WORLD PREMIERE TRAILER – Jimmy Kimmel’s The Terrific Ten

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Smasher : _"Well then don't hit that button"._ Jason Batemans facial expressions hahah

justmiaslife : This is soooo cool and creative!

Ben Mason : I’d pay to see that.

souldy09 : Can this please become a semi regular sketch idea or something.

Dave Movie Fan : I can’t wait for this new cinematic universe

Brian b : Jason Batemans character needs a solo movie

Milly Borkovic : 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Diane Crane : Very talented and creative for a 10 yr old! 😍😍😍

Melani Rodriguez : Jennifer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Danny Steeler : I have already pre ordered my tix! #KimmelKomix

vcarter0723 : Will Ferrell seems like a perfect fit for lucky lad .... bit of a miscast there with Jon hamm

afro curly girl : I would watch this popcorn flick.

Abel & CAIN : Holly molly, this is literally a short movie with a bunch of celebs in it, why isn't trending ?

SOMOS CRACKS : And of course Matt Damon is Mr. Bolt 😂😂😂😂

A Bottle Of Bleach : he summoned BLEACH!

TOMMY.TV : Color Kid...has all the powers of the rainbow. lol

Buenomars : The original Muscle Man before Regular Show, lol.

Bella Mi : You should've shown Jimmys reaction while watching it

old4mat : "I'm the lady one!" - Jennifer Aniston.

zlameli : Kudos to Jimmy's parents for saving the comic for all these years. 😂👌


Jacob Bieman : Christian Bale was a better Muscle Man ;)

Just Chilin : This is so cute haha

Renpeca : wow if I was kimmel I would cry ... imagine the biggest people on movies made something you created epic!!!

jdez10 : This beats the last Batman vs Superman movie.

JCNA007 Gaming : I’m sure this can compete with Justice League or the Avengers lol

Hype Man : Better than The Force Awakens

KUN : Move over Justice League and The Avengers! You are DONE!! The Terrific Ten is here to save the world!

jabarbadi : Abrams nailed that Spielberg look very well.

Nic Cap : “Well then don’t hit that buttom.” Lol

S2 : Careful... EA the will turn this into a video game and charge $50 to unlock muscle man..

36mrblu : Let's see here, they got: Dr Manhattan LEGO Joker LEGO Batman Steel Batman

TheRedWineGal : I was hoping Sarah Silverman would have been "Laser Lass"!!!!!

said araki : Much more funnier, entertaining, and respectful of the source material than the entire MCU 😂

EverydayShay Irène : I can't wait. 😭😭😭💖😭😭😭

TheDatok90 : 10 years old, really good art

OnboardManx7 : Lucky lad should have been Conan o'brien

Robert A : Still better reviews than Batman v Superman

Jevi Turtlebox : I'm the lady one 😂😂😂

Parida Snapesnapesnape : JASON BATEMAN + WILL ARNETT 👌👌👌

HarryyHD : You just know they where using Matt Damon for the villain 😂😂

Lil, Charmander : The Bleach master!!! What's up 😐

Cindy S. : Color Kid just unleashed his powers over Australia! Way to go, Color Kid!

Ryan Peña : I had hoped for Matt Damon to be the villain and there he was!

RedHotSlap : Not enough of Jennifer for me

E. : Yay, jj ruined another franchise.

Masked Singer : This is what friends are for

andrewndify : JJ didnt direct this, not enough lense flair.

Alternative Spicer : Come on, Jimmy. You said you're all for women equality but you only have one female in your superheroes squad. It's only 10%. Not good enough.

ed wyn : They forgot to include Asians in The Terrific Ten , Apparently Human Beings are only White or BIack because people keep forgetting to include Asians...