Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED

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William Hetherington : yeah but, Chris, more importantly: is it true with Pringles that once you pop, you can't stop?

therockontheshelf : he has a moustache, i trust him

Ramson Cole : Chris is a total stud. One week he's in orbit, the next he's at the bottom of the Marianas Trench in a submarine.

Scana Dully : ok but: if you nut in space, does it push you backwards?

Jack Le : "You're not really taller, you're sorta just temporarily longer." - Chris Hadfield (2018)

MakkalTK : When my children some day ask me what the sun is, I will answer: "It's a huge, continuous, thermonuclear explosion."

Arcanium Gamer Squad : Smells like gunpowder or burnt steak?.... *Smells like America* 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Da BJ : Shouldn't the time-travel thing happen in reverse when you travel back to earth?

Yumna Shaikh : Ah, there's a myriad of 'genuises' in the comments, wonderful.

BobEckert56 : More astronauts talking about their experiences in space please.

Samuel Furman : Thousands of evidence of earth being round and that’s a fact Flat Earth: why do people believe the earth is round?

kingjappyjoe420 : I need him and Eddie bravo in a room ASAP

Razvion : So the 1.9k dislikers are all flat earthers?

Abhi hazarika : No matter who u bring to debunk the myths... Some idiots will always stick to there point of views...even if Einstein Came... People would still question him... This guy knows stuff.. So was selected to go to space... Not like those idiots who knows little bit of science,maths nd did some internet research...

Veridian : Time to move to space and never come back to avoid the gym

Did I just hear something? : The Earth is flat REEEEEE

Albert Wesker : I want him to be my grandpa. No offense to my actual grandfather, I love him too :D

David Dougherty : I always thought he was one of the coolest astonauts. He's a great spokeman for NASA and space science.

Samuel Kristopher : His answer to the warp drive is either completely uninformed or the person who wrote his script wants to treat us like complete imbeciles. 1. Warp drive (albucierre) is based on condensing space in front of the vehicle and expanding space behind it. The ship never moves at all, but space moves around it, and there's no speed limit on how fast space can expand or contract, which is why the universe is expanding far faster than the speed of light. 2. It's not theoretically impossible, nor does it require an infinite amount of energy. It only requires negative energy, which yes, we haven't figured out yet. But not infinite, nor is it physically impossible. 3. NASA is actually working on trying to achieve this at a microscopic scale.

Jacob Zondag : 2:50 Is that a fly having the free ride of its life?

Evan McKee : Right off the bat, the first answer is incorrect. There's no air in space and thus no temperature of space to fry or freeze you - convection cannot occur. Space is actually a great insulator. Materials will still heat up to temperatures mentioned in this video, but the only heat transfer occurs via radiation, which is a relatively slow way to lose/gain heat just outside the Earth's atmosphere. You will suffocate long before you feel your body's temperature change. Furthermore, your blood won't boil in a vacuum while sealed inside your veins. Your vascular system is capable of keeping your blood pressurized even during vacuum exposure. Only exposed fluids surrounding soft tissue such as your muscles tend to evaporate, causing swelling. Several people have survived vacuum exposure. This wouldn't be possible if exposure instantly started boiling your blood.

Ninjarem : Thanks Chris, your freemasons friends are proud of you

Heavy Hitter : In zero G's your weiner gets a few millimetres longer... Fun fact...

Aashir Anwar : Wow astronauts are so kewl

Jambr0 : Hey came to my high school in Toronto a couple years ago

Aly : Such a handsome and calm man!

Brooks Matetich : I'd love to have this guy as a professor.

Jakob Hansen : Some bad CGI used in this video.

Nyerguds : E=MC² is related to the energy _contained_ in mass, though... it doesn't have any relation to giving speed to mass. An object given speed has more energy than the object at rest, but that's pretty obvious..

SushiFairy : But what's the best music to listen to in space? We need the real questions answered!

Gaming Unchained : Funny how Americans still think the Earth is flat... no wonder Trump was elected xD

superjarri : Astronauts are cool people, no myth in that indeed

NobleArtist : This video should be called 11 minutes of lies. Believing in NASA and space is like Santa Claus or adults lol

onee : He didn't asnwer whether the earth is flat or not. So, the earth is flat.

Kerry Cronic Vlogs : He's always a joy to listen to.

Sokar0333 : Freemason.

Austin Young : Debunks space myths, portrays space is empty myth lol

Mhel Mabayo : You sure it doesn’t smell like dried squid?

dannyobo : I feel slightly smarter! thank you

Abelhawk : 9:14 "In my case I got about—" *camera cuts* "—that much taller." Great, now we'll never know.

Rookie Rogue : Really awesome. As a good physics student I knew some of these myths and their answers, but I am a bit surprised by the sheer amount of imagination that goes into some of these weird myths.

freewheeler88 : There's something "Spacey" about Hadfield,no pun intended....Since the first time i saw Hadfield i thought there's something Weird and Creepy about him,something Phony about him, like he's being payed well to tell a big lie.

DeadlyGeniusGuy BOOM : Do you get shorter when you lift weights? 8:33 Does the same thing happens when you lift weights?

georgi dimitrov : this man... i can feel when he lie... he lie little bit

Leongon draws stuff : Space Flanders making flat-earthers angry.

Lil Autism : Look, its agent whiskey

Gabri'el Alexander : I wish this was longer

Prometheuzz TMP : What happens when you sneeze in space Im 11 yrs old btw and I want to be an astronaut

Brad Lancaster : yeah, we put that guy on our Five dollar bill.