Self Defense Does not Exist in Australia

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**Yes - I know my accent is strange. It is a result of growing up around American and Australian accents and being a dual citizen.** Useful links: NSW Crimes Act, Sect 420: Victoria Police Website: Prohibited weapons list: Section 462A of the Crimes Act: Find me: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


SoS : My motto is "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 "

Willie Pierce : Forcefully disarming people is an act of war against those people..

Memorex Maxell : In my opinion : you break into my house ... I kill you.. Period. And well if you live in Australia.. dumped the corps in the desert, and act like nothing happened. ;)

Dear Red : Up until now I've always wanted to visit Australia but I think I will stay right here in Texas.

logan mott : wtf why does this video have 1K dislikes she is just saying that people should be able to protect them self's

Jared Newitt : Samme in the uk, what the police here expect u to do is let an attacker kick the carp out of u and report it if ur not dead

Edward Morrison : 100% Sydney. Once again you are the voice of reason and sanity.

sbjkd : I got charged by the cops after I defended myself during a home invasion, despite not striking the guy. I’m a martial artist (for over 40 years) and I subdued the guy and pushed off my property. He fell over in the street and hurt his hand. I used no force-I led the guy by his arm out of my house and pushed him through the open gate onto the street. He struck me many times, but I’m pretty big and strong and wasn’t injured. I did not hit, kick, lock, or do anything to the guy. The guy admitted the home invasion to the cops. The police told me that I’m held to a higher standard and I’m expected to “evade” blows, which I did. They charged me anyway. I got off without a conviction. In Australia, the criminals have more rights than me. If it happens again, I think I’ll do what I think is necessary rather than be super careful not to hurt the guy who’s broken into my house and is trying to harm me.

Jack Lamb Keats : A pedestrian enters a army boot camp or somewhere restricted and is instantly shot someone with a gun enters your home is pointing it at your child you kill them with a frying pan you are put in jail for life why doesn't this add up

Dante Moscatiello : Her: Let that sink in My brain: What does that damn sink want now?!

em D : Why did the belt go to jail ? . . . Because it held up a pair of pants 👖🔫 Sorry couldn't help myself😁 In all seriousness though Ladies listen up.. your body spray/ deodorant you carry inside your bag is flammable! If you happen to be a smoker and have a lighter or just want to carry it for safety reasons, light that bad boy up in front of the spray and you have yourself a flame thrower. This is what I carry to protect myself and they can't say it's a weapon. Also when you walk somewhere suss put your car keys between your knuckles 😉 However I totally agree pepper spray and other things (law changes) would be a lot easier for protection.

Tom Peled : Move to America.

kyndakrazy : Defend yourself with whatever force is necessary, but don't call the cops when you are done. Dispose of the body yourself.

David Duffy : Australian's have very little freedom. We aren't even free not to vote. If we fail to vote .... we can be thrown in jail. Believe it or not I am actually telling the truth, I am not exaggerating!

Zane E : I once wanted to go to Australia, but your loony liberal laws would prevent me from coming there

doom64101 : We can't even walk around with a multitool because it has a small knife on it

andrew dods : The police carry a handgun, pepper spray, taser, baton, maybe carbine, maybe tactical folding knife. Why? To defend themselves and others from harm. But a person at home? Or in public who randomly grabs and uses an object to defend self or others. Noooo !!!!!!! This is completely against common law and legal precedent ... the police and courts themselves have become illegitimate with their illegal actions .... we’re stuffed :-/

Bringing_It_@ll_Back_Gnome : Meanwhile our leaders have nuclear weapons...

Wallet Wizard Fexil : Me: boy I wish I could have a knife or a semi auto rifle Australian government: *Skyrim disarm shout*

Rob Ot : Anything can be used a weapon, down to a feather pillow. Grow up.

Rusty Nail : Get weapons. The govt doesentt care bout yu. Soon they will srart to remove people if yu don't. Go down shooting

Opossum Cod's : If civilians have no weapons they are easily controlled.

Wong Tik Ki : Is it bacuse of legacy of UK law system? Because here in Hong Kong people also don't legally have the right to self defense. Not to mention using lethal force. Stun gun, papper spray, knifes...all are 'assult weapons' and banned. Oh and about police search? We are like that too!!

jzzonmymang : the law protects the guilty

BoxDoge : Me: Oh I hope nothing happens in my sleep *Cannot sleep when enemies are nearby*

Luke : I've been charged for defending my self many times in Australia. Especially when I use to go to night clubs.

jake hensley : Damn, you are beautiful, that hair is awesome, you have a nice set of balls too, figuratively speaking of course.....

Jay Avey : Oven cleaner! They won't be able to identify you in court too.

HappyHusbandn Wife : Answer: This is the most 9 horrified words in English language "I'm From The Government And I'm Here To Help" - Ronald Reagan It is Nany State wet dream ... come .... true So many punt I cant even avoid it XD

DannyDux 03 : Its funny how 90% of the comments are Americans 😂😂

Steve Chriscole : All the aspects you describe in this video are the same in Britain. We have been subject to these laws for decades. As a martial artist and self defence instructor I am quite familiar with this area. The overall experience is that the public have come to believe that self defence is not a good option. People are afraid to fight back and will not (usually) get involved in an altercation simply because of the fear of being charged for assault by the police. The result is a kind of population wide learned helplessness, which in turn makes people easier to control. It's deliberate and once you understand what these laws do, you can see it is one of the many ways to gradually remove the rights of the individual.

Lee Foos : Smart girl! Have been watching you. You make great sense. Hope Australia wakes up. And the USA needs to wake up also. Law a billing people need the right to protect themselves. They will use this as a last resort. Thank you for your intelligent!!

Vandreal Conley : At this point, use the Swaggart defense. Bury the body in the hills out back. 😁

The Dragon King : oh well NSW is the best.

j t : Intruder in the home, run, hide, call police. If one is injured/killed, before police arrive, unfortunate. Majority voted to live under these conditions. Governments introduced these laws, protected, armed guards. Crimminals armed, law abiding citizens unarmed/reluctant, defend themselves for fear of been prosecuted under the law. Want change? Create/vote bodies bring about change allowing law abiding citizens the right to protect themselves/family/property within common sense & fair reason. Obviously police will investigate legitimate self defense situation as in the United States.

John Rindal : sounds like someone should get a new government

Zerotech : I would disagree that Self-Defense doesn't exist in Australia, If you happen to live in Victoria you are allowed self defense to protect yourself and your neighbours whether it's your family, friends and people that needs help and I have found out the reason why. send me a PM about it and I can explain to you about it.

DocLarsen44 : As we were warned thousands of years ago: they will call evil, good and good, evil. How were we warned, you may ask? In the Holy Scripture, that is how. There is no other way to explain this totally irrational situation found world wide. Pray for Christ's return and pray that it will be soon! So that this control by Satan's spawn will come to an end.

marcus lennox : You should take up arms against your traitorous gov't...self preservation / defence!

UUJman : Hot sauce in your purse because you like spicy food. Thanks for covering this topic by showing the laws.

DOT ROT : Just crazy..... "reasonable force".. smdh Break into my house, I'm gonna blow your head off..... legally

Mike juba : When SECONDS count.......the police are just MINUTES away. Good luck.

Bobby Adams : So Australian law. Is a complete and utter violation of all human rights

raymond majer : Sounds like your Australian legislators like their British (I'm British) counterparts are actually the enemy of law abiding people. I'll wager that your senior politicians like ours have armed security to protect them, but we,ve really only got ourselves to blame, we keep voting these enemies of the people into office.

Cha Leowin : 1.2 criminals do not agree with you.

Steve Hintzel : I’m afraid if I were in Australia, I would find myself a law breaker. Come to Texas, we will embrace you with open arms 🙂

Richard Lahan : I think it has to do with the fact that British (and by extension) Australian law do not guarantee a person's right to protect him (or herself) with a firearm. Firearms are seen as being superfluous and dangerous in a civilized society and self defense with a firearm is viewed as being unnecessary. I'm glad that I live in the US where we have the Second Amendment.

Jordan Moller : A plot of land, high fences, and a backhoe are what you need these days for true justice against home invaders. And the garden vegetables and flowers will thank you for the fertilizer, too.

humanati : Our governments don’t want an independent, empowered citizenry that is able to defend itself against crime & tyrannical government. They want us passive, dependent & helpless so we are no threat to those who rule us. The architect’s of the US Constitution realised this when they wrote the 2nd amendment. Most of us have been brainwashed by educators & media to believe we are not worthy of this right. This right is God given & not granted by any ruler or government. Don’t give up your guns America...