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Bart Man : Hope the wife feels better, Jim. I like to grab some of that chicken and eat it cold for lunch!

C B : God bless you Jim and God bless your wife.

Linda Peters : When you're hungry for fried chicken, nothing else will do. Tonight I will be making German fried cabbage and noodles. My husband will eat just about anything but cabbage. Maybe I'll have to send HIM to Walmart for chicken too! Lol

Gidget : My husband can never get a cart to ride where we live unless we go at night! We shop once a month at Walmart. We get there about midnight and we shop about 2 to 3 hrs😁. Husband would never be able to stand it without a cart.

tamara walker : Thanks for the tip. Out here, in Cleburne, when the deli closes, they mark it down & put it in that hot box up front. That's where I usually get mine. I'll have to check the area by the deli, also.

Patsy D : Mr. Foreman, I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your videos throughout the years. You make me smile with your sensible tips and great cooking ideas. Thank you for your time and best to you and your wife!

Jet Mtn SSS : I like Bargains! Good find. TFS!

Mark Hoffman : if that was your Toyota sitting at your house, what did you drive to Walmart? car nut here

Persona Non Grata : Say Jim that looked like a great deal, I'll have to pop in, and see if they have that at our Walmart. I'd say you could even pick the chicken off the bone and make soup or tacos or most anything, nice cheap meal! Glad to see you, I watch for your new video most every day. Take good care!

Kip Paseo : Walmart read dates their meat and once it hits a certain point where they can't read dated anymore they take it to the deli fryer. I once worked for Walmart back in college and I would strongly strongly strongly recommend that you never never eat from their Deli. Yikes!

Robin Cassidy RN : I buy a lot of my meat from Walmart but never tried their precooked fried chicken. It sure looks good! I'll pick some up and give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing! I also hope your wife is feeling much better🌼

Vickie Finney : Sorry your beautiful wife wasn't feeling good. Thank God for already cooked chicken at Walmart. My family eats the rotisserie chicken from Walmart when I need something for nights I don't feel like cooking. Be blessed

Ruby Slippers : I’m glad you opened your viewers to bargains. We’ve had them It was pretty good. Try making chicken gravy ( out of broth) and heat the chicken in it= smothered chicken.

clara miller : Hope Freda feels better soon. Cheaper to buy precooked chicken than buy a whole chicken and have to cook it. I like cold chicken and potato salad. God bless you both.

EmeraldCity : I never use to eat the chicken skin. I didn't believe in eating anything that feathers grew out of. lol. Then in 1980, where I worked, the company sent out for chicken dinners. I had never eaten any chicken from fast food places. It was the best 🐔 ever. Skin and all. lol...

Daniel Sweeney : Lol Mr Forman has anyone said you look a little like Andrew Zimmer from Bizarre foods? Just saying. I'd rather eat what you show vs what he does. God bless The USA and Michigan!

HeliMicky : I love crispy chicken my favorite food :-)

jim crowhurst : Jim i ofton buy those over here in the UK! Hope you enjoyed! Hope the Mrs feels better soon 😊

kath art : Looks delicious, Jim. I hope your wife is feeling better soon -

bruiseraa : Need to slather Crystal sauce all over the fried chicken! Eat with a sweet onion and some crusty bread.

Chris Stones adventures : I didn't know that they would let you film inside the store. I never see bargains like that here. 3.78 for 8 pieces of chicken is a good deal.

Chris Delp : Yummy!!

RWS : walmart no longer a good deal , just raised the prices on all there stuff. that chicken you bought for 4 dollars and some change is now at least 6 dollars and change.

julie wisley : It looks so good! Chicken is one of my favorites, but it doesn’t like me anymore - so happy to see you enjoying it! I hope your wife feels better soon! God bless you both!

Kevin Parsons : Now my mouth is watering.

Jana Hahn : Jim, I went to our Walmart and looked for the chicken. None. I asked one of the employees and he said they do not do that. They package up the chicken for the community care center. So...yesterday I went to Albertson's on 5.99 fried chicken Monday. I bought some right our of the fryer and ate part of it at 2 meals yesterday. Tomorrow I will try the chicken like you do it. All I have is a big oven. It will have to do. Thanks. God bless!

MJA : Jim, you are the best! And you use turn signals!

B w : They really do have good chicken. It's been awhile since I've bought it. It sounds pretty good right about now.

PlayaSinNombre : Three points for recycled aluminum foil!

Tina San : Good to know about where to find Walmart's bargain chicken. Hope Frieda feels better and stays healthy.

SURFDAYMATE10 : awsome‼ that chicken looks good. i love this channle ❤❤

Jason Smith : What temperature do u heat it up and for how long

wnchillbilly1 : good video jim , sure hope Freda feels better soon.

Bill Fitch : walmart chicken is not good at full price let alone after setting.

Gorden Wood : My sister likes their tater salads and their nukeable sandwiches..