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david duffy : Australian's have very little freedom. We aren't even free not to vote. If we fail to vote .... we can be thrown in jail. Believe it or not I am actually telling the truth, I am not exaggerating!

Opossum Cod's : If civilians have no weapons they are easily controlled.

StarWarsomania : "But gun confiscation works - just look at Australia!" -Every dumb American liberal

bolstadbrat : This is what I love about the police making statements on the news to “take responsibility for your safety” after yet another woman was raped and murdered in Melbourne. Take responsibility.... exactly? I can’t carry a weapon, I can’t even carry pepper spray, and if I accidentally smash the bastard’s head against a lamp post, his family could charge me.... WTF kind of country do we live in?

Marshall Rapp : Wow. If I were a criminal I would move to Australia.

Solar Flare : Your laws are ridiculous. In fact your people have cero rights. So the police serve only the criminals. This is unbelievable.

logan mott : wtf why does this video have 1K dislikes she is just saying that people should be able to protect them self's

Kym Buurman : My motto is "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 "

Keith Michael : Pepper spray and stun guns are illegal?! Living in the US, most women depend on these things. This is what happens when you don't have your right to self defense written into your constitution.

Lord Monkey Boy : I thought Australia was a rough and rugged country.....for it not to see snow it sure has a lot of snowflakes.

em D : Why did the belt go to jail ? . . . Because it held up a pair of pants 👖🔫 Sorry couldn't help myself😁 In all seriousness though Ladies listen up.. your body spray/ deodorant you carry inside your bag is flammable! If you happen to be a smoker and have a lighter or just want to carry it for safety reasons, light that bad boy up in front of the spray and you have yourself a flame thrower. This is what I carry to protect myself and they can't say it's a weapon. Also when you walk somewhere suss put your car keys between your knuckles 😉 However I totally agree pepper spray and other things (law changes) would be a lot easier for protection.

Nobody Knows : Let's be honest here, in Australia all you need to do is push the attacker on the ground and the very dirt will likely kill them if they don't land on a deadly spider or snake.

Jack Lamb Keats : A pedestrian enters a army boot camp or somewhere restricted and is instantly shot someone with a gun enters your home is pointing it at your child you kill them with a frying pan you are put in jail for life why doesn't this add up

Jared Newitt : Samme in the uk, what the police here expect u to do is let an attacker kick the carp out of u and report it if ur not dead

stone tooth : Wow thats insane. Im glad i live in the united States and can choose which of my 27 guns to shoot an intruder with. Hope things change for the better for our good freinds down under.

•_Lumia Art_• : Truth is politiacians don't care about the people. They have hires guns to protect them from harm the average person Not so much

Tom Peled : Move to America.

andrew dods : The police carry a handgun, pepper spray, taser, baton, maybe carbine, maybe tactical folding knife. Why? To defend themselves and others from harm. But a person at home? Or in public who randomly grabs and uses an object to defend self or others. Noooo !!!!!!! This is completely against common law and legal precedent ... the police and courts themselves have become illegitimate with their illegal actions .... we’re stuffed :-/

A Gee : Sounds like you live in a Tyrannical Country.

raymond majer : Sounds like your Australian legislators like their British (I'm British) counterparts are actually the enemy of law abiding people. I'll wager that your senior politicians like ours have armed security to protect them, but we,ve really only got ourselves to blame, we keep voting these enemies of the people into office.

Howler Monkey : Revolution rise up now NOW Overthrow the government It's the enemy

Gary Pitt : Hey the same law's applied in Trinidad and Tobago it's what we inherited from the British these laws are design to give criminals the upper hand over law abiding citizens... It's a Satanist system put in place by UNGODLY Godly people. REMEMBER Satan want good people out of the way. One day Jesus will judge this wrong.

jake hensley : Damn, you are beautiful, that hair is awesome, you have a nice set of balls too, figuratively speaking of course.....

validate my existence : Seems like a perfectly reasonable and safe place to live

Ian McCauley : Well done Sydney, as an endangered white male, it's good to know there are intelligent women out there!!

doom64101 : We can't even walk around with a multitool because it has a small knife on it

Amy Carter : #AnarchistAmerica #AnarchistAustralia #AnarchistEarth The sooner these exist, the better. Sydney, these laws invoke the Rules of Engagement, and so by default, you and everyone else have unarguable right (and obligation) to bring the throes of damnation upon the lawmakers and law enforcers. In this case, eliminating the problem at a permanent level is acceptable. May those who are champions of Uninfringed Free Will be victorious. And Happy Yule.

Dante Moscatiello : Her: Let that sink in My brain: What does that damn sink want now?!

Bringing_It_@ll_Back_Gnome : Meanwhile our leaders have nuclear weapons...

Megis Channel : Self-defense does exist in Australia but is very limited to white European civilians to be legally used against an illegal attack(s) committed by a non-white European(s)

DannyDux 03 : Its funny how 90% of the comments are Americans 😂😂

Chef Brian Z : So you just stand there and let a creep just stab and beat you with a club? Screw that. Do like the Sicilians do. You defend yourself the best you can with what ever is around until you get the creep off you, and if he dies to bad. Then you run like hell before the cops get there. And don't turn yourself in. If someone breaks into your house you kill him and dump the body way, way from your house and bury him. And don't call the police screw them. That comes from when the Romans ruled. Maybe we need to bring them back.

Shawn : So who were the dipstick who sat down and wrote those laws without realizing their idiocy? Seriously, what're their names?

Mark Birchette : Ma'am I live in Utah, the United States of America. Even our 2nd Amendment right is constantly under attack from the Damnedocrats, Libturds etc. Fact of the matter is cops come after the fact. I am also an Army Veteran and in my State a Concealed Carry Permit holder of close to 30 years. It baffles me that anyone would be told how their allowed to the God given right to protect themselves or others. The shootings that have happened here in the U.S happened in GUN FREE zones. Except for the Texas Church shooting. A barefoot N.R.A. Instructor stopped the shooter with literally a handful of loose rounds and his AR-15. I feel bad that folk's like yourself cannot protect themselves in the quickest way they see fit. My Government may absolutely have my guns. From my Cold Dead Hands.

Luke : I've been charged for defending my self many times in Australia. Especially when I use to go to night clubs.

Fermin Valdivia : Glad my wife can choose between a .357 Ruger gp100 or 9mm Glock

Matthew Kroll : I see your thoughts on gun control ...And self defense .. And supposedly / allegedly in some countries the ban of guns helps ... I seen in one of you videos a comment that instead of guns /banning of knives also that differences are settled in harmless fisticuffs... non deadly .. well at 15 I killed a 27 year old man in a bar fight ... yes I was under aged but at nearly 6 ft I was not proofed then ( age was 18) I was approached by a girl , jealous bf stabbed me in my back and broke knife blade off .. I hit him and he fell and hit wall and floor ..broke neck and died ... I was in a juvenile prison till 18 & then 1 year in a state prison .. my parents died in a fatal car crash just a month before my release... my point I guess is any death is not good .. And having a gun or not doesn't matter .. I was with a bad group of peers at that time and was in a bad position in life ..though I was minding my own buisness .. I do not drink I'm now in my 40s married have kids and a business in construction ..I had no education after grade 10 ..@ 15 yrs old just jail .. my testament is no matter how bad things are you can with hard work get out of you situation ... I'm a USA citizen I cannot bear arms , but I support it

Pete Favelle : I think the key to the completely incorrect nature of this video is her American accent, it’s subtle but it’s there and I suspect she was in America for a large part of her youth before moving to Australia and unfortunately has been infected with America’s obsession with self defence that has of course had the opposite effect and now Americans can’t go to school, night club or the cinema without being gunned down. Self defence is alive and well in Australia, even in Victoria and in “practicality” there are countless cases where self defence has been a simple and effective defence after being charged. The video maker doesn’t even understand the role of police and the courts in the legal system. Police do not pass judgment they investigate, collect evidence and charge someone on the basis of an offence having been committed and do not have the capacity to judge if reasonable force was used in a case like a home invasion where the criminal has been assaulted. This is the courts job, the court examines the evidence determines reasonable force and goes into a case and the people much more than the police and like I said it’s literally not the polices job to judge. Meanwhile in America people are more likely to shoot their own family members than a criminal and everyone is obsessed with people getting off their property, violence is almost encouraged while in Australia the population isn’t nuts and with a universal lack of most firearms people don’t kill their neighbours because of a barking dog (happened), it works because fire arms are hard to get nation wide and Australia has a very different culture to America with regard to how they treat each other. She also fails to mention the cases where self defence has been a successful defence to murder. A case where a mother killed her estranged partner after years of abuse and in defence of her children is an example of this, it was widely publicised. Funny how she didn’t mention it.

Cry Havoc : I am sorry that Australian's gave up their firearms to the government. Germans were also told "that if you give up your guns, we can control crime." Now that the Australian government has a monopoly on violence, I suspect that your ability to say what you want to will be controlled by "hate speech" laws. Your property rights can be taken, if say oil or diamonds are discovered under your home. You have, as a people ,no recourse. History has shown what can happen when a people are defenseless against their own leaders. THANK YOU. Because now we Americans see the true cost of disarmament. If they want our guns, they can have them only after we fire our last round downrange.

Zerotech : I would disagree that Self-Defense doesn't exist in Australia, If you happen to live in Victoria you are allowed self defense to protect yourself and your neighbours whether it's your family, friends and people that needs help and I have found out the reason why. send me a PM about it and I can explain to you about it.

Rick Pryor : Self defense would exist if I was there! I refuse to obey ANY law that limits my ability to defend myself!

darnhard : take your paranoia to the usa where it fits

NinjoOnline : Can't tell if this is her general thoughts, or just satire? Defend yourself? From what!? There's things called home security hun, buying security doors, windscreens, etc. Nobody should be able to get in in the first place. And if they ever did, literally all you have to do is turn on a light and they'll flee. They aren't coming to murder you like your part of some rival gang. They want your tv, thats basically it.

Lorraine Whitlock : Australians need to change the laws in order to protect the innocent people that are being robbed or mugged or attacked. Laws that exist now are insane

Yusuf Maltese : The saying goes as better being judged by 12 then carried by six. Honestly where is the common sense in our legal system it is a natural instinct in us to defend our homes from intruders the law needs to change. Many states in America have laws on self defense maybe we should look into this and amend our law so the good people can at least protect themselves from scumbags.

hendo337 : I really feel sorry for you and every other decent person in Australia...I think we should have an open invite to any right wing, libertarian, Christian, decent Australian to become a citizen of Texas if they would like. Refugees from a dangerous, leftist, socialist, communist, globalist run fright zone with no freedoms.

80stylebaby : I think I am in love.....<3

caddy10 : I am an Australian. I was born here & have lived here for 72 years. You could buy a gun from Kmart back in the 1970's. The politicians have taken away all our weapons. We cannot protect ourselves in our own home. If we assaulted or killed an intruder in our own home the police will charge us & let the courts decide. A lot of older Australians keep a baseball bat in their home, it is the only thing we have to defend ourselves.

Ron M : Governments around the world have killed millions of their citizens over history.

shane brown : Shyt ur telling me i can rob some1 and get paid for it if i fail.