Disney Villains - The Musical feat. Maleficent

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Rita Marçal : descendents before it actually happened

Katelyn Ibarra : 2018? Anyone? Just me? Yea?

Julie Grimsley : Villians and should get a happily ever after too! There so misjudged. This video understands my opinion!

It'sFemke : the one who plays cruella is seriously broadway material

XhannaX XhobbsX : I love cruellas voice anyone else, nope ok just me Edit: 434 likes OMG thx guys 😘😘

Lauren O : The Evil Queen and Maleficent had the best excuses, even if it’s total BS.

Faith Kemble : Honestly the villains are always my favorite characters. Anyone else?

christin paunno : Disney villains - the musical feat.meleficent

Kate Kirken : I think the costume for Cruella was spot on

Aaliyah Maldonado : Tbh, I Like Villians More Than Princesses ( In My Opinion )

Gediz : OMG Cruella was perfect!

Roary Hunziker : This evil queen is better than the one in descendents

Ann Le {Anneorshine} : I almost want to say Cruella DeVille because of her love of haute couture, but i needs to saves the puppies!!!!

Bubba Summers : I have watched this so many times

Hermione Granger : I don't blame those villain's I don't know why

MarkGerald Dadison : Finally someone understands

CøøkieTM animations : 02:19 lol cruelas face

P34ch3z : Evil queens are princesses that were never saved

The Wilson Team : Honestly one if the only Disney villains I DON'T like is Cruela..... WHO THE HELL WOULD KILL PUPPIES FOR FUR COATS?? I MEAN CMON THAT'S A SIGN OF A PSYCHOPATH!! Also she looked like she was a drug addict or somethin'.

Jade Kim : You know what it been better if jafar replaced. Ursula

Panda With a clover : Mal, Evie, Carlos,and Uma

Katie Moody : I broke the replay button #RIP

shini2007 : ok i'll give everyone a free pass except cruella...she wanted to skin dogs

!!!!!!????? : How is your favourite Disney Vilnius? Mine is scar if that counts from lion King

Jasmin Navarro : 2018 anyone?

JoJoGames : cruella the vil is amezing in this video! my favorite disney villain of ll is the shadowmen from the princes and the frog

MurderMystery Queen : These villains have kids mal daughter of maleficent Evie daughter of evil queen Carlos son of cruesila and jay son of jafar harry son of Captain Hook Gil son of Gaston uma daughter of Ursula in descendants 2 or descendants why isn't gaston, jafar Captain Hook in it 😭

brooksworld : anyone notice that maleficent and the evil queen are played by the same people who play Belle and snow white? what a coincidence right?

Andrea Tapia : i wish to be a villain

Tarnoor Kaur : Cruella was prefect in this video!

fc bùi tiến dũng huỳnh : this is for descendant 2

Snow Queen : Evil queen,Cruela De Vil,Melefasant,Ursula !!!👑👑👑👑

Skipper Rosner : The woman who plays Cruella is probably the most talented actor ive seen on youtube

Heno V Graan : I can't stop watching this song it is so good

Stella Bruton : Disney Villains maleficent is my favorite

Mahfuza Begum : I like this song. but hate this villains 😂😂

Bubba Summers : I keep thinking the second time maleficent says "I dream" I think she says "I cream"🤣😂I'm deaf

Beautifullytragic6 : Villains are always the best part. Great job! 

Morgi Galaxy : Is it just me who loves maleficent????

chanwoo's nanana in rhythm ta : This reminds descendats 2

Emma Stevens : gaston from beauty and the beast

Sawny : SCAR.

luigimarioman1 : Now we need a male version with Jafar, Gaston, Captain Hook, and Hades XD

EspeonMagic : I loved every thing from the setting to the hollow and gaunt face of Cruella and the wickedness of Ursula! Everything was executed perfectly and I fell in love with this video! P.S. in the beginning when the Evil Queen and Malificant were complaining about what happened to them and Ursula was just smirking and I found that hilarious!

Macey Howard : Maleficent isn’t a villain

Lion King 2019 : Veryyy niceee 🙋

Alissa Xu : 0:53 What do you expect? Your name was Evil Queen after all.

EandHfilms : I can't help but think of Once Upon A Time when I see this... XD

Gamer Dianne : I LOVE MALIFICENT 😀😀😀😀

SP/Goji Fan : This song is so good. If there's male Disney Villains I want to use for miscasting, then that should happen: Maleficent: Chernabog The Evil Queen: Jafar Ursula: Hades Cruella De Vil: Captain Hook And also, Chernabog is my favorite Disney Villain.