unique encounter between 2 polyglots in 21 languages

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Enjoy $10 italki credits: https://go.italki.com/woutercorduwener You receive the credits after your first purchase. Italki is affordable, it, you don't have to travel and the 1-on-1 lessons are effective! My patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/woutercorduwener My social media pages: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/woutercorduwener/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/woutercorduwenerlanguages/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/woutercor I met this Macedonian hyperpolyglot 'Zoran radicheski' at the Zaanse Schans and he speaks 35 languages. In this video we will speak 15 languages which we have in common and after that he will speak 6 more languages which I don't speak. Feel free to share this video on a web page or forum, because I think that more people in the language learning community should know him. If you want to know more about Zoran Radicheski, check out this page: http://english.republika.mk/zoran-radiceski-is-a-macedonian-linguistic-genius-who-speaks-more-than-30-language The languages: 1) 0:00 English 2) 0:16 Spanish 3) 1:10 Brazilian Portuguese 4) 1:37 Dutch 5) 2:11 French 6) 2:33 Mandarin 7 3:30 Thai 8) 3:42 Russian 9) 4:12 Hebrew 10) 4:22 Arabic 11) 5:01 Tagalog 12) 5:38 Korean 13) 6:04 Danish 14) 7:14 Vietnamese 15) 7:30 German 16) 9:19 Albanian 17) 10:08 Croatian 18) 10:49 Macedonian 19) 11:20 Greek 20) 11:33 Serbian 21) 11:59 Bulgarian

Comments from Youtube

Bryce Arnold : For a language enthusiast, like myself... This is the equivalent of porn.

Leon Wong L.H. : Tbh, it feels like 2 Sims speaking when they hug in the middle of the conversation

obezana : This felt like some kind of interdimensional rap battle lol

Alex Wilson : This is literally an endless cycle of oh you can speak [insert language] You are very good

Angelo Yap : I know how to speak 4 languages English, Australian, american, Canadian.

igigor646 : God: *make the human speaking many language so they can't understand each other* Those men: *laugh in every language*

MichaMontreal : Wow. #respect Imagine how huge their world is! Wonderful. I'm so jealous!

Güssinger : The bold guy is sick, he sounds like a native german and native englishman and croatian^^

Ryan Hickey : I took 6 years of French and can count to 39.

Extreemy : One year later*** YouTube: let’s recommend this video

WigantX : Guy with hat: You're handsome... Bald (not bold) guy: Here's my wife (come over here, save me!) XD

İnanç Kiyan Taheri : When you wait for your language, but they never speak.

Emil Fischer : The German pronounciation from the right guy is perfect. 1000%

Benjamin : The old lady near the start was actually about to interrupt and tell them she can speak 32 languages but they blanked her

Nabil : I‘m speechless. Never have I ever falsely guessed that someone is a native German speaker when really he is not (like this man here). His German is that good

Vasileios Apostolakis : This video in summary: *speaks in language X* can you speak X? Yes I can speak X. How are you bro? I'm good thanks

John Gibbons : Just need to bust out some Klingon and then I’d really be impressed. 😳

d1234 : If i walked past these guys during this moment i would of thought i was experiencing a live glitch in the matrix

Anele Phangisa : Since when is Afrikaans translated to African in English😂

sky's stuff : That's cool but I have to say that Spanish wasn't wonderful

Zaid Omari : The Arabic is somewhat understandable but the guy with the hat is certainly better

Dragan Vujatovic : Hint for people that want to be polygots: Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian are 99% same leanguage and if you learn them you will easily learn Macedonian, Russian and every other slavic language. Serbs can understand Macedonian easier than French people can understand Spanish.

Fitz Darcy Jr : Was waiting for them to say "Valar morghulis." 😂😂😂

vyronas : 10:51 there's also ITALIAN! By a third speaker in background She said like: "do you know that we've bought that painting in Greece last year?"

Grizzziff : These guys are pretty legit....but Europeans have a bad habit of taking beginner "how are you my name is 1-100" and saying they speak multiple languages.

Pyropeps ! : The guy at the right is really cocky about his accents though I'm French and when he says that is accent is "really good" (they translated, my accent is good but actually said really good) I can't really agree. He can still practice French cause their pronunciation is pretty sloooooooow 🐢 But still it's pretty impressive!

gestucv olonor : Every language is a diff personailty so they have to introduce themselves again

WrenchDuBled : their french made me laugh, "pas problème" "nous pouvons avoir la communication ensemble" mdrr

Jesus Montilla : Their Spanish is so bad, but it's wonderful that they can speak a lot of languages I'm so jealous, I'm trying to learn my fourth language 🤞

Tianbo Sui : They bald guy hardly knows any Mandarin while the hat guy speaks pretty well.

poodle safari : Croatian and Serbian are the same lol, that's cheating

Orgil : It's like every time they switch to a new language they become new people and have to shake hands again xD love it

Quittance : I understand that he might know a lot of languages but his(bald) mandarin is not great.

Who Ate My Food?! : *Meanwhile it took me 5 yrs just to learn English and it ain't even that great*

BroMar : The translator does a superb job on the subtitles with all the complex words and sentences. Until he messes up with translating single digit numbers... 09:10

Katriina Bakirova : This feels like an anime show off between the two nerd bosses in class.

CK_32 : These guys can speak 22 languages, and his wife can’t even keep her finger out of the lens 🤦‍♂️ You had one job.

Wiktor Kuchta : How learn Finnish Hungarian and Polish Good luck

shraderX5 : Good Albanian it's nearly impossible to speak it so well if you are not native. He just needs some practice

RyZe Keo : And i thought me knowing 6 languages is impressive..

Portgas D ASCE : I can speak in 8 languages , and I think this is the first time I could say , youtube recommend something good .

Robin : But do they speak in dragon tongue

Manuelai Cacilda : Eu nem sei falar português direito

Miguel Perez : Travel to Winnipeg Manitoba and you can easily learn Tagalog, and maybe French.

Sickle Purple : Croatian was actually Serbian with a few Croatian words 😂

Tom : "I learned Korean here." "Thanks". Yeah, those guys are totally fluent...

Fr3ak Comando : Ay nice first polyglot i see that speaks albanian.

Rick White : Their Russian was slightly okay, but they are still impressive

Jade : This is impressive how they can switch between languages like this