Poland to the rescue

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dixonqwerty : The stupid Swedish government will probably not thank Poland for this, but from all of the Swedish people: Thank you Poland!!!

PreGame : I live Near the fire . I got tears when i saw the caravan .🙌🇵🇱🇵🇱😢👍 then i remember how stupid our goverment are 🇸🇪🤬 .

Chris Jay77 : Thank you for the help Poland.

bergssprangare : Poland- First to Fight , First to Help..

Witam Witam : Greetings from Poland! 🇵🇱🇸🇪🚒 It's great to see how we can help each other without all this political bullshit. Good luck Sweden!

AndersEGNormal AEGN : Sweden loves Poland!!

Autostrady Polska : Poland and Sweden are neighbors. We must help each other.

Dr Dre : Thank you poland

Tricko v2 : Thank you for the video, Greetings from Poland

Animuj Dev : For some reason, it makes me happy. Maybe due to all this EU poltical bushit of late which tries to split us up.

Ankh : Im glad you all enjoyed the video - I really enjoyed watching them drive by. Lets hope they all get back safe too! (I only wish there had been more people to greet them, but I blame that on very little info about this events in the local paper. )

theMuttshow : A BIG THANK YOU POLAND! We owe you big time if you need any help in the future! Greetings from Sweden.

arara barara : And the Winged Hussars arrived :D

Groźne Prządło : I'm sure our firefighters will do their best, good luck Sweden!

Anders Eriksson : True heroes!! Thanx Poland :D

Sławomir Krajewski : Lycka till, Sverige! Hälsningar från Polen :)

thepinne1 : Thank you, Poland! <3

LeonidasSthlm : Thank you Poland! Very nice to see concrete international cooperation.

QuackSkoper : Thank you for helping us Poland! <3

Johan Berglund : The polish trucks will be put to work on the worst fire front in the country - Älvdalen. The name of the operative chief there is Johan Szymanski. The sure name sounds polish!? Maybe this operation is even lead by polish blood!

I'm Just Royal :/ : Thank you very much Poland! :D <3

Patrik Rydberg : Thank you Poland! <3

DeeFibben aka Sanya Estherian : THANK YOU POLAND! <3

Otto von Bismarck : And The Winged Hussars Arrives...

Mr : When the winged hussars arrive 🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒

dylonji : they bring own food and drinks, so no need to think much about logistics. good job ♥

TheDukeOfPannekoeken : Vi är inte kapabla att släcka våra bränder för staten prioriterar en misslyckad invandring och genusforskning ect.... Thank you Poland for the help!! <3

goat414 : Dziękuję Polsce!

Dawid Dubanosow : This is first time I see traffic jam consisting 99% of firefighter trucks.

Farhad Abdolian : Thank you Poland, lot of respect.

wikcir : Our firefighers are one od the Best in Europe, good luck Sweden!

Hanna Claesson : Real heroes !!❤❤💯

DwwwD : Thank you Poland!

Ragnar Grabson : Poland, Sweden's Baltic Sea neighbor is rescuing Sweden in the moments of natural disaster - this is Europe at it best and a beautiful act of kindness. I also hope it will help to improve opinions about Poles in Sweden; those firefighters heroes from Poland deserve this since they are risking their lives to save human and property loss.

Miro X : Thank you Poland!! dzięki!! ❤️🇸🇪

Missvirrelina : 🚒 dzięki polskim strażakom 💐 As well a big thanks to all other firefighters and volunteers who helping. 🚒💐🙏

KowalskyLeon : the spokeswoman of the Swedish MSB who coordinates the action against fire, Irene Christensson, said that "she cannot say what skills the Polish firefighters have, but they will provide additional support in the form of manpower". Poland sent 44 full equiped firetrucks and 139 experienced firefighters - at most of all countries helping Sweden with the fire and the woman is so arrogant. Sad.

Panczo TM : Polska 💪💪

Patrik Berglin : Thx Poland you rock!

Patryk nie pamietam : niemożliwe,Ci źli "faszyści", "rasiści" jadą wam z pomocą...

Oskar Eriksson : Poland stronk!

Mh Öring : Tack polen 🇸🇪

123kappa : Thanks Poland <3

HBG91 : Thank you Poland!

polishloyalist : Sweden, give them something good to eat, they will be Your heroes!

Gerry Larsson : Bor i Polen, kanner mig riktigt stolt! Tack sa mycket!

Moriquende : So much Scania! <3

Medovukha : Then the Winged Hussars arrived.

Joe Know : The fact that fires in Sweden are so bad that they need help from different countries is terryfing. Hope those fires can be put out.

KULFONIDAS KUTAMINO : co jak co ale strazacy nie maja sie czego powstydzic jezeli chodzi o sprzet to nie jestesmy jakimis rumunami