Is Jesus Christ Manipulating Us?

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Jesus Christ of fiverr aka SoCalChrist got a lot of popularity when he was banned from fiverr and pewdiepie helped him out. Recently, Jesus Christ has asked for money to help with his custody battle because he states he left a cult. The reality is that he left mormon religion. Although they have the book of mormon and promote the idea of Joseph Smith, this does not mean Jesus Christ was in a cult. Subscribe to Crimson Studios: Support Jesus: Rewire Your Anger is now available!: Become a Patron for exclusive content and perks!: Try the Calm meditation app: Join The Rewired Soul Discord: Join my mailing list for mental health motivation: Become a #rewiredsouldier and join the new Facebook mental health support group: The Rewired Soul Merch: Patreon Links: Erin M: LGBTQ Resource List: Yung Noddle Arm: These Four Walls: MightyLove's Corner: 💪⚡ TRY ONLINE COUNSELING: Please make 2019 the year you change your life. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction or any other mental illness consider online counseling with a licensed professional at BetterHelp. It’s far cheaper and more convenient than in-person counseling. Believe me, you are worth it. 💪⚡ TRY ONLINE COUNSELING: This is an affordable online therapy website where you can choose what therapist you talk to depending on your problems. It's unlike any other therapy as YOU can decide what time you have your sessions, how you have them, where you have them and it's more affordable than your typical therapist! By using this referral link, you support the channel! ___ Follow me on social media: @TheRewiredSoul on Twitter and Instagram Pick up a copy of my book about overcoming mental illness here: Check out my blog here: The Rewired Soul is an online service helping those dealing with issues of the mind. Chris and his mother Dr. Carrie Randazzo offer courses as well as individual sessions. Visit us at

Comments from Youtube

Julie Cornewell : So after watching this video and sitting with it for awhile I realized you kind of ticked me off. Now I love your videos and watch everyday but I disagree strongly with what you said. You are someone in the mental health industry so you would know all about invalidation. I have BPD myself so maybe this is where this is coming from. I feel like you completely invalidated Jesus Christ's experience within this religion without even knowing the full backstory. Maybe HIS family did treat Mormonism like a cult. Just because you don't feel it's a cult doesn't mean someone else doesn't think differently. You don't know their experiences. Worst of all you didn't even wait to hear his experience first before deciding it wasn't a cult. Isn't that black and white thinking? You said he has a Q & A coming. And as others have pointed out you even misunderstood what he actually said. He said "Some people would call it a cult." He never said it is a cult. I'm a total stan so I feel bad saying all this but I need to be honest.

Gabby E : I think if you knew the darker side of this religion you would agree it’s like a cult. He also knows more about it because he lived it.

Sage Dill : technically he did not call it a cult he said that some people would say it is a cult..

Inbaeda : A lot of people consider organized religion as cults, especially Mormonism. There are plenty of videos that refer Mormonism and other religions as cults, and how people have suffered through them. There are specific organizations within religions that are very much cults, and I don't think SoCalChrist meant anything else by it or was exaggerating or stretching the truth. "When Jesus Christ is calling the Mormon Religion a cult..." He didn't say that, he was talking about his specific organization in Mormonism that 'some would consider a cult', not the WHOLE religion either. There are enough cults that are mentally manipulative enough where most people can have access to the outside world and not be shaken from their rooted beliefs, and its easier to manipulate children also. People who think cults are only some random groups in the middle of the forest separated from society, need to know that not all cults are like that at all. Not all Mormons will have the same experience, because not all Mormons will be involved in the same kinds of organizations.

Emily : As a child from a family that was a part of a very strict Christian sect, I feel for this guy. When my family left we had to cut so many people out of our life. And the community protects the community, it felt like everyone around us hated us. It eventually led to legal battles. Crazy shit.

Laura Kratovil : My 7 year old son thinks you’re Bowser (from Super Mario lol). He isn’t watching, he can just hear your voice.

Nicole Fitzgerald : I just wanted to point out that he said "some people call it a cult." I don't think he put enough thought in to breaking down what he said tbh.

Rachel Day : I wouldn't say "All LDS churches aren't cults" just like most people would say "Christianity isn't a cult" I really think it depends on the specific church you're talking about. I'm ex-Christian and I would say I grew up in a cult. I wasn't in an isolated compound, however, my parents were encouraged by the church to micromanage LITERALLY EVERYTHING about my life. I was severely punished if I had non-christian friends, or if I did anything even REMOTELY "ungodly." I was only allowed to go to 3 places: home, church, and my religious school. It was a highly manipulative and abusive environment and the church my family went to wanted it that way. A lot of people don't believe I was in a cult because "Christianity can't be a cult" but it definitely can be

Dr. Alto Clef : Dont hate ya man but imma say it too soon my man too soon. I feel you should have waited and aired out the situation till more information is let out.

Mandii Made : I can't stop laughing when you said I'm not try to expose Jesus Christ

Katarzyna Piorunek : 'And Jesus Christ became an atheist' I'm dead 😂😂

Paul & Robin Stowell : I will say that I respect your opinion and the following is just my opinion. You can not just assume because it's an LDS sect that it's not damaging. I've been involved in a very cult like "mainstream" church as well as a church that actually burned books. Some organized religions really go overboard and If you are not personally involved in the church that Jesus is speaking about you would honestly have no idea. You cant just assume that every "church" in a denomination is the same.

Cleodora : “Jesus Christ became atheist” 😹😹😹😹

Kitty Jenvieve : Its a cult. Period. They molest children and cut people off from there families. IT. IS. A. CULT.

Haylee Rose : When I heard him say "some people may call it a cult" part of me just knew he was talking about mormonism. As an exmormon myself, I can't help but to feel for him. The situation varies for people who fall away, but for some people it can have devastating consequences. Some people see you as a follower of Satan, and with his particular case saying he's Jesus Christ it would be even more horrible in their minds. He's going to have a long and difficult battle if he wants to continue to be able to see his kids. I know there are so many good mormons out there, and a majority of them mean well, but the relationships that it has damaged or stifled in my life makes it hard for me to see it in a positive light. I live in the very epicenter of the mormon community and it can be very isolating. I wish him the best. I'm still trying to heal the scars of shame that the mormon church has left me.

v : Hey Chris, big fan here even though I don't usually comment but Jesus said in his video that "some people called it a cult", he never said it was a cult himself so I am unsure how to feel about your video.

Elena Hyland : I live in Utah. The Mormon country. I understand everyone has freedom of religion, but mormonism and their practices hurt many people. Their choices have hurt me and my family personally. No, they aren’t technically a cult. But god damn, brainwashing mormon mothers to think they’ll be damned in hell if they don’t enforce it on their children. My best friend in junior high school had extremely religious parents that tried to convert me. I will always have respect for all religions, but personally I have huge problems.

Britton Needs T : I personally ignored the cult part. I felt more emotional about the fact that he was going to lose his kids. I think it’s good to know this information though! People get really emotional when it comes to religion because it’s such a big part of your life. I don’t think he what he did was intentional, but we never know and all I can do is hope it wasn’t.

Sara Katherine : It took me a second to realize the title didn’t mean the actual Jesus Christ.... (never heard of this guy before)

Melissa Hinckley : I’d love to hear your take on Scientology!

Skyler Sandlin : You're using the term "cult" as most Americans see it. The typical image is of a group living on a compound with a single spiritual leader that controls EVERY aspect of the followers lives, suicide pacts, ect. This is an extreme cult, BUT the academic definition of a cult is much looser. When looking at Fundamental Mormons under an academic lens the LDS church is *extremely* close to, if not is, a cult. So of course the LDS church isn't the traditional extreme view of a cult, but fundamentalist (so most certainly not all Mormons) are a cult (just barely) by academic standards. From everything I've seen, these kids are being raised in a fundamentalist chapter of the church of LDS. In my opinion, this can be very damaging to the mental health of these children, especially girls due to the culture of shame and modesty (I believe Jesus Christ's kids are all boys though?).

CuriousRabbit Media : I have to object to this, because I feel there's a large misunderstanding of how cult-ish certain fundamentalist churches are. There are different degrees to cults, and certain churches WITHIN a fundamentalist branch of a larger organized religion can still run as a cult. Many times the people that run the church also have some position of power within their community/town and could potentially ruin someone's life if they decided to leave & question the churches authority. It's a very blurred line, and I don't think he even tried to vehemently say he left a cult in his video. He simply said it was highly controlled, and SOME people would say it is a cult. There's a large amount of people that go to churches like this, and although they have the "freedom to leave" which makes it seem not cult-ish, the psychological effects can be long lasting and are often overlooked because the community isn't traditionally labelled as a "cult"

Sugoihime : I think you should have waited a little for this video, until the situation was resolved. The court might use your video against him in his hearings 🤔 Regarding your video, it's your opinion, but you dont really know how families operate behind close doors and how they treat their religion. Maybe it's not a cult per se, but it is an organized religion and they might have had some control over his psyche and not his body like other traditional cults 🤔

Gale Evergreen : The BITE model even determines the Mormon faith to be a cult. The reason why something is considered a cult is the way it attempts to control information and the lives of those who are involved with the religion. The way the Mormon faith tries to take over your life and the way it distances you from those outside of the fate (not necessarily physically but mentally with an other mentality) is damaging. Mormonism is simply a cult, acting as though it might not be because it’s a sector of Christianity/well known is silly. Individual Mormons obviously don’t have to be corrupted weirdos btw, there are good Mormons just like there are good Atheists, Christians, Muslims, etc etc. But the way they attempt to control information and distance themselves from outsiders is cult behavior, not ‘cult-like behavior.’ Also, you can’t use individual examples of good situations to generalize and say all Mormon groups are not cults. Some individual groups can be more radicalized than others. Their love-bombing behavior is a form of manipulation to try to get new people into the church. The individual Mormons probably aren’t aware of the fact that this is manipulation, it’s the top who controls the way Mormons are supposed to react to outsiders. Also, saying they are nice and that makes them not a cult or seem like they are not a cult is peculiar. Isn’t the universal behavior of odd pushing kindness going to seem at least slightly odd within itself? Jehovah’s Witness is a cult I at one point was a part of individually. It is not “cult-like,” it was flat out a cult. The way it corrupts your world view was dreadful. It’s a large organized religion who is definitely a cult. They tell you if anyone leaves the religion you can no longer associate them to manipulate them to rejoin the religion. They tell you where you are supposed to live, who you are allowed to marry, etc etc. Them being a large organized religion doesn’t suddenly make them not a cult anymore. They are. Period.

Tucker Gutierrez : Being fascinated by cults doesnt give you room to talk over religous abuse survivors about what is/isnt a cult and how they should feel about their past religion. The like to dislike ratio on this video is a joke lol

Hilary Rose : Just came here from Jesus’s video, lol. I don’t think he really meant to push the “cult” angle, but I definitely see your point, especially since youtube has been focusing on it. I’m super glad he can afford the court date, though (and the court can decide what’s right... they’ll have more info than us). I always love watching your videos, and it was neat hearing your friend’s point of view!

Tanner Prince : very intriguing video. i was raised mormon and still attend church (even tho id rather not). as someone who is questioning the mormon church and was raised in it, i think people take lightly the "culty" characteristics of the mormon church. i understand it may not fit the definition to a tee but its more serious than some people may know. i was VERY pressured to serve a mission but i did not go. i understand what *Jesus Christ* is going through

Bex Carter : I think he might see his particular group as extreme, or cult-like, and not LDS in particular. He didn’t say it outright “the LDS is a cult”, but I agree there was a slight implication. Part of my family is Mormon, and they’re alright, but I’ve seen/heard some fucked up situations with other Mormons, as you’ve stated in the video. I agree with you that the LDS isn’t a cult, and I’ve had a friend in an actual cult for 10 years so I know it’s nothing to make light of. at the same time we really have no idea his particular situation, as he’s not allowed to talk about it without it effecting his case, so I’m not for sure sold on saying he’s being manipulative. Since we don’t have all the facts. His wife/fam could legit be crazy after all. Do you think his wife could use this video against him in court though? That worries me. I appreciate your perspective, thanks for always being on the YouTube grind.

voxcotte : when he said "some people would say it is a cult" I thought his ex wife & kids were scientologists... nevertheless, I feel sorry for him and I wish him the best.

The Void : Jesus Chris helping out Jesus Christ?

Kiah Mackley : I was LDS for 19 years. And I will tell u it is not a cult. It does indeed suck though 😂

TheConfusedVampire : I think you might have personalized this issue too much this time, Chris....

Rain King : Hey Chris, I have a lot of respect for you and your channel, as I figured you know from all my previous comments. I have issues with this video. First of all, I agree that JHC saying something is a cult, does put a specific image in your mind which could be seen as manipulative/misleading. I think the fact that we as a people have a specific idea of what a cult is in our minds doesn't mean that is correct. That's not a definition that's a preconceived notion. In sociology and anthropology cults are often defined by the Bonewitz Cult Danger Evaluation, which has several criteria which must be met, there are several other methods that social scientists use to define what a cult is. This is a topic that is rigorously discussed and debated about in the social sciences. Which I wished you talked about, instead of talking about how you think JHC is being manipulative because his definition of a cult doesn't match with our preconceived notions. In fact this cultural idea of what a cult is vs. What it actually is, causes a lot of trouble for those who are trying to escape controlling religions needing support. This video I feel is harmful to a large group of disenfranchised individuals. As a background my family is Jehovah's Witness and I have a degree in Sociology, and am currently seeking my PhD in Sociology.

Nat is reading. : I am gonna suggest mr.aithest channel on YouTube he is an ex mormon knows this all to well. This is also why I do keep my distance from the catholic chruch also indoctrination is scary, sis was almost a godly women. Yup.

Cara & Derik : So happy that you and Ryan are being honest despite the inevitable backlash because people misinterpreting what he (SoCalChrist) is saying could lead to a lot of issues.

Onixonst : indoctrination is bad, cult or not. he doesnt want his kids to be brainwashed by religion, i dont see why someone wouldnt be able to understand that.

Marlena thorvald : I would say it's cultish...but not a cult....but he didn't really say it's a cult he said some people say it's a cult again I don't think he was trying to mislead

The Colorful Channel : Why did he refer to women as female specimens?

books and things : I'm an ex Jehovah's Witness, be very careful of calling groups not cults if you were not in it. They are nice and friendly people, that does not change me and my mom almost died because we are forbidden from taking blood. Also you can't leave without deemed an apostate and losing all your friends and family that are in. There are all kinds of different harmful teachings. But members will never tell you any of these things. Mormonisme IS also a cult, cults come in different ways. It's mindhacking, you don't have to be chained down or chased down. That's the whole point. Please look more into cults

Pebyl : I thought about that intro for awhile after i saw his follow up video referring to that book. I pulled my patreon donation. I'll donate again if he clarifies.

Jessica Lynne : So um. I thought you were gonna do a ~deep video about how THE Jesus Christ manipulates us (plot twist he DOES but in a GOOD way) the way you sometimes get a little creative with your topic but uh... yeah I guess this guy works too. 😂

Daddy Drum : Why does it always sound like you need to burp?

The Haddix Family : I appreciate your take on this, while some others might be irritated with your or upset down in the comments, I get where you were coming from. I don't follow his channel but I've seen him in some other people's videos before. The only thing I know about him is that his online personality is Jesus Christ. Outside of that, I don't know the first thing about him and therefore didn't feel comfortable donating. I do love to help people, but there have been so many online scams and clickbait that it's hard to get behind something when you don't have all of the facts. I've seen many situations where a person presented a situation as one way when the entire opposite was true. I am not saying that this is the case with Jesus, but having all of the facts is important in any situation and of course in this particular situation, we can't because of the legal issues.

CrimsonStudios : FINALLY WE COLLAB! Thanks again🙏

The History Buff : Do you know of a Youtuber that goes by Telltale? He's an Ex Mormon who believes Mormonism is a Cult. He's a really interesting channel and he also dives into organizations and use facts to determine weather its a cult or not.

Happy Go Lucky : Glad I caught this vid while it’s early can you please make a video on Jani and Bodhi Schofield? If a big YouTuber would draw attention to them maybe m something will finally be done. Please look up ‘Schofield Productions’ on YouTube. (WARNING child abuse) I’ll keep posting this until you at least acknowledge it.

Michele Holcomb : I used to think LDS religion was a cult until I moved to Utah in high school. Most the time, it rubs me the wrong way (a lot of people are judgmental here), but it isn’t what the media tries to perceive it to be. I’ve had many LDS friends since I’ve been living here and it’s interesting to ask them about their beliefs and how it helps them in life.

Krystle Boyd : I understand the point you're making in this video and I agree that he should have been more up front about it not actually being a cult. BUT I really think you should have had someone who is an ex Mormon who grew up in it instead of someone who briefly went into it. Though I think he did an okay job of explaining everything but I really think you should have used someone who grew up in it. It's different when it's something you're endoctrinated in from childhood. Like collabing with Mr Atheist 😁 clearly I am a bit biased but I am bc I really enjoy his videos and the way he is able to articulate his points/feelings. Love what you do and I do very much appreciate you going against the grain to make points you believe are right even when they're not the most popular.

Gracical is Cold : My step father in law is ex moron, so I get a 6th monthly visit asking if he still lives here. Which he doesn't we live in one of my mother in law's houses. But I always found opening the door breast feeding makes them go pretty quickly.