The Encounter (VR Preview)
I turned Close Encounters of the Third Kind into a VR game Heres a preview

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Using Unreal Engine, I lovingly recreated Close Encounters of the Third Kind into an immersive VR experience.


AdonisJones : This means something. This is important.

djdeiter : ah my 1st favorite scene from my 2nd favorite movie

Orkel2 : I remember an experience like this made for either the DK1 or DK2 years back. Was probably by a different developer. I don't think copyright counts stuff like this though? If you release it for free wouldn't it just be a fan art thing?

Ben S. : I liked the big dipper transition. Nicely done!

Thomas Riegsecker : I need this. Are you going to release this? You need any help developing it?

Ten Tron : ...but can I make a mountain out of mashed potatoes?