Season One - Episode Six - CRAZY IDEA

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Scott Is Talking : Special Appearance by EXTREMELY LOUD June Bugs!

William Knelsen : Dude, this idea has come up SO MANY TIMES! Great minds think alike!!!

Northern Bohemian : I LOVE the opening. Hats off for dieting. People who have not had weight problems cannot understand. It is a huge challenge. The rest of the video is a mystery to me. Scooby Doo, where are you?

Metal For Breakfast : Yessss! Just had this pop in my head today as well! #NoSmallCreatorUnicon2018!

Carin Somers : I am sad , would love to meet you all but that won't be possible as I live in the Netherlands so I have to stay in touch by #nosmallcreator and watching all your vlogs

Mark Ensbey : It’s a cracking idea. I think the problem with vidcon is that its geared towards the 1% of you tubers that have huge subs. Creators just ant to engage with other creators. #nosmallcreator #creatorCon

Gina Walters : I would LOVE to meet you! Would LOVE it! Let’s make it happen!

Derek Tant : I went your house once. Does that count as a creator convention?

R Cody Wanner : Yeah. We are doing this. 👊🏻

Seth Allison : Sounds awesome Scott!


Ian Corzine : I’m down!

Hoosierback Outdoors : Although are you sure it’s not the stomach issues giving you these dreams?? 😂 BTW I hope it’s better man! Peace!

Hoosierback Outdoors : Definitely!! My butt will be there!

Hip Hoop Hooray : So much room for ACTIVITIES!!!!! I wanna help organise it.... I’m good at that stuff too. Let’s do it 💪 the hardest part is where??!!

MuiTube : I'd love to come to #nosmallcreatorcon I love these videos! Im editing , uploading and watching you! BIG LOVE BRUU

GivesAMinute : Got so much love for you Scotty :) What a rad idea!

Cheryl Donnelly : 😘

The Kirrane Family Diaries : the intro was awesome ha ha and the idea is awesome too! I think you should all come to Australia though ha ha #nosmallcreator