!

Matt Lodel : "Jerry's a nut!"

TFTDSGuy : Pure comedic genius.

John Wagas : Totally got the joke the first time I saw this. XD made my day

Jonathan Cangelosi : I watched this in my American history class. Hilarious!!!

i'm a alien : Jerry's shirt, man. A thing of beauty.

michael gavronsky : Back and to the left....

Judeus Samson : Who is here after watching the Bleacher Report video of Rondo, Chris Paul, Melo, and Lebron

theoriginal68niou1 : I miss this show.