Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED

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Paranormal Encyclopedia : Dear Nasa, Can we end the Flat Earth conspiracy by starting a kickstarter to send Flat Earthers into space, like all of them? No we don't need to bring them back.

Maniac Magge : "Laziest person in the universe" If you'll excuse me I have a life goal to achieve

Michele Speranza : It's a beautiful day outside... Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, Sun is exploding...

Sotto : He speaks too well on camera, 100% actor. Earth is a square.

Peter Sonnenberg : I like this astronaut. He actually sounds rather genuine...

Abelhawk : 9:14 "In my case I got about—" *camera cuts* "—that much taller." Great, now we'll never know.

aaron4820 : "I got about *that* much taller" Odd time to cut away to footage so I can't see how much he's indicating with his hand... now I'm choosing to imagine he got 3 feet taller.

that wasn't.chicken : If he dropped a cat in zero G, which way would it point it's feet?

Lightningstriker1 : If anyone wanted to know what Canadians are like...Hadfield is the epitome of one. His calm resolve, gentle-nature, mild-mannered, humble, even-tempered approach is typical of the Canadian tapestry.

We Are Carnage : I wonder when he gets back to earth and he makes a sandwich, does he mid sandwich let go to grab something else and gets it on the floor?😂

BobEckert56 : More astronauts talking about their experiences in space please.

Isaac Gillam-Lindo : Space Tom Selleck is cool

Random yay : Does living in a space station/ship give you the capacity of growing a killer moustache like his?

barath4545 : Would be kinda fun if space really did smell like gunpowder and BBQ. "I dunno if God created the Universe, but it was created by a Texan!"

Blindazabat : Very nice video. And the language is clear and simple enough even for flatards to understand. More of this please!

Kerry Cronic : He's always a joy to listen to.

4ur3n : he looks like a cowboy and he was in space, soooo.... *waiting*

I Love Taylor Swift : One of the most interesting videos I have seen on Youtube in a long time.

Kier : 4:45 aaah did anyone hear about a girl who was born deaf, then they gave her a surgery or smth so she could hear everything for the first time, and she thought the cicadas were the sound the sun made? ha, awesome ^^ i always felt the same, the two somehow go together so perfectly.

Lorenzo Baez : On a separate note, I really wish there was a segment where every single living astronaut gets together to denounce flat earthers.

Mi : He has a magNIFICENT mustache. One that all men can strive for.

Lucie Morris : Everyone just take a second he has been in space..... Just imagine

Red Warden 19 : Please, for the protection of your brain and well-being! Don't look at the comments!!!

Fighter .PL : 4.2k flatearthers disliked this video

MK 24 : So many trolls it shows people don't care for space they think this is a joke.

Veridian : Imagine if we could hear the sun exploding constantly

Seth Hankins : You straight up just explained the theory of relativity better than any text book I’ve ever read or video I’ve ever watched.

Carlguitar69 : Flat Earthers = Clown shoes

Hockey Card Central : I’m happy he’s canadien I am to. Whoever thinks he’s lying should FLY TO THE SUN

alex monteiro : logical people: earth is round/curve stupid people: earth is flat me: earth is pizza

Piña Colada : "You can be the laziest person in space" Me: HELLO NASA :D

Simeon Van Staden : What if complete silence, is actually the sound of the sun, exploding 24/7/365😱😱😱😱😱

cream bun : Space smells like burnt steak, gravity tastes like BBQ sauce and the Earth is a bucket of fries. This is the future!

joseph jackson : I wanted to know what he meant by "That much taller" 9:14

Veridian : Time to move to space and never come back to avoid the gym

Ashir Malik : Can you debunk the flat earthers...

hans : The biggest space myth imo is "There is no gravity in space."

DerpyNerdy : *There is no sound in space not even an explosion* Rian Johnson: hold my soy latte

Raydon : *I'M THE SCATMAN*

Leongon draws stuff : Space Flanders making flat-earthers angry.

Chriso Da Pig : I wanna know how it feels to fall back to earth

Scott Porter : So if you watched a clock as you were traveling away at the speed of light, it would stay still, so what would the clock do if you were traveling towards it at that speed? My brain hurts :(

JHJ282 : send space bears with 3d printers to colonize on the moon

LuMoNoX : Since there is no medium for the vibrations to travel through, so technically there is actually no "sound" in space, since sound are the vibrations themselves, which don't exist in space.

SushiFairy : But what's the best music to listen to in space? We need the real questions answered!

Pollen Applebee : Hold on..."it makes sound, but there's no way for that sound to be carried across space so that I could hear it" it doesn't - "sound" is just a world for the vibration that gets carried or an organism's perception of that vibration. If there's an explosion with no medium for propogation (and therefore no organism to hear it) then there is NO sound. It's just a chemical reaction with no sound at all.

TotallyNotRay : This video’s quite old now, but I just got an advertisement for MasterClass with *Chris Hadfield* in it.

Rab bak : I like this video, but any other physicists fuming about how badly he botched relativity?

Anten Isy : It's a good day when you figure out the sun is exploding every second.

Jacob Zondag : 2:50 Is that a fly having the free ride of its life?