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Great Random Music : I'm so sorry Michael..... Never forgetting the legend.... 🙏😔😭

Im Wo0z : 2019 😣

Chase Jones : I can't believe it's been 1 year. Rest In Peace, Angry Grandpa. Wow 100 likes. thanks!

F. B. I : Legends never die m8s Edit: F to pay respects we miss you

Hubert Quan : I cried:( im a big fan of the angry grandpa show

CypherDen : Rest in Peace AGP! Thanks for making us laugh through the years. <3

Angel XXX : 2019 and we all still love you and will never forget you. ❤️

Dominic Metoyer : R.I.P Angry Grandpa. You will be forever missed, but NEVER, EVER forgotten (1950-2017)

Name Not Found : Even though I’ve never met Angry Grandpa in person, I feel like I knew him because I watched him for a long time and it saddens me that he is gone. I sure hope he is resting in peace.

Luca Galipo : 0:04 it sounds like she said get yo a$$ here

That Guy : I absolutely hate clickbait. But I wish this was clickbait😭

master obi wan2 : He will never be forgotten

cool dragon king : You have made him proud son

Chris P Bacon : Legends never forgets R.I.P Angry grandpa

Hunter Padgett : Real men cry

xSplayd : Truly heartbreaking. Really sorry for your loss man, he was like a grandpa I never had. RIP


MeLaM - Roblox & More : nah ur lying.. i hope so..

Jman Tube : This happened a long time ago and I'm still overloaded with saddness about this. I hope your okay Michael and Bridget ❤

Gerardo Cortez : It’s been a year without him and I can’t stand not to hear his voice screaming at Michael we miss you angry grandpa when I got bored I hoped on you tube to try and see if y’all dropped a new video but then I saw this and took me an hour to think if I should watch but eventually did and regretted it because it was something I never wanted to hear RIP AngryGrandpa you will be a forever legend on the YouTube play form and I never got a chance to meet you but if I did I will worship that moment we will miss you 😭😪

Caleb Kasper : He wasn’t just a legend, he was a Grandpa to many. (Over 3 Million youngins)

Maximillian Wolfe : Why is this now showing up in my reccomended

Satisfying vids : A long time and i am still extremly heart broken🧡🧡🧡

sexy dan : How can people dislike this

andrew goose spears : I am so sorry he will be loving you

Flaxo : Nobody's gonna make fun of you for crying, what you're going through is a very unfortunate thing that nobody deserves to go through. R.I.P. Angrygrandpa, we'll never forget him.

Tyler Gnany : I’m still crying

KangaTUBE : I am so sad... RIP sir grandpa...

Pogromca Tf'a Gaming : 2019?

Ngakau Amos Te Ngaio : RIP angry grandpa sorry about that was a sad day for you

Thee Greg : Won't lie, I haven't watched in a while but when I heard that Angry Gandpa passed away I had to come pay my respects. That's crazy bro, rest in peace to that legend!

ruby mora : I lost my grandpa earlier this month. I loved him to death. I know how you feel and I am very sorry about your lost. A similar thing to my grandpa happened to. He was good and acted like he never had cancer and I thought he was cured of cancer but out of nowhere he didn’t feel good so my mom had to take him to the hospital while I was home, but the next day when she came back, she told me the news that we lost him. I miss him everyday and can’t think of him without crying. I know how you feel. I hope you feel better. May angry grandpa Rest In Peace and he will always be there. I feel really bad for you about your loss. Rip AngryGrandpa

Chris P Bacon : Every body prey 👏🏻

Michelle G : One year later! AGP U WILL ALWATS BE LOVED !!!

AzzErz Z 420 : My grandpa passed away yesterday and i can’t explain how hard it feels. He meant so much to me and was a huge part of me and my childhood. I saw him every Sunday and I looked forward to it he was my best friend as well. I was so happy I gave him a huge hug yesterday. I love you papa and RIP Charles green and hope everything gets better. Hug your family and spend the most time as you can with them

Sai Sravan : This is the only video i wished was a clickbait

Callum Harman : His heart is in your soul filled with joy and love and don't let people say you can't do anything what you want to do r.i.p ledgend

Samire Games : Angry Grandpa we miss you.. thanks for making us laugh.... goodbye😢

Assassin Craig : This vid made me cry for a full year Our legend will never be forgotten even if the internet is gone 😞😔☹🙁😩

Kian Hill : Michael I'm so sorry rip rest in peace I wish he didn't have cancer because I loved your vidious after this vid I started crying but I tried to keep it in but I couldn't but it's just sooooooooo sad😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😘😘😘😘😘😘😷😷😷😷😷😷 I'm so sorry I also feel bad for u doing vids like this when u did all these vids because he got really pissed opcoz u did all these pranks they were pretty funny but now I fell bad don't wry he will be looking down and saying Michael I love u . And hopefully u keep doing vids like this because everyone loves your vids and granpa to everyone loved him hopefully he doing good up there looking down on u I will pray for him all night like a God coz he is I love him soooooo much😙😙😙😙😙😙❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💚💚 with all my heart love from kian your best fan

MysticUmbreon : R.I.P Angry Grandpa, you're a legend to all of us YouTubers and fans. Thanks for making my little brother laugh when he was depressed and going through his bad phase. Good luck Michael and family my condolences to all of you. Grandpa will be in our hearts.

Jan Rand Jandusay : Cause of death: too much pranks

TNguyen12 : Die so young

aleexdmn : Rest in peace :(

theshow64 theshow64 : Riposa in pace

JoeysWorldTour : Rest in Peace 😔

Twiztid Jester : I may have only recently discovered your channel and videos, but they gave me some of the funniest moments I've ever laughed at. I know it was hard losing him and no doubt still is, but I know that he's watching you and he's definitely proud of you. And you'll definitely see him again one day. The quote "Heroes get remembered, but legends never die" seems more than appropriate here, because he was your hero, and thanks to you, he became our legend. #RIPAngryGrandpa

Marci Y : I know how you feel last year I lost 10 people in my family last year R.I.P angry Grandpa

Octopushackre45 : I'm sorry that you lost your dad I will pray for him every day godbless r.i.p The legend AGP. T_T

Shaniya Wiggins : I just wanna say I pray for y'all this was the best 10 years of my life watching y'all I've been watching y'all since I was toddler😖 and it pains and kills me inside to know he is gone😭😭😭😭😭And no,no one on this channel should judge y'all but if they do I'm sorry but god they should go to hell I MISS YOU SO MUCH GRANDPA YOUR MY YOUTUBE LIGHT😭😭😭😭☹️☹️☹️😭😭😖😖😖😖😖I LOVE YOU💜💜💜 Like if you love and miss grandpa💜 and you will get blessed all your life here's one like for me and my fam💜