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Great Random Music : I'm so sorry Michael..... Never forgetting the legend.... 🙏😔😭

ALI gaming : F the 12k dislike's Why I love him He was so funny But now 1 Like 1 prayer for the angry grandpa 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😟😟

Teresa C : 9 months later and I'm still sad 😩😩😩

Bradz 12 : Dislikes!!! Why? The legend of YouTube is gone but not forgotten 😭😔🙏

HarryCarterVlogs : R.I.P Angry Grandpa still thinking about Also the 12k people who disliked this hasn’t got a heart

Caleb Kasper : He wasn’t just a legend, he was a Grandpa to many. (Over 3 Million youngins)

KennyTheKing : 10 months later still watching. So sad

DRS The_TNT : Everything has to die.... *even the legends...*

Aliabdel101 : 12k dislikes from people that have no souls

Riley Neumann : Yo whoever disliked this video is a piece of garbage. RIP Angry Grandpa.

That Guy : I absolutely hate clickbait. But I wish this was clickbait😭

Subscribe to me plz : Anyone else cry from this? Like I haven’t been touched by any video hardly ever in my life. But this hit me really hard

Michael/Krista Reed : He shaped the internet. He looks like he’s a mean person but he has the biggest heart ever. And he had some great, generous kids

Who Kan Kaplan : Hey I know how it feels I lost my dad about 1 year ago and I’m only 13

Underpantswher : He is in heaven driving his 55 bel air right now. Never forget he will always be with you. 😢

Thee Greg : Won't lie, I haven't watched in a while but when I heard that Angry Gandpa passed away I had to come pay my respects. That's crazy bro, rest in peace to that legend!

Bradley Mamba : A lot of people still say bad things about grandpa even after he has passed. I remember in all of 2017 while grandpa was making less vids people were saying “we went old grandpa” and stuff. Saying that the videos sucked. Got me sad when he passed. Still makes me sad today. What people don’t know about grandpa is he had a tough childhood, his dad got paralyzed when he was 10. He got bullied in school. Served in Vietnam and so much more. Grandpas had so much bumps in his life before YouTube it’s just very heartwarming

Kirito_ 1708 : Im sorry the grandpa of the leggend😭😭😭😭😭😭

ACgaming : Still doesn’t feel right 😔💔💐

Owen Shelley : Still rough to watch :(

CypherDen : Rest in Peace AGP! Thanks for making us laugh through the years. <3

Chiwawah AJ : My birthday is on October 16th, same as Angry Grandpa, I lost my dad in 2014 because he had a heart attack. My dads birthday is on October 17th. Rip Angry Grandpa 🙏 Steve Huff did a spirit session with him.

Yavelta Kong : R.I.P agro granpapy for u shall always be remembered in our hearts😔➕

Legendary Toasty : Rest in peace :(

BUllerPRo Fl4sh3r : This grandpa was a... LEGEND. This video...this UNFORTUNATE video...made more than 4 million people cry... R.I.P.😇😇😢😢

xSplayd : Truly heartbreaking. Really sorry for your loss man, he was like a grandpa I never had. RIP

Wings of Freedom Dude : RIP Angry Grandpa we will miss you. King of YouTube

Hayden leblanc : So sorry we will miss you see you soon always will rember you

TheInkQuinster Of lives : A legend has Past away He will never ever be forgotten Im sorry Bro Hopefully a sign from grandpa will show that he's still there for u I love you bro u we're my 3rd favourite channel now your my 1st because a special person is gone We all love you We fans love you bro prayers for you 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤😘😘😘

MELANIE BUTTENBUSCH : I remember watching this and I just broke down crying, angry grandpa was an inspiration to me and made me laugh. Thanks AGP for all the laughs. RIP AGP!!!😭❤

Flaxo : Nobody's gonna make fun of you for crying, what you're going through is a very unfortunate thing that nobody deserves to go through. R.I.P. Angrygrandpa, we'll never forget him.

Christian Cameron : Maybe the dislikes arent dislikes on the videos, but dislikes about the fact the angry grandpa is gone! Stay positive!

Purjo The Leek : Rest in peace agp. You will never be forgotten.

Rapix War Robots ITA : RIP!!! Thanks for all!!! (from italy)

Aramis C : Damn It's been 10 months without grandpa 👴i have been a fan sence 2013 i wish i could hear him say one last thing even if it was big orange belly wash thank you for all the entertainment R.I.P "Angry Grandpa" Charles Marvin Green the the myth the world greatest farter angry grandpa

Gizem : :'( rest in peace grandpa! We all love you ❤

Gaming Fun : rest in anger angry grandpa

Iván Rivera : Rest and peace angry grandpa I will never forget you😭😭😭😔😔😔

Sam Goldswain : R.I.P grandpa you are a legend that know one will forget you are beyond a legend r.i.p i have been watching angry grandpa ever since 2014 (4 to 5 years) you are a legend love u #legend

Invader2036 Awsome : I also just found out this Oct 1 2018



TPD Bass : Why would people dislike?

Kristinchandlervlogs : RIP AGP A legend never forgotten❤️ forever a youngin I will miss you agp thanks for everything. We all love you grandpa Rest In Peace

The Beaner : people who disliked this video are stupid

Sai Sravan : This is the only video i wished was a clickbait

YB_NATION : I'm so sorry Michael when you said that I just started crying I'm so sorry nothing is going wright without grandpa 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

Engineer123 : We will never make fun of you for crying i was too.

Cooper Jones : Rest in Piece Grandpa we all love you your in paradise now❤️

A sAvAge bOi : You lost a loved one!!! He matters much, let ur emotion out!!