Henry Thomas audition för E.T. "Ok kid, you got the job".

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r4vis : Holly ... what a great actor!

AlexModeling : And history was made on that day! Thank you for giving him the job! :)

inspirepaul : This is six years old but gets viral now 😄

MaQuGo119 : Hopefully he did NOT get Weinstein'd

Silver : Jawdropping Performance!

Tampatec : Amazing Kidd actor 👏👏👏👍


Mattis : This Kid must be able to switch personality , Jesus !

James Redd : That smile at the end.

Caroline S : Brother WHAT?! Why did I immediately start crying and this wasn’t even the scene in the movie??? This kid can create emotion so well and really make the audience feel what he’s going through as well. Amazing!!

TheDaringPastry1313 : I am 31 and just now seeing this.... *mind explodes* wow

The Golden Nugget : Its hard not to be jealous when people are just born with talent like this and im literally good at nothing lol. Good for him though.

LoFi Hiphop Channel : I saw this along time ago!!! And I saw the thumb nail... I was cracking up so much hahahah!! Cause I use this scene.. like right before I'm about to get fired... or get a ticket from the police.... *works every time*

The Matadore : Wow so talented. He’s so calm it’s amazing. I wish there was more reaction to getting the job, the vid cut way too soon.

Sahara Jade : Woww gave me shivers as soon as he started crying! He’s better than 80% of the actors in the industry today!

El Vicho : wow....

Lindsay Doyle : So how far in advance did they have E.T. living with him before the audition?

Lakeside Outlaw : And the rest was history.... #classic🙏🏿

• NESSIE • : He’s an amazing actor. I actually felt bad for him. He must be great at lying lol

NinjaOnANinja : The way he dropped it and grinned at the guy at the end. That is something else. You don't see that from this generation. Sad but true.

sechsunddreißig : What is this? Greatest actor of all time?!

Steven Oder : "You cant take him away, hes my best friend.."

Eskii NZL : Damn i started thinking the situation was real 😂

Jappan Behl : When they used to Pick actors because they were amazing actors and not just because they were pretty.

IARRCSim : Henry Thomas must have had a real alien friend at home that he could relate to.

Dan Kron : Damn there are adult actors around that are not even half as good as this kid...

FlickaMustang : Man he tapped right into that emotion! You can see him breathe angrily and then he just focuses it! He's not boo hoo crying this is "I'll be damned if you take my friend" determined crying!

pokey4200 : Wow! I wish I had those skillz on the toy isle at walmart... my ninja turtles collection would have been out if this world!

rvpstudios studios : You know..people that be SHOULD create a NEW series ..called “Audition Tapes”..and put this one on at the beginning...I would LOVE to produce that show.

KILLAHSYN : This is back when true talent existed...back when they acted for the love of acting not entirely the money...movies was the sht then not this bullsht now

Sebastian Varga : I bet there is at least one person who works at Nasa and questiond himself if this kid realy has an alien 😂😂😂

Sarah's Adventures : That tear lick though😂😂😂😂

aerodaan : Very convincing cry, made me wanna cry. 😢

J G : Pretty sure that’s Ron Howard’s voice playing the NASA guy.

PRANKurFACE : Meanwhile a 14 year old girl says a catch phrase on Dr Phil and is an instant millionaire. Only talent she has is the ability to keep her IQ at an all time record low.

Alby damned : Brilliant at such a young age! He was perfect for the part.

Boy Bergs : Beautifully understated and completely convincing performance; amazing.

Steven Oder : He killed it...

Mollie Hallström : Wow, i got chills, he's so good

id104335409 : I thought, so what, he was crying... But after the scene was over I realized I was fully engaged in it. He had my attention and it all felt genuine and natural. Well done kid!

Mpc : How does a kid know how to act that perfectly?

rvpstudios studios : WOW!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! A child prodigy in ACTING!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!

Google Bot : Been watching youtube since 2006 and seen probably over 100,000 videos, and today... This is the most incredible thing I ever seen.

LNxTCB : They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

The Bob Loblaw Show ! : Wow, what else can you say.

SHUSHU DRAGON : He was a natural👍😱....

Rafael Barrios : It's all in the tears👌

Jade : Wow that was so good. Those tears and the quivering lip! 😭😭😭

James O'Hanlon : Woah... turned it on quicker than a tap!

Timelapse Experimentals : Thats crazy, so talented