Boogie Pimps - 'Somebody To Love' (Official Video)

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ME GUSTA : Hey Owen I know you watch this at night time and I hope you read this because I can hear you in the next room

Ellis01234567890 : I wonder what those babies think about this video now that they're older... I wonder if they tell people they jumped out of a plane and landed on a giant boob.

TØPiplier : I remember crying over this video in 2004...I was 7....and I cried because the last baby couldn't get it's parachute open 😂

SGT Norgan : No babies were hurt in the making of this video

Charlie Stevens : There is probably a very deep message somewhere in this video.

Cristina Marino : Taken me about 4 years to find this song again 😂

SpacePyramid : not gonna lie, as a teenager back in the day I discovered my manhood to this video...

Moangus PIckard : Cable guy version is superior

3alive : the woman is so hot

Risky Business : I like this video because it makes my 2 most hated groups of people mad: 1. Feminists 2. Jefferson Airplane fans

Thomas Robb : This was my childhood

Henry Stanley : Jefferson Aeroplane must be rolling in their graves

Devymon Killick : i remember i watched this when i was 4 but i didn't understand video or the song and now im 15 i still dont understand it

velkoto1 : Her name is Natasha Mealey ;)

Set : Anybody knows the girl's name? I need it for a science project

Dildo Faggins : I remember seeing this video back in 2004 and me and my bro laugh our asses off.

randsome948 : Watching this whilst high makes for one interesting night.

CalciumCoo : I have reached that corner of the Internet....

oh really : at 2.14 I thought they were heading for home lol.

Juan Rosales : what did I just watch!

Badger0fDeath : The song is ok, but the video is genius.

The Stig's Sunbathing Cousin : You know, it took years to revive my farm. Now she just rolled over and destroyed it while posing to some sky camera, what a day. I tried giving her the what fors, however she was just staring at these parachuting baby regiment it seemed, I'll have to write this unique day in my notebook.

Trevor Wall : this porn has an okay song

Die Snitches : Love the song hate the video

LevelReset : Love this song...nothing like it these days.

Caz Green : I quite like this song, but i hate the video!!!!!!!!!!!

Vibrating Munt : Definitely fapped to this when i was younger

ghostmedics universe : This is a good reason to throw yourself out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft people.

Charles Okonkwo : This video is just straight up weird. And not in a good way. ^^

Chris Buck : Makes me want to take up sky diving

Jigg Jiggiz : What a babe she must be MILF quality by now !

Dylan Edwards : I am the proud mum of the lucky babies, it was a lot of hard work but worth it. The boys Dylan and Bailey get so embarrassed with it x they are 13today so I wound them up with it x my husband was gutted as model came on the next day lol x they were just in baby door swings it's amazing the results of the video thanks for all your interests Karan x the account I'm usin is one of the twins Dylan x

chocolate thunda : this music video made me cry when i was a kid

lightning mcshitlips : Directed 100% stoned while writing this video

ShippyMedia : Always think this is a bit pedo

Różowa Pantera : Ha teledysk zajebisty :D

Alucard BloodyVampire : And this is how babies are born

TheRabbitFear : those babies will be 10 years old by now makes you feel old

Ojay : This will never match up to Jefferson Airplane but I quite like this version still!

marquez768 : Natasha Mealey. You're welcome.

Phoebe 😘 : There is so much wrong with this video 😂

Mark Roberts : who is this goddess

luke es : 2002 - 2005 had many remakes of older songs and many international songs that people listened. But the summer songs were so fucking amazing back then i remember driving from Norway through Denmark, Germany and Poland in the summer it was like 35 celsius for the 4 days of slow driving and visiting places and the songs with the fantastic weather, oh man good old times have to do it again sometime.

ich9718 : song is nice,but wrf is up with that vid.??

TheApacheKing : I used to watch this music video all the time when I was a kid #classic

Hylander27 : lol I must be close to the centre of the internet next stop cat videos!

DeckyStrikesBack : Those babies might be disappointed.I don't think this giant woman is producing milk.

Lily Lovers : oh yeah ;-) Polska tez słucha ;-) POLAND

Marcelina Muttson : This song is just yes

mwarg : This is one of the more disturbing videos I've watched.