Henry Thomas audition för E.T. "Ok kid, you got the job".

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Naomi Stephenson : If this isn't real acting then I don't know what is

J G : Pretty sure that’s Ron Howard’s voice playing the NASA guy.

S W : Better fake crying than Laura lees apology😂

White Ghost : If i didnt know this was an audition i'd believe this kid actually has an alien and they want to take him away from him

groove fools : Don’t know how this ended up on my recommended but I’m glad it did.

Larissa Niesen : "Okay kid; you got the job!" If Stephen Spielberg's telling you that, you've really made it!

Ezabella Khan : *laura lee has left the chat*

Uhgene Ignorian : Plot twist, he's gone through this before in real life, that's why he can act so good.

1k subs with no videos : Wtf this kid is an amazing actor. How does he do it How

Dannyboyy 310 : 1:15-1:28. Wow. I wonder what he was thinking about to make him get that genuinely sad that fast. I felt so bad for him when he said "I don't care what the president says hes my best friend."

PRANKurFACE : Meanwhile a 14 year old girl says a catch phrase on Dr Phil and is an instant millionaire. Only talent she has is the ability to keep her IQ at an all time record low.

Diego Oliveira : If "ok kid you got the job" wasn't in the video description, this would even more moving. Great upload anyway, thanks!

kerchak : Better than the kids from Stranger things

İlkin Polat : five seconds in his acting and i'm suddenly crying... true talent

Drock1467 : I just watched Haunting of Hill House and googled the cast. I was FLOORED finding out this is the dad in the flashbacks. An amazing lifelong actor.

LNxTCB : They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

Maysta Mirra : This honestly makes me upset since on how f**king real he sounds

Mortiis558 : This kid showed more of an ability to act in this 3 min audition than most Hollywood actors do across their entire career! I’m looking at you Nic Cage! And Marky Mark!

Tabi Danielle : why did i cry during this

Gui Porto : That smile at the end is like “see, that’s how it’s done”.

sechsunddreißig : What is this? Greatest actor of all time?!

Happy Kid : better than laura lees apology video

Manubibi Walsh : and now he's in The Haunting of Hill House!

Rubine James : 2:24 silently sips water....bravo

Mallets for dayz : He actually started crying. Legend.

inspirepaul : This is six years old but gets viral now 😄

BasLindo : This is the Anakin that we deserved!

colt bolt : Better actor than most soccer players

Mikeycrzed : Acts better than most adults.

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Hi "okay, you're in"

TheDaringPastry1313 : I am 31 and just now seeing this.... *mind explodes* wow

Default Skin : Anyone else love him in A Haunting at Hill House?

paradiseinheaven : That tear drop at 1:54

SetTrippinV’z : If I didn’t know any better I’d say he really had an alien 😂😂😂

Taylor Breckenridge : This is so sad.... Alexa play despacito

Tampatec : Amazing Kidd actor 👏👏👏👍

Pro Player 1⃣ : His smile at the end tho

Andrew Samuel : Do you guys know he's the father in Haunting at hill house :D

Josh The Hipster : Before watching: I consider myself pretty talented. After watching: Nope, I'm trash. (but seriously, I admire how he got into character so fast with very little background information on what was happening.)

Estefania Nick Rivers Rinaldi : When he cries, i cried 😂💔 Gosh, it was just an audition

Kaitlyn Says Hi : My favorite part is when the tear was on his lip and he licked it xD

chalamet n chill : watching this after The Haunting of Hill House.

Ari W : He's still being awesome in Haunting of Hill House as the young dad. He's an amazing actor

Ahmad Raad : Well i just saw him in The Haunting of Hill House, even after all these years he still amazing 👍

açelya bayar : I am starting to believe that the alien was alive. Because if there wasnt an alien, HOW COULD A CHILD ACT LIKE THAT? THIS CANT BE JUST ACTING

James O'Hanlon : Woah... turned it on quicker than a tap!

Something Interesting : Laura leech take some notes

Jules m : He fricken made me cry

Sam : Oh My God This Was Brilliant

Eric Quintez : The Haunting of Hill house did the right thing casting this guy as the father. Amazing actor!