Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED

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Luka Lukunic : Is there internet?

Tenno Shenaniganizer : 3.2k flat earthers.... **sigh**

Edwin Boston : Wait...Hold on. Did he say curvature of the earth?

Garrett Watts : MORE OF HIM & HIS KNOWLEDGE PLEASE this is an awesomeness video 🙌🏻

Veridian : Time to move to space and never come back to avoid the gym

MRGRUMPY53 : I love Flat Earthers......They make me feel so smart.

ElementalMaker : Man I love this guy!

Cody'sLab : 4:40 Sigh I was really hoping he would debunk the myth not repeat it.

Z.KILLER 898 : This was very educational, thank you astronaut.

Andrew Edis : Also there's some extremely weird comment threads on this video 😅😅😅😅😅 Lots of crazy out there still!

DatBoi_wild 12 : Is it true that you burn in space outside of air lock Chris: no Commentor: heew Chris: its way worse

Yeeting Koala : flat earthers will be triggered

mallubhai0MBBS : Is this debunking the myths or affirming the facts?!

Matthew Bradley : Earth's gravity doesn't push down on your body. It pulls down on your body.

Nessie Andrew : Invite more smart people like Chris!

Ml 123 : And... they‘re still people who belive the Earth is flat😂

V Mercurial : Still baffling to think people think the earth is flat .-.

khorosu : 3.000 are flatearth dumbasses

DAK4Blizzard : Fun fact: if sound could travel through space, and it traveled at about the speed it travels in Earth's atmosphere, it would take the Sun's sound more than 13 years to reach Earth.

Bert Rich : and what happens if you GROW UP in space ? we should try it out :-)

Mike Crow : Star Trek has sound in space because Gene Roddenberry was worried if Star Trek had no sound in space, viewers would think their tv was broken.

McDuckJr : Ever since I watched this video, the flat earthers vs global earthers arguments are always popping up in my recommended videos... I mean, why can’t you people accept that the Earth is a CUBE... Just kidding...

Rayhan Shafi : The dislikes are Flat-Earthers.

Salty McFuckerton : Check mate flat earthers

Bencze : I love this guy. Loved his book. I'm not successful or anything but could relate a little bit to the fact that success is usually earned one small step at a time being consistent for a long time. That's so against the american myth, but found it true lately. Took 40 years to understand, wish I had really known at 20 or earlier.

grannyspeachtea : Wait. I can't believe people to this day believe the earth is flat. How do they explain the fact that you can get to the same country/city by going across the world either east or west. Also, sunrise and sunset?

Rap Lawyer : This man is an actor and a Freemason. Nothing more!

Skyy B : Wow 😯

Jambr0 : O Canada!

Your Slavic Mate : All the dislikes? Flatearthers...?

ALEXIS JACOB : Proof that the Earth isn’t flat.

Rap Lawyer : This man’s a fraud!

Nurmalita Titania : this man is my ideal everything

Aashir Anwar : Wow astronauts are so kewl

NurMarvin : Well, I'm pretty sure we can go faster than light but we just couldn't see it by our eyes. It doesn't make sense that something limits it at the speed of light.

Sam @ L E : Do you believe in the moon landing ?

Sam Deddens : So interesting, if ur not blown away by space u must be a vegetable

Taco0297vlogs : the earth is flat

SushiFairy : But what's the best music to listen to in space? We need the real questions answered!


itsyaboy sonia : Going to space sounds like the most miserable experience ever

MrMaka1984 : I can debunk all of space myths....cause there is no space...nothing to easy

Caiden Games : The earth is round ——————————— Change my mind

Veridian : Imagine if we could hear the sun exploding constantly

Friendly Stranger : Didn't address the flat Earth, obviously, he's not a real astronaut.

Mc Grady : Wow I knew Homer was an astronaut but I didn't knew Flanders was an astronaut too

Cesna Robasto : This is really educational fun what a awesome astronaut 😁

Emanuel Rendas : You guys know there is no possibility to go to space....


veis : came here just for the flat earth comments