Henry Thomas audition för E.T. "Ok kid, you got the job".

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Kaitlyn Says Hi : My favorite part is when the tear was on his lip and he licked it xD

Mollie Hallström : Wow, i got chills, he's so good

M Squared : Fatality. Flawless Victory.


Formidable Foe : I was starting to think this kid actually DID have an alien in his house! Like holy shit!

Butter Cup : "Okay kid; you got the job!" If Stephen Spielberg's telling you that, you've really made it!

brightbite : Sheer brilliance. The outstanding aspect about E.T. and Henry's acting was that it was able to encapsulate very earthly and overwhelming feelings of children's loss and abandonment and present those feelings centred around a sci-fi theme.

Clara Hall : awwwww i actually felt so bad for him it made me tear up. Crazy talented

rishi vanga : i guess everone in the comments can now sense talent like a movie director.

Kristina Litvinova : that smirk after "ok kid, you got the job"

James O'Hanlon : Woah... turned it on quicker than a tap!

Kaytana Maclin : Why did I start crying

JON : He's a good actor

Roy Wayne : "I think he's afraid of you..." I broke into a million pieces.

Maddie Kim : Omg he's amazing

TJ Manou : unbelievable

gerberho1 : Henry Thomas Thug Life

Vicho Libros : wow....

Richard Patrick : Such amazing talent. Makes me sad everytime. It is such a genuine performance. The whole movie of E.T. feels like this, REAL. There is real passion and emotion in every single frame. Spielberg's best film in my opinion, and this is coming from a Jurassic Park nut! lol.

topmangaz : Brad Pitt cut out his heart with a Bowie Knife in Legends of the Fall

Christina McKenna : That's -there are no words-it's just amazing. That's talent.

Anarchist Atheist : The only three movies I have seen him are ET, gangs of New York, and the Ouija board. He is a good actor.

Sally Waffles : 2:25 he licked a tear running down his face! 🤣 but seriously good job!!

Abel & CAIN : This is how we actors should be living a role

TheYTChronicles : Yeah, but where is he now? _Exactly_ *I don't even know what I'm getting at*

Chris Sche : He got it the second he was able to demonstrate real emotion. The rest was just for fun

Mailyn Gruezo : Yo all the comments here have over 100 likes accept for me

DollarDiego HD : SWEDEN!!

slabby rider : Wow!! That is how you OWN an audition.

abby fisher : i had the choice between this and watching 'jaclyn hill annoying kim kardashian for 3 minutes' and let's just say i'm glad i chose this

hugh mongus : that tear licking tho haha

Samantha Salazar : Hrck ya he did damn what an actor

Derique Plays : Did he already know the lines or was this improv

Isabella Rei : Naw this is so precious ❤

The Sun Of All Of Dun : this is awesome

Bobby Fett : I'm not here because of zoella.

Jim Bertido : Holy shit, sry phillip Seymour Hoffman but kid elliot is the world's greatest actor

Amy P!atd : He's AMAZING ♥️

TEXI : This is unbelievable, the government has no right to take away his alien

Blue Moon : Wow did he just make up all that!?

Yorky Gonzalez : This is brainwashed

gab : about to board the e.t ride. They showed this vid in the waiting line. :')

Crea Kids : S H O O K

kenzie kuhn : That smile at the end! What a little ham, I love him!

Philosophist : HOLY SHIT

seraena jung : i thought he was actually crying

karl os : Oh is he really that disabled? :(

jeremias zabala : wow and Im 27 and I even havent seen ET yet, now I want to see it!

Tundra : woww

FremenChica : never trust the government