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Career Day SNL

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Mordecai's (Pete Davidson) extremely old father, Abraham H. Parnassus, (Adam Driver) stops by his school's career day to talk about his work as an oil man. #SNL #SNL44 #AdamDriver #KanyeWest Subscribe to SNL: Get more SNL: Full Episodes: Like SNL: Follow SNL: SNL Tumblr: SNL Instagram: SNL Pinterest:


Les Morrow : If Adam Driver doesn't win an Emmy for this skit, there is no justice in the world.

Travis Besst : "Who is H. R. Pickens?" "...EXACTLY!" 😂


Blamo_Music : You know it’s good when even the cast is laughing

Keaton Safar : Adam Driver is amazing. His character portrayal is so bizarre here that you can see the entire cast is fighting to not burst out laughing.

Isaiah Pero : You could just tell at the part when he stabs his cane on the dead bird, that it was TOTALLY improvised. Every single cast member in the stretch jumped back & was cracking up at that list, including Samantha the student, and The Teacher! I was laughing my ass off!!! Wonderful! 😂🤣 😂🤣

M W Gatson : Adam’s best character ever. You can tell he improvised stabbing the crow by the way the other cast members reacted 4:00 😂🤣🤣

FoxDemonMaster : Samantha:I want to be you when I grow up! Parnasis:AND SO YOU SHALL!

FlightSimulatorXATC : Adam Driver is up there with John Mulaney for greatest SNL hosts.

Gary Parker : "Filled her belly with my Festering Seed"  BRILLIANT!!!

Johnny Boyle : Mordecai's great grandfather is HR Pickens. What a twist

Robert Tharpe : I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this

Laura Beebe : I feel like one of the writer's said 'What would have happened if the guy from There Will be Blood' had to go to a career-day?'

warpnin3 : Oil is not for the weak. It is the earth's milk, and only the strong may suckle at mother's teat. You hear me boy? Only the strong!

Alucard BloodyVampire : Adam Driver would be an Excellent live action Mr Burns

PrimeLaughter : Kylo Ren in his 90's 😂😂

Sosayweall jpg : This has to be one of the funniest skits they've ever done, and it was all Driver, man. I cried laughing. I DIED laughing. This is my ghost. I am H.R. Pickens.

sugar gay ??? : I want Adam Driver dressed as an old man to yell encouragement at me

Kyotosomo : I like how Adam does such a good job that Pete can't help but to break character throughout the whole sketch trying to hold in his laughter the whole time.

Nick Romero : Anyone notice the eerie similarity between Driver’s character and the Shakespeare poster from 1:00-1:23?

Stan ezen : The incubation part killed me lmao what a riot 😂🤣🤣😂

Dislexual : Oh God! The music that plays ever time he speaks just puts it over the top for me. This is so perfect. And the way his face never changes when he yells is amazing. I know he's probably doing that to keep his makeup from messing up, but it sells crazy old man well.

Stephanie Johnson : Now children, I was asked to bring a healthy snack so join me in the hall for swine livers and Capri suns.

Chadwrick Clarke : "... I married your granddaughter, and fill her belly with my festering seed"🤣😂

batgirl_brunette : Honestly Adam Driver is an amazing actor to be able to do this so well without laughing

Sung Yul Taylor : I DIED of laughter when he talked about banging H.R. Picken's grand daughter. I'm gonna say it: DRIVER WINS BEST ACTING JOB IN THE HISTORY OF SNL.

M : I became an Adam Driver fan because of this video.

Meagan Thorpe : This is the funniest SNL skit since the good cast was on it. 😂😂

UNCLEscr0_oge : Be strong, and CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES!!!

Dominick DiBart : That other dad brought a fire axe into a public school...

Rcity2332 : Dad you couldn’t get out of bed for a week because your mattress was too soft.😂😂😂

ItsChopsMF : "FILLED HER BELLY WITH MY FESTERING SEED!!! AND SIRED A BOY!! HE IS MY FINAL REVENGE HR." When I tell you I laughed so hard I became light headed, you best believe.


Jayme Ann : Wow, Adam Driver is intense! Loved it. Would have been better without Pete breaking character like always but I guess it had to have at least one flaw. This was a great skit!

Shaune Pratt : “Greetings Children, I am Mordecai’s father. Hello Boy...How are you. LOOK AT YOUR FATHER BOY...LOOK UPON YOUR FATHER WITH PRIDE...” This sketch killed me 🤣

Preacher820 : THIS is acting...

Sophie Bradshaw : "Now children, I was asked to bring a healthy snack, so joint me in the hall for swined liver and capri suns" - favourite line 😂😂

IamThe ALMIGHTYdonut5 : "they put me in a pizza oven, until i was ripe enough to walk" it broke me... 😁👍

Tommy Hill : A host getting the cast to break, really is the best compliment. Driver nailed both of his SNL appearance.

Glory Stitt : Adam Driver was so funny even Pete Davidson couldn't keep a straight face from it all.


MrPlymouthsundance : Oh wow. Simply wow. This is insanely good acting. The price of oil just went up

Jeff Dane : Melissa Villaseñor's character reminds me of Nasim Pedrad as Shallon!

BlueMan HD : I'm 90% sure that Abraham is Kylo Ren

Dobbits Mkgee : Pete Davidson is trying so hard not to laugh 😂 👏 I flipping love snl

naomi jenkins : "My bones never hardened, but MY SPIRIT DID!"

Olivia Ma : the amount of joy this skit brings me is immeasurable

Ian Pleasant : This skit is literally one of Adam drivers finest works.

Travis Woodall : I have no desire to know the 2500 people that gave this a thumbs down. You all are terrible.