Neil Young - My my, hey hey (Out of the blue)

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Diego Crusius : in the very early 2000's there was absolutely no internet where I lived. Then this song played in the radio and I've got desperate to hear it again. I went to all local CD stores looking for it. I didnt know it was Neil Young. I cannot describe the satisfaction Ive felt when the correct song started playing on the earphones on the store. I was more than pleasure it was a relief.

Jordan Richardson : i think that harmonica has made me pregnant, and i'm a 22.yo male

Linda : My grandpa showed me this song and told me to listen to what Neil said. "Out of the blue and into the black. They give you this but you pay for that." He told me that that line was the most truthful thing I would ever hear. Every time I listen to this song, I think of him.

Clue Vios : My my, hey hey Rock and roll is here to stay It's better to burn out Than to fade away My my, hey hey. Out of the blue and into the black They give you this, but you pay for that And once you're gone, you can never come back When you're out of the blue and into the black. The king is gone but he's not forgotten This is the story of a Johnny Rotten It's better to burn out than it is to rust The king is gone but he's not forgotten. Hey hey, my my Rock and roll can never die There's more to the picture Than meets the eye. Hey hey, my my.

Ummagumarios : This song reminds me of Kurt Cobain because in his suicidal note he wrote the famous phrase, '' It's better to burn out than to fade away''.

Vitor Pacheco : how can someone dislike this song

Claymore0585 : i hope neil young never dies, no-one can ever fill his shoes.

Cristiano M. Santos : "The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea." Vladimir Nabokov

Das Goravani : Sat on my seat on airplane, guy next to me, talk, tell him, i like Neil, at one point, and he says, Oh, I'm his son's care taker.

ironguts kelly 4077 : Sitting on my back porch,,, joint in hand,,, livin,,,

Matthias : Ein Mann, eine Gitarre und eine Mundharmonika... sein Sound ist absolut unverkennlich.

fjon : I don't Know, but this makes me really sad ._.

Fylo Higginson : Such a good version. It's cool to think this is the last song Kurt Cobain had in his mind...

VTM : Wish I'd burned out. Instead I'm old and I've got cancer. Those whom the gods love, die young.

whitetshirtla : John Teller

Haskanawa72 : Kurt Cobain was so totally absorbed by his own being he forgot that there was an entire universe outside of him........not too bright.

Reuben Claridge : it's better to burn out than to fade away.

joe leoni : Chilling.

ironguts kelly 4077 : Ice cold beer,,, joint in hand,,, living,,, Rock& Roll,,, oHHH so good'"'"

Desiree Savala : they give you this but you pay for that

ofenblase : Happy birthday my old friend. I know you 40 years. Rock and Roll can´t never die!

Thea Andersson : this may be the best and most beautiful song thats ever been made,, talk about real music

Geo T : I never would have associated this with surfing, though it's an interesting backdrop. How they avoid being killed by their own boards is a mystery.

Hugo Stare : It`s better to burn out, than fade away. Never forgotten that line...

Tatiana Karpoff : Funny how a good deal of my all time fave songs are from Neil...My My Hey Hey...Heart of Gold...Cortez the Killer...nuff said! Legend

White Tigress : I miss you, "Honduras." You wanted me to call you that and not my name for you, my beloved "Hen." I dreamed of you in the months after you passed. We were in the driveway of your mother's oddly modified Victorian home -- just off the park. You were working on a sports car -- back in those days in our socioeconomic profile it would have been a 280-Z probably. You told me to stop thinking about you because you couldn't finish the car work and move on. I hope to spend time with you again to catch up. I ended up marrying someone very like you.

Bence Borbás : I bet this is Eddie Vedder's favourite video on youtube =D

Angie Stonerock : Dying of epilepsy, no meds working properly, and nobody wanting me since or after my brain surgery...

lalu pato : Wow..... true father of grunge....sitll Young

Georgios Heidenfelder : one of the best songs of all time, if you got the time check out my cover and tell me what you think :)

Blues Rain : My my, hey hey (Out of the blue)!!Awesomeeeee!!💕

Joan Adrover : this is not the story of johnny rotten

robert christensen : Video reminds me of the North Shore with the burnt out cars in the parking lot and the watermen who lived to ride the waves...if you ever needed a reason to go full screen ..this is it.

OceanBushWarrior 2101 : Combined my two favourite things. Bravo!

Lau Saili : I could watch and listen to this over and over for the rest of my days

Nancy M : I will take burn out anytime over fadin' away!!!! PEACE

Edesso Rosso : Sons anyone?

Aparihasi Chandra : This Song is featured in the 1980 Movie "Out of the Blue" by Dennis Hopper, a Movie about a disfunctional family during the punk era.

BearWindAppleyard : this is the real version, that other heavy one sucks ass

Arianna Casper : E non riesco a dimenticarti

Bryan Hilton : while you are still alive dont forget to live. if you do then you're already dead. life isnt work. dont let the years slip by

shesaid destroy : this video works incredibly good with the song.

Led Mor : . Dois Jovens Contos de Um Velho Surfista . 1. O quadro negro virava uma onda de uns dois metros e nele eu aprendia a vontade de voltar pra casa. Reprovei pela vontade. (Eu tenho que escrever sobre minhas ausências frequentes enquanto eu queria mais era surfar.)  Numa dessas coisas de “responder chamada”, vi um pássaro chegar à janela da escola que de onde eu estava via. Fiquei reprovado mais pelo pássaro do que por minhas notas. O pássaro era só um bicho comum com asas. Eu era só um bicho comum querendo tê-las. 2. Um dia todo surfista irá completar manobras em um colchão encostado no sofá, verá meio metrinho bem servido, completará um radical com o que resta da velha graça nas ondas e, depois de surfar, dormirá uma quilometragem enorme – desde que ele mesmo a tenha começado – no mesmo colchão onde a noite já se deitou. Nada se compara a um leque de água arrancado numa crista de onda, um bom radical no lip mesmo em boa foto ou filme não revela o ângulo que você tem do mar. Coisas assim acontecem no trânsito, na demência e na vantagem. Criamos chaves para ligar, louça para lavar, ídolos e permanentes. Nada disso é tão, assim, pertinente... Toda a robustez de nossa História não impulsiona a ondulação que leva até aquele colchão encostado no sofá, e é melhor estar surfando do que permanecendo. por Leandro Moreira.                                                                             Para meu filho na praia.

Aniseto Matuz : "they give you this BUT you paid for that"

Bry bry E : Glad to see "our generation" is still listening to Neil Young. He's incredible. I still listen to him while snowboarding. For some reason the music flows with boardsports. (At least in my opinion) 

david merin : ride for your life !

AeroDoe : That's Teahupo'o, Tahiti, non?

XPolarisXx : it's better to burn out than to fade away. R.I.P. Kurt

SuperIDP : The best version, right here.

Jessy Mckinsey : 13 reasons why 🖤💔🙌