DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames - cover

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Jonathan French : Absolutely positively what YouTube was meant to be for. This video gave me chills because it reminds me of what YouTube used to be like back in like 2006, I hope they keep their channel just like this, really chill and down to earth, with the focus completely on the music and musicianship. We need more kids like these two, the future of real instruments like Electric Guitar and the Bass depends on people like them now, as long as we keep passing the tradition down from generation to generation then real music will never be defeated by analog and electronic music. (Update: you know it’s really sad that someone who was only trying to encourage these two amazing kids, would have to explain himself over and over again. Listen and relax, nothing is wrong with electronic music, *However* I care about the future of music made with instruments like: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys. I see these two kids rocking out and it looks like the future is bright. Peace and Love everybody, no more negativity over comment.)

SoundlessEcho : These kids playing a freakin’ dragonforce song and here I am stuck in sweet home alabama. 😢

Rob Koepnick : My 9 year old who got his first guitar for Christmas watched this with me. And he literally said to me "dad, I think I'm in love" 😂

Brian Turner : I'm going to throw my guitars in the trash now. I give up.

LeTheGenD : This looks like a video from 2009 youtube. Love it!!

luciano passa : those girls are the metal starts for tomorrow, mark my words

Adi Wicaksono : I cant make an excuse like "I have short fingers" anymore. Greetings from Indonesia!

Derek Baker : Do they realise how amazing they are or do they just think it’s normal to be able to do this?

EMP Studio : Their face is like what they did is normal... Is it normal? I lose my confidence...

thebrad : This is the kind of thing Youtube was meant for. I don't know if they realize the gold they have with this kind of dynamic, it really helps set them apart from all the other cover videos.

Simon Sav : Just realised today how bad I am at guitar

Ddarke11 : My daily reminder of how everyone is better than me at everything. Except maybe self pity. Maybe.

lotiroon : Kate is 9 people! When I was 9 the only thing I could pick was my nose 🤣

Prafasta Aru Ginantaka : I've failed as a man

Armin OOzkalp : Singing while playing one of the hardest songs on bass. Ain't nobody stoppin her

893zero : I can't even play this on guitar hero. Well done.

Devyn Koch : Damn, Dragonfroce can't even play this song as good as you two

Icepacalypse johnson : Kate did that final slide down......with her pinky.........on a bass!!

RonniePeterson : Take nothing away from Audrey, that was a stunning performance . But I would urge anyone who was not watching Kate to view again. Her bass playing was just as impressive, never mind the fact she provided vocals as well. What a start to the new year from you both. Thank you.

Ryan Koch : Who's their dad? What a lucky guy

killroy870 : This showed up in my recommended, and i'm glad it did.

AnonymousCowardX : I think I'm hallucinating

Made in Heaven : I love this duo! They give you a lot of energy. After listening this cover, I feel like I want to punch someone on the street.

Brandon Anderson : Pardon my language, but who TF would down vote this.... it's nothing shy of amazing...

My comment is stupid just like me : The perfect result of a good parenting.

David Nwokoye : She's so good she played faster than the solo at some parts.

Near Sky : Is it even possible to be cooler than Kate

Mike 50 cal. : Girls, girls,girls.....Dont listen to the haters!!!!! You keep on practicing. You both rock!!!!!!!

Paul Carranza : This is the real energy we all need to tap into. It's pure and beautiful and makes me proud of our younger generations

Darell z : We have hope for the future

Pillo The Star : Wow. They look like they actually had fun trying to play this super stressful song.

Cukin Charts : Ok, now this is amazing... and you make it look so easy! Greetings from Argentina

Adnanta Ivan : Baby Metal - Road of Resistance pls

Pacomac : I just love how you girls grow in confidence and make mincemeat of this track. Audrey, I’m so incredibly impressed with that performance, you are starting to add your own personality into your playing and the timing was almost perfect. Kate, it’s easy to forget how young you are and to judge you by Audrey’s standards wouldn’t be fair but keep going like this and in a couple of years you have the potential to be awesome too.

Helmy Onassis : Love so much that girl playing Bass, I feel she so enjoy this music.

Fábio Carmona : The best thing about this video is the fact that they are REALLY having FUN and doing a great job!

Arie Soedrajad : Amazing as Usual, Audrey. 💕

Mega Muerte : Que viva el poder del metal en las nuevas generaciones... despues de todo hay esperanza.😉

Shoe E : Okay this video earn u a subscribe awesome keep it up!!!!

Cory L. : I miss the days when I was stationed in Japan and went to the malls that had random booths you could rent and just jam out in and random locals would join you, all in the name of music.

Rick Wagner : I've been waiting for the day you did this song. What a great New Year's Day surprise. We already knew that Kate is a champion growler, but it's even better to hear her real singing voice. And everyone that makes a guitar based game should just add a maximum difficullty level called "Audrey".

TeoB Duremdes : How do you make it look soo easy? Is there anything that you two cannot do? I just don't understand hahaha!!! Everything you play is unbelievably awesome! Love all the things you do! Happy new year to the whole family!

Sanfilippo Angelo : two little devils ♥️♥️

SEA MEMES : damn i love you guys both ! keep up the good content gurls !

Jang Lee : I wonder what they will do when the grow up lol.

Jacko Frost : Audrey? Amazing as always. Kate? Two huge thumbs up. The new Sheehan and Vai. Great jobs, ladies.

Carl Brown : You Ladies keep on rockin! Well done.

R3KITPANDA : Bloody epic. Bravo little metal dudets. 👏👏👏👏👏

Derek C : This is straight up incredible...I almost didn't think it was real! YOU. TWO. ARE. AWESOMEEEEE!!

neek : Kate's improving so much on bass!!! Keep it up!! :)