Billionaire Holocaust

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Chewy Thomson : Elon Musk on Twitter.

Carl Zimmerman : And we didn't even do anything wrong!

infernocanuck : He had a point... up until he didn't.

Chris Cano : Donald Trump be like

WhereMyKeys : This would be a completely different show without Gavin LOOK AT THAT HIDEOUS FACE

mariman134 : I can't believe this monologue was inspired by a real person!!!!

Noth De : Gavin should have stopped talking at exactly 0:29.

nekocekoBiH : Elon Musk?

Matias Sanchez : haha genius scene.

MisterZ3r0 : "These are facts..." Alt-right logic

ConstantlyComparing : This scene actually isn't funny because it's entirely accurate... White people are socially treated like shit just for having a higher percentage of their population in the upper class. Just look at all the degenerate ignorant "memes" that get shared on facebook. There's this persecution of white skin going on simply because SOME of us are in power. It's very similar to how Hitler justified his treatment of the jews.

Mad Marx : Somebody please think od the shareholders.

Guard Passer : Hoolicaust

Warsie : guilotine time!

ukiyo. : Elon Musk rn

qwerty112311 : He's not wrong about how billionaires are treated, just a tad overplaying the comparison.

moriya2k2 : This really happened.

E. Keough : I looked up "Gavin Belson Billionare Holocaust" for this clip and the first thing that came up was an actual person making the comparison.

Mukesh Pandey : Holy shit!!!

decentradical : This scene just kept on giving. Every time you think that was the punchline it takes it to another level.

bobbygnosis : If the far left has anything to say billionaires will be murdered in the name of Communism. This is farce on the television show, but in real life that does happen. China, Russia, East Germany - it's all the same. I, personally, have no love for billionaires, but the left really would publicly execute them. Look up the Bolsheviks in Berlin back in 1919. News flash - they won't stop at the billionaires. It'll be anyone they declare "too wealthy." Anyone who advocates Socialism [toe-hold into Communism] has no appreciation for history.

SmashBrosBrawl : #NotAllBillionaires #MeToo

RichieRichLux : This is a rare show that made you love its villains as much as heroes...Damn

Picasso CT : Holli cost. Money delusioinal.

Jeanluc Thomson : Let's kill all the billionaires.

Sieon Namlei : It's like he was building up with a momentum too at that to something great and after awhile it was the exact opposite

8745400 : Which season is this

Сэл Вундерлин : Kara Swisher 😍 <3

ben sumen : Lol

foljs : Anybody knows what make of chairs are those?

jordano zang : He has a point, although he took it a little too far.

Abdullah Habib : So scripted

OneGaurdian : No billionaires have been thrown into concentration camps with their while families and gassed or starved to death.

kyle lamar : Twist to the plot: most billionaires are jews lol

Don't Look At Me Like That : Reddit.avi