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Ron M : Governments around the world have killed millions of their citizens over history.

Marshall Rapp : Wow. If I were a criminal I would move to Australia.

Mark Birchette : Ma'am I live in Utah, the United States of America. Even our 2nd Amendment right is constantly under attack from the Damnedocrats, Libturds etc. Fact of the matter is cops come after the fact. I am also an Army Veteran and in my State a Concealed Carry Permit holder of close to 30 years. It baffles me that anyone would be told how their allowed to the God given right to protect themselves or others. The shootings that have happened here in the U.S happened in GUN FREE zones. Except for the Texas Church shooting. A barefoot N.R.A. Instructor stopped the shooter with literally a handful of loose rounds and his AR-15. I feel bad that folk's like yourself cannot protect themselves in the quickest way they see fit. My Government may absolutely have my guns. From my Cold Dead Hands.

D33Lux xx : The police and judicial system is the problem, they're the one's creating the laws to protect the criminal and punish the victims. Your taxes are paying for corrupt civil servants who don't want people protecting themselves that way they keep crime up so they can stay employed by keeping the public living in fear of criminals they won't punish. High crime = need for police.

TheMawsJawz TM : In liberal society, criminals and rapists are rewarded whilst citizens and [peasants] are punished. Who knew?

Jimmy's Tractor : It sucks that only criminals can have weapons

ryebread 07 : Everyone that's trying to use Australia as an example against certain laws in America need to watch this video because it's sad how ignorant people are to the bullshit for trying to *defend* yourself and *depend* on somebody who isn't always there.

gingercore69 : Ok, if i ever kill in self defense in australia, ill eat the criminal... If they are gonna tell me i used exesive force, i will go overkill on it to give them reasons...

ChickenCraftia : That's why it was written in the Bill of Rights that Americans have the right to bear arms. Exactly for situations like this. This is absurd. All people should have the right to defend themselves. Denying your citizens that right means that you can take the rest of their rights away too, and leaves them defenseless to the harms of the world. This world is full of dangers, and people have the right to keep themselves, others, and their property safe

Chris Knorr : If I'm ever forced into a life of crime, I'm moving to Australia!

stone tooth : Wow thats insane. Im glad i live in the united States and can choose which of my 27 guns to shoot an intruder with. Hope things change for the better for our good freinds down under.

MaximusPayne : Trust me, it's not just Australia. Something very fishy is going on in the World. I'm from Uruguay, and we pretty much have the same examples you just mentioned.

Spexxos1 : No need for Knives, Batons, Slingshots, Pistols. All you need is an MG42. MG42 is love.

Solly : Wow Australian laws sound crazy, you should come to America. We’d love to have you 🙂 🇦🇺 🇺🇸

Haz A : The reason these kind of bullshit laws started in Australia, was to stop the population from being able to form any kind of militia or army in order to fight against the crown for Australian independence. I guess the English learned there lesson in the America’s and did not want the same thing happening in Australia. Which in tern has led to these crap laws which mean I have to leave my home if there is an intruder rather than sort him out myself.

Lorraine Whitlock : Australians need to change the laws in order to protect the innocent people that are being robbed or mugged or attacked. Laws that exist now are insane

Steven Bass : God Bless the United States Constitution and the 2nd Amendment!!!!!

idonotmakevidsyet : First of all these cases are cherry picked. Second of all do you really believe it is ok to break the skull of a teen who made a mistake and then leave them be on a death bed with no money to pay the bills? And lastly these are rare and if you know where to avoid these occurences, then its really fine to live out your life. _seems like this video was just for attention its really not bad at all_

David G : Sorry but if someone is trying to harm me, I will fight back. Here in the USA, we can within reason. Australia needs to realize that CRIMINALS DON'T FOLLOW LAWS.

Alex Waldron : I know a homeless bloke who was sleeping one night only to be woken up by someone trying to steal his shit, so he grabs the knife under his pillow, there's a bit of a struggle and he ends up jabbing the dude in the gut and killing him. He went to court and his case was completely thrown out on the grounds that it all happened while his brain was still waking up. Apparently you can't be held legally responsible for your actions within the first 30 seconds of waking up under stressful circumstances such as that

V Star 1300 Adventures : The case where a father snapped a guys neck that was looking to harm his family I would submit he used proportional force. Many criminals don't want to leave witnesses behind. You would have to determine their intent then in order to apply reasonable force. Not ever possible during the commission of the crime.

ED Elliott : That's an easy question to answer ! The Australian government was afraid of the people . Governments prefer the people to be afraid of the government so they can obtain total power . Once again ! All governments will turn on the people . All government is organized crime authorized by the people and then government takes the power of authorizing away from the people so they will remain in power . It's good to be government !

Noevilea : Yeah we had a guy in Perth, WA get broken into a few years back and the intruder actually fell over a table then broke his leg and the person who`s house he broke into was the one that got sued then had to pay damages to the intruder. This world is going to the dogs *really FAST*

ScoutsOut! : I can't hear anything past her beauty

Joaquin Lance : The Australian courts are very reasonable when deciding what is considered excessive force. If you defend yourself and render the attacker unconscious and stop hitting him, it's usually considered reasonable force. If you knock the attacker out and continue striking out of anger or to dish out your own justice then that is considered excessive force. The best self defence is to run away as fast as you can, if that option is taken away from you then strike and defend yourself enough to start running away again as fast as you can. If you're physically unable to run or defend yourself because you are drunk, weak or old and frail then never walk alone at night. The best defence is not being there. Weapons won't help unless you train with them daily and know what to do when your attacker takes the weapon off you. Australia doesn't need or want guns

Cry Havoc : I am sorry that Australian's gave up their firearms to the government. Germans were also told "that if you give up your guns, we can control crime." Now that the Australian government has a monopoly on violence, I suspect that your ability to say what you want to will be controlled by "hate speech" laws. Your property rights can be taken, if say oil or diamonds are discovered under your home. You have, as a people ,no recourse. History has shown what can happen when a people are defenseless against their own leaders. THANK YOU. Because now we Americans see the true cost of disarmament. If they want our guns, they can have them only after we fire our last round downrange.

Chris Norton : Move over here, buy all the guns you want, join the NRA and vote conservative. We'd love to have you! Bring the whole family!

Tommy Gun : You're welcomed to move to Texas, USA! We have a "Stand your ground law" which permits you to use lethal force (with a gun too) when threatened with bodily harm or theft of property.

Notso Nonamos : Definitely won't be visiting Australia. I live 2 hours south of Chicago and won't visit. I have a conceal carry license and Chicago is gun free but has one of the highest gun violence rates in the world.

paul cooper : Im from australia to it always has been the home of the crim australia is going down hill it makes you wonder about police corruption here.

raymond majer : Sounds like your Australian legislators like their British (I'm British) counterparts are actually the enemy of law abiding people. I'll wager that your senior politicians like ours have armed security to protect them, but we,ve really only got ourselves to blame, we keep voting these enemies of the people into office.

Nor Dic : ha har hady har ha. You are permitted to use reasonable force to defend your self, in every state in Australia. Stop spreading bs.

texaskidzuk : Move to Texas and live free. Problem solved. :)

funsky : Your thinking is flawed. You say "criminals by definition break laws and carry weapons." And then suggested that proscribing dis-proportionate forms of self-defence is a form of penalty to law abiding citizens. It's flawed because law abiding citizens wouldn't lower themselves to conduct that is becoming of a criminal. Another way of seeing this is in capital punishment. Your logic would suggest that murderers should be killed because they, by definition, kill people. Enough said?

WiseGuy02 : I'm sorry Victoria has turned into Australia's sanctuary state. The rest of us aren't far behind unfortunately.

Xerdar36 : Can you hire a personal bodyguard?

Magimo : 1. Crime is not on the rise in Victoria it has been steadily going down 2. Most of the people in this statistic aren't armed just the news exaggerates the stories when they are 3. There have been 1,624 mass shootings in 1,870 days in the US in Australia though in the last 20 years there hasn't been a single mass shooting or school shooting If people are going to break into your home it is far better for you and your family if they are throwing punches rather than bullets and in places like America, the sad truth is that I could get my hands on a gun and shoot somebody who didn't agree with me, luckily in Australia you can't. Also 462A. 5:14 was later repealed for being ambiguous and now far more comprehensive laws are in place. what I'm trying to say is that people aren't in 99% of cases armed so to make them be able to get there hands on lethal weapons makes Victoria a less safe place. (Edit) It has now been brought to my attention by 'Nacho' that an equal amount of people use guns defensively as offensively each year. Link to study used ->

JustKeith : Have you compared the murder rates? I didn't think so...

moyga : Most people in Australia are happy our country isn't drowning in an ocean of guns. I would feel far more on edge walking around in America than in Australia knowing that people have guns. I wouldn't want Australia to become like America. At least we don't have mass school shootings every other day.

Kevin Roberts : I always wanted to go to Australia, but not so much anymore after listening to you. Where I live we have castle doctrine, if someone breaks into my house I can use deadly force against them. My friend was in Texas and they told a cop that someone was trying to break into their vehicle at the motel. The officer said well he's not here now you should have just shot him cuz we don't put up with that kind of stuff around here. Australia sounds like crazy California, no thanks

dreadernightkiller : Canada has the same law and we get along just fine.

123willy1000 : Well dear i guess chopping weeds with a Machete is out !!!! i do agree with you, i my self have told and shown women where the pressure points are on men here in the USA just in case their in a abusive relationship and how and what to do, it sounds like you need to do a lot of homework on those laws and maybe draft a few of your own to get the ball rolling, its going to be an up hill battle, i will not lie to you, but i feel in the end it will be well worth it dear.... the best of luck to you and i for one, will be rooting for you !!!! take care.....

Al Castill : So a continent meant for convicts does not want their people to defend themselves?

idonotmakevidsyet : By shooting a criminal via self defense, you effectively just took the life of someone regardless if they were good or not. I mean who tf cares about the lives of criminals right? Right? Tell me

WORDENVISION 420 : Lived in Melbourne 2000 where I was charged with concealing a firearm. A plastic cap gun with orange tip in the boot of my car. I was put on the terrorist watch list for 12 months for purchasing 80 pound pistol crossbow online. 2 months before hand I purchased a 175 pound crossbow from Westfield Marion. Which is perfectly legal. Did 2 months in maximum security for speeding fines, which I converted into community service which i failed to complete in time. That’s basically the time I decided to fight the real terrorists. And I’ve been fighting the Australian government ever since. They made me a criminal. And for that I thank them for waking me up.

Rick Edwards : The Australian government does not care about protecting its citizens when the citizens are weak and victims they need the government more that's the equation you must be put in a situation of victimization so they can grow the government for you and protect you.

POStOLFRONT : These politicians live in a fairy tale world!!

David Mccully : It only effects law abiding people ......criminals will always have any and all wepons and obviously ther criminals and don't care about law or being a good citizen

Bryce Harper : With all due respect, you actually produced an absolute word salad, distorted every piece of legislation you presented, and generally had no clue what you were talking about. There is literally not enough room in this comment section to correct you. But let's start with your premise, "crime is on the rise" Literally every stat says otherwise.

Croatian Warmaster : People who passed these laws should be tortured.