Not So Humble Beginnings - Episode 1: Doctor Blue's Car Reviews (Pilot)

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Doctor Blue : As this is kinda the first ever episode, some stuff like voice lines & some images and stuff need refining and that WILL happen in Episode 2. Stuff like story will also start to jump off but this here's the pilot and I really hope you enjoy o)

Meetch : This was pretty gooood! Rap's voice acting was fantastic! Give that man a raise. I think 2 things you could definitely work on is adding some filmy color grading and doing some interesting transitions within the actual world of the game. Think like how Edgar Wright does his transitions in Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I think it'd really suit the slick look of the show and give some visual treats to the audience :D But apart from that, this was pretty cool but im definitely more interested in were you take the series story wise and editing wise more so than the actual cars. Looking forward to more!

Sir Rapturous : I really enjoyed watching this! It's nice to see all of our hardwork come into the light, I'm really proud of this. Great job to everyone! Thank you for editing it all together Blue!

BJ2RECKLESS : This is a really good video hope the rest of the series is as good as this episode

Jacob Rooms : Oh its...beautiful

Dr red : This is way better than I thought it would be.

Kool Gam3r : Finally it’s out!