Poland to the rescue

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Dr Dre : Thank you poland

Autostrady Polska : Poland and Sweden are neighbors. We must help each other.

Tricko v2 : Thank you for the video, Greetings from Poland

Chris Jay77 : Thank you for the help Poland.

PreGame : I live Near the fire . I got tears when i saw the caravan .🙌🇵🇱🇵🇱😢👍 then i remember how stupid our goverment are 🇸🇪🤬 .

thepinne1 : Thank you, Poland! <3

Animuj Dev : For some reason, it makes me happy. Maybe due to all this EU poltical bushit of late which tries to split us up.

Panczo TM : Polska 💪💪

Groźne Prządło : I'm sure our firefighters will do their best, good luck Sweden!

QuackSkoper : Thank you for helping us Poland! <3

Ankh : Im glad you all enjoyed the video - I really enjoyed watching them drive by. Lets hope they all get back safe too! (I only wish there had been more people to greet them, but I blame that on very little info about this events in the local paper. )

dixonqwerty : The stupid Swedish government will probably not thank Poland for this, but from all of the Swedish people: Thank you Poland!!!

goat414 : Dziękuję Polsce!

Witam Witam : Greetings from Poland! 🇵🇱🇸🇪🚒 It's great to see how we can help each other without all this political bullshit. Good luck Sweden!

DwwwD : Thank you Poland!

wikcir : Our firefighers are one od the Best in Europe, good luck Sweden!

I'm Just Royal :/ : Thank you very much Poland! :D <3

Mentalne Saguaro : EU brotherhood :3

LeonidasSthlm : Thank you Poland! Very nice to see concrete international cooperation.

Sławomir Krajewski : Lycka till, Sverige! Hälsningar från Polen :)

Oskar Eriksson : Poland stronk!

Missvirrelina : 🚒 dzięki polskim strażakom 💐 As well a big thanks to all other firefighters and volunteers who helping. 🚒💐🙏

bergssprangare : Poland- First to Fight , First to Help..

arara barara : And the Winged Hussars arrived :D

AndersEGNormal AEGN : Sweden loves Poland!!

Patrik Rydberg : Thank you Poland! <3

Fotografia Ratownicza Grzesiek Kwiatkowski : 🇵🇱🚒💪

Miro X : Thank you Poland!! dzięki!! ❤️🇸🇪

Dawid Dubanosow : This is first time I see traffic jam consisting 99% of firefighter trucks.

Moriquende : So much Scania! <3

dylonji : they bring own food and drinks, so no need to think much about logistics. good job ♥

Hanna Claesson : Real heroes !!❤❤💯

Marek : Poland - Gniezno 💪

Otto von Bismarck : And The Winged Hussars Arrives...

DeeFibben aka Sanya Estherian : THANK YOU POLAND! <3

polishloyalist : Sweden, give them something good to eat, they will be Your heroes!

Mick Mick : Visiting? No, just occupation.

Anders Eriksson : True heroes!! Thanx Poland :D

1969OLEK : Super ☺

Maasi : I liked the last part with the people in the back waving the Polish flag lmao

TheDukeOfPannekoeken : Vi är inte kapabla att släcka våra bränder för staten prioriterar en misslyckad invandring och genusforskning ect.... Thank you Poland for the help!! <3

Mr : When the winged hussars arrive 🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒

Gerry Larsson : Bor i Polen, kanner mig riktigt stolt! Tack sa mycket!

dwa pięć na dwa pięć : give us back polish works of art!!!!!111oneone just kidding keep them lul

Krzesimir Szostakiewicz : Serce rośnie :D

Joe Know : The fact that fires in Sweden are so bad that they need help from different countries is terryfing. Hope those fires can be put out.

Patryk nie pamietam : niemożliwe,Ci źli "faszyści", "rasiści" jadą wam z pomocą...

Szy Szy : we cannot into space, but we can help to extinguish some fires

piotrasslupca : great joy to be from a small family in this family.

HBG91 : Thank you Poland!