Henry Thomas audition för E.T. "Ok kid, you got the job".

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El Vicho : wow....

LNxTCB : They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

Tampatec : Amazing Kidd actor 👏👏👏👍

r4vis : Holly ... what a great actor!

TheDaringPastry1313 : I am 31 and just now seeing this.... *mind explodes* wow

David Chan : Did I miss the part where they pepper sprayed the kid???

Miguel Gordillo : holy crap, even the dialogue from the adult went soft fast, like in the background i'm imagining them all looking at each other and thinking "uhh... now i'm getting sad, let's chill out on the kid a bit."

PRANKurFACE : Meanwhile a 14 year old girl says a catch phrase on Dr Phil and is an instant millionaire. Only talent she has is the ability to keep her IQ at an all time record low.

The Golden Nugget : Its hard not to be jealous when people are just born with talent like this and im literally good at nothing lol. Good for him though.

gerberho1 : Henry Thomas Thug Life

Hayes Voyles : He just wants his alien... GOSH!

Carp Studio's : He actually had me feeling sorry for him. lol. I was like, come on dude, you can't take his alien. I thought that was amazing!

100,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : Me when my mom tries to take my phone away

Claw Controller© : I think he has a little hole in his pocket where he's tweezing his leg hair.

Jessica Meyer : I got the feels

Pete Mcneil : You can tell he's lost an alien before, probs that family they were hiding in the basement .

Paul famous : This is so amazing. I felt so bad for the kid. You can't take his alien away.

AlexModeling : And history was made on that day! Thank you for giving him the job! :)

Tyler Lewis : Oh my god, he's so good. Shit.

Galactic Cannibl : Now I forgot why I actually opened YouTube


inspirepaul : This is six years old but gets viral now 😄

Dan Kron : Damn there are adult actors around that are not even half as good as this kid...

FPKBlast : Give him back his alien man! 😢

Bob Smith : Wow! Shit got real in this audition! No wonder they gave him the job straightaway! Give him all the Oscars! 👏

Bert Dillen : Leave Britney alone

Devany Suarez : I actually cried

Mystic Snoop : What is this? Greatest actor of all time?!

Sals Vlogging : I saw this along time ago!!! And I saw the thumb nail... I was cracking up so much hahahah!! Cause I use this scene.. like right before I'm about to get fired... or get a ticket from the police.... *works every time*

Mr. Silas : How could he not get the job?

Lakeside Outlaw : And the rest was history.... #classic🙏🏿

Brian : Elliot the government is big and they sent me here to fondle your butt cheeks.

Caroline S : Brother WHAT?! Why did I immediately start crying and this wasn’t even the scene in the movie??? This kid can create emotion so well and really make the audience feel what he’s going through as well. Amazing!!

Get High : He could lie his way out of any trouble bruuu👌🏽😂

Vurdox : That moment when you realize how much more talented and deep a kid is than you'll ever be

DEAN IS HERE : Some weird emotional torture right here... How long until he claims this effected the rest of his life ???

Mollie Hallström : Wow, i got chills, he's so good

Jon.o : this kid knows its not real right?

Antonio Scotti : WOW, at this age, I could´t lie to just one person, my dumb mum, that I did not ate the cookies, meanwhile, this kid managed to convince the entire planet that he had a frikking alien in the closet, respect!

Some One : At his age I was still doing what every other little boy does: riding bikes, watching cartoons, & burning ants.

kaya papaya : Hes freaking adorable!

foodpoisoning2 : #LetHenryKeepHisAlien

fukqyou asszhole : He has emotional problems, most actors do and that's why they like pretending to be someone else.

AnnoyingVulture : Bet this kid is the Zodiac Killer

Most Certainly : This kid can’t be trusted.

Naomi Stephenson : If this isn't real acting then I don't know what is

Sahara Jade : Woww gave me shivers as soon as he started crying! He’s better than 80% of the actors in the industry today!

rvpstudios studios : WOW!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! A child prodigy in ACTING!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!

KILLAHSYN : This is back when true talent existed...back when they acted for the love of acting not entirely the money...movies was the sht then not this bullsht now

Bearded Dragon Man 1997 : I’d tap