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raymond majer : Sounds like your Australian legislators like their British (I'm British) counterparts are actually the enemy of law abiding people. I'll wager that your senior politicians like ours have armed security to protect them, but we,ve really only got ourselves to blame, we keep voting these enemies of the people into office.

Paul Rice : Rely on the cops for protection? Aren't they the ones that don't show up until after the crime has been committed? Yeah, they may catch the guy, but you still get to end up dead.

Jedda73 : I used to own several firearms for the purpose of home defense, a legitimate reason in nsw in the early 90's. Then along came the scumbag John Howard who on a personal whim removed our right to defend ourselves in our own homes. Not long after the gun buy back scheme a brand new crime called home invasions began. I've already prepared myself for the worst and have told my family that if some scumbag comes calling, I'll do the time and the scum can take the trip to the morgue, and not the other way around!

sbjkd : I got charged by the cops after I defended myself during a home invasion, despite not striking the guy. I’m a martial artist (for over 40 years) and I subdued the guy and pushed off my property. He fell over in the street and hurt his hand. I used no force-I led the guy by his arm out of my house and pushed him through the open gate onto the street. He struck me many times, but I’m pretty big and strong and wasn’t injured. I did not hit, kick, lock, or do anything to the guy. The guy admitted the home invasion to the cops. The police told me that I’m held to a higher standard and I’m expected to “evade” blows, which I did. They charged me anyway. I got off without a conviction. In Australia, the criminals have more rights than me. If it happens again, I think I’ll do what I think is necessary rather than be super careful not to hurt the guy who’s broken into my house and is trying to harm me.

1 wordhere 1wordthere : The reason why we have the 2nd Amendment in America is not for hunting and is not for self-defense per se, it was supposed to be able to stop the tyrannical government that imposes such stupid laws. They are not stupid, but they play us to be stupid. The real Criminals is the many blood suckers!!!! AKA politicians. Just think we shouldn't even be having this conversation. Direct your anger and your wit at the real criminals. Show them no mercy.

Ian McCauley : Well done Sydney, as an endangered white male, it's good to know there are intelligent women out there!!

Thomas Garrison : Here is what you do, after you kill the intruder you through his body in the back of your car and drive it out to a crocodile infested body of water, or if that is not an option, then drive it to an unsettled area and bury the body in a shallow grave. Or don't fill in the grave, and pour 5 gallons of diesel fuel over it, and light it up with wax coated cardboard. Make sure that you don't have your cellphone with you, and your GPS is turned off.

Shilodog Smith : Australia, Canada and the UK (especially) like to think they have a 'civilized' society, but humans aren't civilized.  As Konrad Lorenz said, "I've discovered the missing link between the ape and civilized man:  it's us." ........... Politicians don't want guns, because they're afraid that they will be used against THEM.  They don't give a rip about you -- it's all about them:  their control, their safety, their payoffs.  Australia started out as a penal colony, and that's how they want to keep it.

MurrayBoi : If someone breaks into my house I will not stop until they or me is unconscious no matter the circumstance.

Bryon Covell : The American liberal idiot can't figure out why law abiding gun owners are "clinging to our guns" so fiercely. Australia, NZ, and South Africa are all places where guns are shunned for the most part, and crime has become rampant. What is the solution of the politicians in these countries? Write new laws to make law abiding citizens criminals when they defend themselves. My parents were in SA on vacation, in Durban (have been to the area several times) and were victims of a purse snatching ring right outside the hotel. Calling the police was useless, because they basically treated my parents like the instigator. The only fortunate thing is that my dad is 70 with COPD, because 30 years ago, he'd probably be in SA jail for beating the tar out of the criminals. Stay safe.

stone tooth : Wow thats insane. Im glad i live in the united States and can choose which of my 27 guns to shoot an intruder with. Hope things change for the better for our good freinds down under.

Solar Flare : Your laws are ridiculous. In fact your people have cero rights. So the police serve only the criminals. This is unbelievable.

Kevin Colliss : This is where canada is headed under a liberal government.

Gesteppie : Oh please. We are as a nation (Australia) are FAR better off without every man woman or child holding a death inducing weapon and hiding behind the fear of our own insecurity. When you hear of a shooting in Australia, that news go national. Hear of a shooting in America? Goes unnoticed unless the family of the victim go journo-a-wall. We are much more approachable and likable (sorry 'merica) as a people to outside countries BECAUSE we don't want violence to be our first answer to everything.

RANDALLOLOGY : OMG the government made those laws to keep the people from fighting back when the government does whatever they want. As far as criminals in your country, it's like them being able to shoot fish in a Barrel. ( A saying used here in the USA ) read the Constitution of the United States. It has a bunch of good laws to protect the people from government tyranny. Especially the Second Amendment of the right to have and bear arms. If you people have any voting power then a movement needs to be started to change the laws to protect yourself.

Marshall Rapp : Wow. If I were a criminal I would move to Australia.

cart00ner : When you're surrounded by aussies - you don't need a weapon.

Carlos Dasilva : Be glad you're not male.Females are the most protected things on earth and males are the most despised.

Dee Bee : Its amazing isn't it, we had the Port Arthur massacre and cuz of 1 dude it waz all over for us. That's pretty much when police became out of control and takin all of our rights piece by peice. America has 911 and tens of thousands of terrorists after them and the weapons keep getting more advanced. Don't give up ur guns America cuz that's the only reason ur not controlled like we are.

unapro3 : South Australia is a little backwards compared to our Eastern cousins, but I am happy to say, when it comes to home invasions, we probably have the best legislation in Australia.' In the case of a home invasion (that is, a serious criminal trespass in a place of residence), acting for a defensive purpose or to defend property can be COMPLETE DEFENCES TO AN OFFENCE, INCLUDING MURDER ,EVEN IF THE DEFENDANT'S CONDUCT WAS NOT OBJECTIVELY REASONABLY PROPORTIONATE to the perceived threat [s15C Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA)]. What is required is that the defendant genuinely believed that the victim was committing or had just committed a home invasion [s 15C(2)(a)]. Basically what the legislation is saying, if someone breaks into my home when I am home and tries to steal my shit, I can kill them. That's it. I don't have to prove self defence, hell, I don't even have to prove home invasion. Sadly, I can't use my firearms though as these are registered for hunting and target practice and cannot be used for self defence. Having said that, if you knew someone was outside trying to get in and you KNEW they were armed with a gun, then I think you would have an argument for the defence of using that force to defend yourself as was directed at you. Of course that would mean getting my shotgun out of the safe, getting my ammo out of the locked steel cupboard and loading the weapon, by that time he has probably given me a lead injection already....

Lord Monkey Boy : I thought Australia was a rough and rugged country.....for it not to see snow it sure has a lot of snowflakes.

Nobody Knows : Let's be honest here, in Australia all you need to do is push the attacker on the ground and the very dirt will likely kill them if they don't land on a deadly spider or snake.

C Scott : Thank you Sydney , You`v brought attention to some very important issues here . This attack on our civil freedoms has been going on too long . If more people stand , and speak up like you , we might just have a chance to do something about this . I`m with you Sydney , and Thank you .

validate my existence : Seems like a perfectly reasonable and safe place to live

MR. FIX-ALL INC. : Thanks for that breakdown of your laws. I think I will not visit, when here in the US we can open carry firearms. That in it self is the deterrent . THE BRITISH so proper.

Ron M : Governments around the world have killed millions of their citizens over history.

Wetpaint Williams : The New World Order's goals are being met.

turboslag : Sadly, the UK is just the same. The law defies logic, allowing a person to defend themselves, their property, their family, with whatever force is necessary saves the state, and society, time and money. Shoot a crim (preferably dead), save a bill. Seriously, I wish I could live in the USA, unfortunately I'm not an under educated, skilless racial minority so would find it almost impossible to get a green card. If I could though, it would be so cathartic to inflict some natural justice on any perp that made the mistake to confront me or tresspass my property.

Randy C : So, being unarmed, you can't even overthrow this oppressive government. Maybe hire criminals to fight for you. If you can trust them. Maybe vote the evil politicians out?

Bui Panin : Oz is awesome i seen purse snatcher fail when the girl wouldn't let go then picked up a chair and proceeded to bash the shit out of the thief. Lots of fist fights and stabings.great food. No 12 ers only found 10s and 20s (good beer) they seemed envious of our freedom. Freind in the reserves asked what size gun I owned and surprised I said .45. He thought military arms would be off limits to civilians. In Oz they only dream that one could legally own a 1911A1 . Then I told him you only need to be 21 unless your parents buy it for you. So for 3 years I needed to rely on a Kalashnikov for self defense as at 18 that was legal. Of course there are always shotguns various mil surp weapons from wwII. if penateation was needed their is pops old 30-06 and various revolvers. They were amazed and envious. Nice place to visit. No place like home. Except for the UN NWO gun control they have a lot more comon sense in most other areas. You can pump your gas without paying untill your done because people dont skip out on the tab. No need ti pay high restaurant prices for bottled cheer its normal to bring a case of beer in and keep it under your table. Best part was finding out my accent was exotic.

MEN 101 : How come all the private Jewish schools have armed guards 24/7? I love Israel so much I want the same protection they get everywhere across the world. Also I want the same immigration laws Israel has to be adopted across the Western world. If it’s good for the Jews, it’s good enough for us.

blackswordshinobi : hold up here if i come to your state in Australian I dont care I am self defends my self and other if need be no mater what law tell me I can't you have dangerous thing in out back human is one thoes thing tazzer no stop full blown crazy man or two or big crock law just can be trusted at this time I am law biding citizen where I am form but never give up my rights from self pretention thumb up on your video I hope some your people wake up you need to defend your self no mater what the world going crazy ps there no law in bush that truth

Howler Monkey : Revolution rise up now NOW Overthrow the government It's the enemy

Renegade Show : Yeah, any desire to visit Australia just totally evaporated.

d3adp001 : why do australians not have the right to self defence? because you believe that the government has the right to do so, and as a whole the citizenry will not remove the said government. dont feel bad the US is not much different.

Mark Birchette : Ma'am I live in Utah, the United States of America. Even our 2nd Amendment right is constantly under attack from the Damnedocrats, Libturds etc. Fact of the matter is cops come after the fact. I am also an Army Veteran and in my State a Concealed Carry Permit holder of close to 30 years. It baffles me that anyone would be told how their allowed to the God given right to protect themselves or others. The shootings that have happened here in the U.S happened in GUN FREE zones. Except for the Texas Church shooting. A barefoot N.R.A. Instructor stopped the shooter with literally a handful of loose rounds and his AR-15. I feel bad that folk's like yourself cannot protect themselves in the quickest way they see fit. My Government may absolutely have my guns. From my Cold Dead Hands.

Steven Jones : Yeah, all this is happening but they are allowing the Muslims to stockpile weapons and teach hate and violence in their mosques! Disarming the population and making it a crime to defend yourself, your home, or your family.... preparing for something? I thought it was only the U.S. that had this problem. Edit: I finished my post before the end.. now I will answer your question at the end of the video. The laws are being manipulated because the slave-masons that serve the Muslims and Hindus (and possibly the Jews) are being told that their headmasters don't want to have any opposition when they invade your countries. Europe is big on the deformation of justice because of it. Edit #2: This is one of the oaths that Freemasons take when they are made slaves: “I do hereby, upon this Bible, and on the mysterious legend of the Koran, and its dedication to the Mohammedan faith, promise and swear and vow … that I will never reveal any secret part or portion whatsoever of the ceremonies … and now upon this sacred book, by the sincerity of a Moslem's oath I here register this irrevocable vow … in willful violation whereof may I incur the fearful penalty of having my eyeballs pierced to the center with a three-edged blade, my feet flayed and I be forced to walk the hot sands upon the sterile shores of the Red Sea until the flaming sun shall strike me with livid plague, and may Allah, the god of Arab, Moslem and Mohammedan, the god of our fathers, support me to the entire fulfillment of the same. Amen. Amen. Amen." They are completely controlled by their headmasters in every facet of life. Manipulating the laws to satisfy their masters is minor for them. Treason is minor for them... in fact, everyday normal for them.

gmpsandw : I live here in the US in one of the most gun controlled states, Massachusetts. I very nearly moved to Australia as a child and have always thought how cool that would have been. Not so much anymore after seeing this vid. I am a gun owner & carry concealed every day and can't imagine not being able to. The Australian laws are insane.

StarWarsomania : "But gun confiscation works - just look at Australia!" -Every dumb American liberal

Gary Pitt : Hey the same law's applied in Trinidad and Tobago it's what we inherited from the British these laws are design to give criminals the upper hand over law abiding citizens... It's a Satanist system put in place by UNGODLY Godly people. REMEMBER Satan want good people out of the way. One day Jesus will judge this wrong.

Cry Havoc : I am sorry that Australian's gave up their firearms to the government. Germans were also told "that if you give up your guns, we can control crime." Now that the Australian government has a monopoly on violence, I suspect that your ability to say what you want to will be controlled by "hate speech" laws. Your property rights can be taken, if say oil or diamonds are discovered under your home. You have, as a people ,no recourse. History has shown what can happen when a people are defenseless against their own leaders. THANK YOU. Because now we Americans see the true cost of disarmament. If they want our guns, they can have them only after we fire our last round downrange.

•_Lumia Art_• : Truth is politiacians don't care about the people. They have hires guns to protect them from harm the average person Not so much

Simon Kumar : I live in Fiji just next door to Australia. Over here if there is a home burglar or any other criminal who disturbs public peace we beat them up like hell and later on the police also beats them up and the beat up is so intense the criminals confess in the first court hearing and are given a good punishment.

Keith Michael : Pepper spray and stun guns are illegal?! Living in the US, most women depend on these things. This is what happens when you don't have your right to self defense written into your constitution.

PiousMinion : There are a few things I like about Australia, but the anti-gun laws and this madness mean I could never move there. That is unless, even half of the women there are anywhere near as attractive as this lady. :P

Lorraine Whitlock : Australians need to change the laws in order to protect the innocent people that are being robbed or mugged or attacked. Laws that exist now are insane

Fermin Valdivia : Glad my wife can choose between a .357 Ruger gp100 or 9mm Glock

762x35mm : Prisoners aren't allowed to own weapons. Never have been. Never will be! Prisoners aren't allowed to fight, in the defense of their life, either! The only thing prisoners are allowed to do is work! Jew, Arab and Chinese billionaires, along with the World banking mafia, are busy working, to disarm the last of our planets armed slaves and prisoners; Americans! Once Americans are finally disarmed, the world elite will be able to enforce their 60%-90% income tax slave state that has been implemented from Scandinavia to China! Right now, armed American prisoners and slaves are only paying a 35% income tax. The world elite want to change that! But, taxing the hell out of an armed population is impossible! When austerity is placed on unarmed populations, the only recourse the people have is unarmed bitching and moaning in the street. Then, the Overlords crack down on the slaves, and the protest is over! It wouldn't happen like that in America! So, Americans need to be disarmed first! Good times are ahead, folks!

Hans-Joachim ten Hoope : As a Dutch store owner with an illegal gun once said, "I'd rather go to jail for possession of an illegal firearm, then knowing that one day my wife and children have to go to a morgue to identify my corpse." We have exactly the same laws in the Netherlands, self defence seems to be forbidden by law with the same arguments.

Michael X : Move to Florida, USA sexy. Criminals are not tolerated. My favorite weapons against home invaders Glock 19 & AR15 bada bing, bada BOOM!