Henry Thomas audition för E.T. "Ok kid, you got the job".

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Naomi Stephenson : If this isn't real acting then I don't know what is

Satixa XR : Plot twist : he went in for an audition but he’s secretly hiding an alien so he shits bricks when the auditions bring up the aliens and the whole time he’s thinking it’s a real federal agent

Sean Padden : What's really impressive about this too is they aren't even giving him lines. He is literally coming up with all of this on the spot. Literally a CHILD performing improv better than most adults.

Cole Weston : Possibly the greatest audition of all time

DanPH77 : He thought about the time his parents said no to a v-bucks bundle. Traumatizing

Larissa Niesen : "Okay kid; you got the job!" If Stephen Spielberg's telling you that, you've really made it!

aziui : He looks like the kid in et

rx : Welcome to another episode of "Why is this in my recommended"

Victoria Gutierrez : Even tho it was acting this broke my heart

Austin Brady : Sense memory: according to Henry Thomas, he thought about his dog dying to embody the sadness of losing his friend E.T. A BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE!!!!!!

TAZZ 7zz : That little smile he did at the end topped it off 😊 3:08

The Backwards Bros : 1.2k dislikes are from the jealous worst actors of all time

goodcat1982 : That is not a normal kid lol

krisk31 : Damn what did he think about to bring up those tears so fast.

PRANKurFACE : Meanwhile a 14 year old girl says a catch phrase on Dr Phil and is an instant millionaire. Only talent she has is the ability to keep her IQ at an all time record low.

Jon Almendinger : Dear God, it’s 2019. Time to upgrade your recording equipment. Your shit’s looking like it’s from 1981.

Kareem Almond : Who knew nothing about this video but still clicked it anyways

heydakogames : "ok kid, you got the job" that is the best.

Raecher3 3 : I bet he got an alien at home himself! That’s no acting!!! Insane

JTsuits : U can’t teach this

scientific method perspective : This is scary how humans can lie so well

BrOz_Smiles : This actually made me tear up

Playlists : Only took 6 years to reach my recommended..

Brodini Got Magic : He wasn't acting... E.T. is real!

sechsunddreißig : What is this? Greatest actor of all time?!

Pholiage : Holy crap. That gave me goosebumps.

GAMMA 1184 : He must give his parents a run for his money with these acting skills.

Strongz Z : He was so into it that he didn’t seem that happy about getting the job😂

Silver Soul : That kid remembered he had broccoli waiting for him in the house

Kaitlyn Rendon : My favorite part is when the tear was on his lip and he licked it xD

SwampySack : exactly how i felt when dad took away my atari 2600 :(

ToothlessTV : *licks tear*

hailey rae : This was believable just from the cover picture I thought he was crying because he got the role that’s when you can tell someone is a GREAT actor or actress raw emotion

AshleyMakesVids YT : *”ok kid you got the job”*

Diego Oliveira : If "ok kid you got the job" wasn't in the video description (title), this video would be even more moving. Great upload anyway, thanks!

blu3 cuber : I feel sad watching this bcos its felt too real

zoe dixon : 2:25 did anyone else notice he licked his tear

davidc2570a : Wow. How come his career nose dived after et? He had incredible talent.

Zenailon : *Plot Twist: he is the alien*

inspirepaul : This is six years old but gets viral now 😄

Leila.leilany Twins : Why am i crying....... I’ve becomes soo sensitive -randomly recommended and not complaining-


Dank Potato : "Why is this on my recommendation " *part 36*

Yolanda Lladó : I remember that part of the movie, it feels so real, that it makes me cry.. big actor !! 😉

LNxTCB : They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

Robby Clay : That was amazing what happened to him Did he go home with E.T I never saw him again

_-kujjo-_ : Plot twist there actually is an alien in the closet

AthanatosGR : Oh yeah yeah

F; : Ok youtube i watched it.

TheDaringPastry1313 : I am 31 and just now seeing this.... *mind explodes* wow