Bitcoin As Explained by A.I.

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Dr. Memes : Why does this make sense?

Mac Foraday : "One benefit of bitcoin, is you can upload a version of your future self on the dot net, but it will kill your retirement account, because it is over 1,000 years old." So hilarious!

Leo : 'This is my brain coming online, as I thought about bitcoin mining, and I knew it was wrong.' I couldn't agree more.

default name : This is the only explanation of bitcoin I've ever understood

Coda Via's Unusual Works : Exploit.bin certainly sounds like a trustworthy file.

missiletoe99 : Damn, Mark February sounds like one scary mofo.

Hann James : Hey, do you have a tipwithcrypto link?

Youtube University :

British Scum : This channel is severely underrated

I Can't Stop Sparkling : I can finally buy counterfeit coffee.

The_Despair_ : I had to stop this video more than once in order to breathe.

TheElsarild : Finally! Bitcoin explained for the layman. Thanks Botnik!

Tathar : I need a framed print of the "Hashing that code to get some of that Bitcoin" scene. Botnik, please make this happen.

「 OKAY 」 : Thanks, this helped my startup get a $100 mil valuation.

Yaro Kasear : Investigate Mark February!

Will Becker : Thanks for this video, I was very confused before and now I know everything.

Jamin Jedi : This is the weirdest video yet! 😂

Jesse Harrison : Damn you Mark February!!

Jonas G. : now it makes sense!

Paknaloid : Currently installing Exploit.bin

Kyli Rouge : It's true. My life is patented by Mark February, too!

CoopaTube : Holy shit it just became a conspiracy theory

Malony the Pony : I need to go to the shortest mountain in China ASAP!

Matt Shanahan : One of the best ones yet.

Vault Boy : Well, time to install Exploit.bin for a daily dose of nightmares.

irvin clemente : this is what my grandma hears when I explain to her what is bitcoin

Andrew Simone : I'm dying over here.

peppixyo : "By now, you' ve heard of Bitcoin, the most valuable form of electricity": priceless definition

Eimantas Žemaitis : They said AI will destroy humanity and it's true, I almost died of laughter

Vincent Verrette : Between that and our politicians talking blockchain, there really is not much difference. one wonders if our politicians are bad AI too.

The Stig : moar videos liek dis. Bitnik pls.

Atamay Carballo : Omg so accurate.

Oddmartian2 : Do one with VSauce's videos next!

dastardlyman : fantastic

Dan Bolser : I can't believe this is 'real'. Can you post the source texts?

Ad Soy : this one just killed Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Now.

Nader Hajjar : I want me some Wild Richard

Zachary Weeden : "First they take the dinglebop and they smooth it out with a bunch of schleem"

zeratul600 : Stop giving acid and cannabis to your AI, those arent good for its health

Ryan F : So is Mark February a billionaire that kills people or is he a guy that goes around killing billionaires lol

DelialFallen : Hmm. I’ll give it a shot!

Switch Rick : I think bitcoin’s true purpose was so that this video can exist.

MicrowaveGamer : Oh bot. (That was supposed to be oh boy, but I think autocorrect is right this time) This is wonderful.

D Jaquith : Yes install Exploit.bin and watch your Bitcoin disappear. LMAO even AI thinks Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, is a bad thing and a virus. 🤫🤨

CHROME BONES : If you’re looking for the world’s easiest mountain to climb, head to Shouguang, in China’s Shandong Province, where you’ll find ‘Jingshan’, the smallest mountain in the country, and probably the world. It measures only 0.6 meters from ground level to its highest point, and can be conquered with a single step. So that's where he is, sounds like a good place for an establishment.

Crypto Charts : hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Pekka Luhtala : Yes, good good. This is the Botnik that I want.

heikki paasi : Thanks, this cleared a lot of thing for me.

Shay D Johnson : And, 80, 000 views and only 123 comments? You're a scammer. And every comment is clever? Don't you think people can see past that? Your low IQ has made you blind to life. I'd feel sorry for you if it wasn't for your intense passive/aggressive message. So, I'm going to make sure you understand that you can't do this. YouTube will send you a message shortly.

Austin Shearmen : Oh, ok.