Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED

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James Esteron : "Hi, I'm Commander Chris Hadfield, Astronaut, Spaceship Commander, Spacewalker and part-time Musician." Can you be overqualified for life?

The Exoplanets Channel : I never get tired of watching this video

VeryEvilPettingZoo : He's good at this. He speaks clearly. He's charismatic and holds your attention. Best of all, he concise while still making his points very clear. And of course, he's authoritative about space flights. The world needs more science & technology "communicators" working to explain these things for the general public.

Hopemonkey : FACT: Everytime a flat earther or a moon was faked believer dies. The world's IQ goes up.

ILoveNurseryRime : I see they didn't pick an alien question.

Paranormal Encyclopedia : Dear Nasa, Can we end the Flat Earth conspiracy by starting a kickstarter to send Flat Earthers into space, like all of them? No we don't need to bring them back.

Mario I/O : How can 6k idiots dislike a video about the coolest astronaut ever?

intravena : It's funny how he says "My height changed by THIS much" just as it cuts away and you can't see what he's showing. Cool edit fam.

William Steven : Flat Earthers logic: "The Earth is flat... but every other planet, including the moon is round. "

Don’t read my Profile Picture : I finally watched it youtube... So CaN yOu StOp ReCcOmEnDiNg ThIs To Me

BobEckert56 : More astronauts talking about their experiences in space please.

P3RCIVAL : i think "space-walker" might be the official coolest title ever

azer baijan : He looks like Scatman

YouOnlyLiveTwice : I bet if you threw a white bed sheet over you in zero gravity you could probably pull off a pretty convincing ghost. :P

Pendronator : 7:45 A wild Flat-Earther has appeared! Chris Hadfield uses Basic Logic! It's super effective! *_O O F_*

Maniac Magge : "Laziest person in the universe" If you'll excuse me I have a life goal to achieve

Henry Hawes : I got a Chris Hadfield masterclass add right before this.

Fileaf : I'm supposed to be sleeping btw

Keep Out : This guy should retire and just be a teacher

Moist Nugget : 6.3K micropenises. Godspeed to those poor souls.

Veridian : Imagine if we could hear the sun exploding constantly

The lonely cat : 🎶🎵"Not everyone grows up to be an astronaut, not everyone was born to be a king, not everyone can be... Freddie Mercury"🎵🎶

DarkAgeDanny : The earth is flat. Sadly people believe this.

Горацио Втрубудуев : He is so calm, so nice, so Canadian. I love that we have people like him in the space.

Emily Kenneth : The most amazing thing about this guy is that he is not only a fantastic scientist and astronaut, but a marvelous teacher, and he manages to explain things in a way that doesn't require you to be a genius to understand, but still informative & interesting!

Fighter .PL : 5.8k flatearthers disliked this video

RakeshBIN : "Everytime, a flat-earther or moon-landing-denier dies, the average world IQ goes up." — Anonymous

HyperzAuroraAUS : Bro who else got the astronaut add with the same dude at the start of the video

Jemzo Maclain : Met this legend in Dublin at the BTYSE, also at Eason in Galway City

vishnu prateek : 6:28 checkmate flat earthers

Mi : He has a magNIFICENT mustache. One that all men can strive for.

Fusilli : I could listen to him talking about space forever

nothing here : LOL in the thumbnail I thought it said: "if SOMEONE explodes.." lol I have problems😂

Henry Films : I hope commercial space travel becomes a possibility in our lifetime. Being able to hover around like that would be the closest I could ever get to Superman.

Murderous Mouse1 : Flat Earthers are people who play to much minecraft xD

Abelhawk : 9:14 "In my case I got about—" *camera cuts* "—that much taller." Great, now we'll never know.

Denny II : I could talk to *Chris Hadfield* all day long about almost everything.............I could look at him all day long because he is so handsome.

L-1011 Widebody : I got an ad for Chris Hadfield on my video for Chris Hadfield, and somehow it's still not enough Chris Hadfield.

Ima Krabby Patty : The earth is a hExaGon Pass it on

GoldenSlayer218 : Sound needs a medium right?

Kerry Cronic : He's always a joy to listen to.

David Callinicos : You'd be BLOWN out of an airlock. Space doesn't suck

Epic Benjo : Chris Hadfield reminds me of my dad lol He's just so awesome!!!

Adam Aissioui : I got a Chris Hadfield ad on this video. 10/10

Viktor Muller : 6:40 ... faster than the speed of light I like what he said that it is possible but we dont understand it yet, very diplomatic and a good answer

Leongon draws stuff : Space Flanders making flat-earthers angry.

Miroslav Jeliaskoff : I don't know how to put more than one likes here. This video totally deserves it. Thank you, Chris!

Dark Knight : This blew my mind with that explanation of aging differently in space

hubba hubba : 2:49 theres something on your screen you better wipe it off

Sam Henry : The real question we want to know is what it’s like to Nut in space!!