Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED

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BobEckert56 : More astronauts talking about their experiences in space please.

James Esteron : "Hi, I'm Commander Chris Hadfield, Astronaut, Spaceship Commander, Spacewalker and part-time Musician." Can you be overqualified for life?

The Exoplanets Channel : I never get tired of watching this video

jimi hendrix : So, Walt Disney is NOT gonna be ok when he's finally de-frosted?

Hopemonkey : FACT: Everytime a flat earther or a moon was faked believer dies. The world's IQ goes up.

ILoveNurseryRime : I see they didn't pick an alien question.

Mario I/O : How can 6k idiots dislike a video about the coolest astronaut ever?

William Steven : Flat Earthers logic: "The Earth is flat... but every other planet, including the moon is round. "

Don’t read my Profile Picture : I finally watched it youtube... So CaN yOu StOp ReCcOmEnDiNg ThIs To Me

Paranormal Encyclopedia : Dear Nasa, Can we end the Flat Earth conspiracy by starting a kickstarter to send Flat Earthers into space, like all of them? No we don't need to bring them back.

Pendronator : 7:45 A wild Flat-Earther has appeared! Chris Hadfield uses Basic Logic! It's super effective! *_O O F_*

Grausenschau : When you nut in space, do it push you backward?

azer baijan : He looks like Scatman

intravena : It's funny how he says "My height changed by THIS much" just as it cuts away and you can't see what he's showing. Cool edit fam.

Abelhawk : 9:14 "In my case I got about—" *camera cuts* "—that much taller." Great, now we'll never know.

Moist Nugget : 6.3K micropenises. Godspeed to those poor souls.

GoldenSlayer218 : Sound needs a medium right?

Keep Out : This guy should retire and just be a teacher

YouOnlyLiveTwice : I bet if you threw a white bed sheet over you in zero gravity you could probably pull off a pretty convincing ghost. :P

Fighter .PL : 5.8k flatearthers disliked this video

Henry Hawes : I got a Chris Hadfield masterclass add right before this.

Animated Airlines : Flat Earthers have entered the battle

Murderous Mouse1 : Flat Earthers are people who play to much minecraft xD

Fileaf : I'm supposed to be sleeping btw

Veridian : Imagine if we could hear the sun exploding constantly

Denny II : I could talk to *Chris Hadfield* all day long about almost everything.............I could look at him all day long because he is so handsome.

HyperzAuroraAUS : Bro who else got the astronaut add with the same dude at the start of the video

Горацио Втрубудуев : He is so calm, so nice, so Canadian. I love that we have people like him in the space.

DarkAgeDanny : The earth is flat. Sadly people believe this.

Maniac Magge : "Laziest person in the universe" If you'll excuse me I have a life goal to achieve

Der Schweizer : Earth is a Pyramide

MM DC : I see most are rocking their tinfoil hats in the comment section.

Henry Films : I hope commercial space travel becomes a possibility in our lifetime. Being able to hover around like that would be the closest I could ever get to Superman.

Dr. Manhattan : There, I finally watched it. Now get it off my recommended

Mi : He has a magNIFICENT mustache. One that all men can strive for.

SunSon29 : I have to say, this guy's resume is slightly better than me. lol

Andrija Tasic : This guy came to my school in Dubai 2 years ago

Ima Krabby Patty : The earth is a hExaGon Pass it on

Luminite : This is more educational than school has ever been.

Kerry Cronic : He's always a joy to listen to.

David Hernandez : HELLO2019, Com. Hadfield!

L-1011 Widebody : I got an ad for Chris Hadfield on my video for Chris Hadfield, and somehow it's still not enough Chris Hadfield.

clayton steele : I read somewhere that if you go into space without a suit you might boil and stuff but you wont freeze. The only way you can give off heat is radiation because there's nothing to conduct the heat away so it actually takes awhile to freeze. PS i met this guy one time like 15 years ago at the ferry dock in corunna ontario that goes to stage island. I feel bad about making fun of his kilt if it's any consolation.

Future Senator Karl Pilkington : debunk the round earth

4ur3n : he looks like a cowboy and he was in space, soooo.... *waiting*

Fusilli : I could listen to him talking about space forever

100 subs no vids ! : All the dislikes are flat earthers

VeryEvilPettingZoo : He's good at this. He speaks clearly. He's charismatic and holds your attention. Best of all, he concise while still making his points very clear. And of course, he's authoritative about space flights. The world needs more science & technology "communicators" working to explain these things for the general public.

Sam Henry : The real question we want to know is what it’s like to Nut in space!!

Veridian : Time to move to space and never come back to avoid the gym