unique encounter between 2 polyglots in 21 languages

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Donald Gately : Actually they are speaking 22 languages... They are speaking Italian the whole time with their hands

Ryan Hickey : I took 6 years of French and can count to 39.

Tom : "I learned Korean here." "Thanks". Yeah, those guys are totally fluent...

Alvin Ekelund : Weird flex, but okay

Garrett Leong : Y'all got to stop hating on them bruh. Only a couple of people on the entiee planet can do what they just did, yes maybe the quality and efficiency wasn't up to par but the fact is they still tried and they still have the passion to keep learning/exploring and improving each and everyday, which is alot more than majority of the people who watched this video are doing......

Vasily Custom Builds : Bald guy did an excellent job on the Slavic languages, Ukrainian, Russian, Belarus etc.

Insfires man!! : I'd rather learn 5 or so languages fluently than 10 words for each language

Crueller : He really wants to be his friend

sqeezyyy : I'm currently learning Italian at school but I think it's not real Italian because we're 1 year into it and we haven't picked up on the hand gestures yet

Frango : They never claimed to be fluent in 21 languages , they are just doing what they can because it's cool

Randyy1 : In Serbian he said "My favorite one was the one where they poured oil from the peanuts, the mill". And he said it in the perfect "gangster/street" accent (Dorćol, Belgrade) 😁

ConFect : Yeah they may be good at languages but they aren't fluent in any means. These convos are weird as hell and they sound like they're just able to say like 5-10 sentences and repeat them all the time lol

David Borger : "He has a shanghainese accent or a northern chinese accent?" "Yes"

日西ディエゴ : Cool, but I'd rather learn 4 or 5 languages to a proficiency level, the reward is 100 times bigger

Deranged Tony Danza Zombie Clown Army : I thought the guy in the hat was gonna start blowing the bald dude

Nanette Nette : Coming soon to a theatre near you "Two Spies Meeting: Dutch Again" Seriously though, love this and thank you for introducing Zaanse to YouTube! :D

Trevor Khaba : My experience of polyglots. They only know basic phrases in many languages, enough to imitate native speakers and claim to speak the language. They are usually fluent in only a few usually mutually intelligible languages or dialects.

ツIntroverted : Bilingual: can speak 2 languages fluently Trilingual: can speak 3 languages fluently Polygot: can speak more than five languages fluently American: can only speak English

Philippe Demptos : Spanish: We can eat a lot together. Why? Why introduce that in there? It makes no sense whatsoever! Chinese: I also like a lot of spots in China. Why??! Nobody was talking about China! You brought it up because it was part of your very limited Chinese vocabulary of pre-constructed phrases. Arabic: I want to drink something with you: coffee or tea. Again, you bring up the topic, nobody wanted a drink with nobody, it was just a pre-constructed phrase you knew how to say. Stop bullshitting the internet into thinking of you as a polyglot. You’re not. You can say 100 words MAXIMUM for the majority of languages you claim to “speak”. It’s fucking annoying.

Jorjinho : And i thought that i was a smart ass with my 4 languages.

Микитко сын Алексеев : As a native speaker of russian I can say that guy on the right has more-or-less good pronunciation. He has an accent, but very understandable one. There's something in it reminds me central asians speaking russian on the market :-) But I think his conversation skill in russian is quite low. The phrase "and my girl wants a hug too" in reality sounds like "And I'm a good girl" with some meaningless syllables in the middle :-) The guy on the left has an awful accent and speaks only with general phrases from a textbook

Chris : "2 idiots recite basic phrases with minimum understanding of accents and languages without the ability to understand each other in an attempt to flex and look smart"

Tee Diddle : Me, an intellectual: *hola* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That means hello

Saif Batabor : The Mandarin part was a mess. RIP grammar. Truly Mandarin isn’t a lazy Language after all.

酷子梅川 : >go to a Chinese class >only kind of listening >start to play on your phone >go to the restroom halfway through the first hour >never come back "I SpEaK fLuEnT cHiNeSe!" Rinse and repeat for several other languages and congratulations you're a polyglot!

Yolo Swaggins : Not knowing where they're from makes them look like weird androids or genderless aliens.

MemerMan : Reading an encounter between 2 polygots in 21 languages *

Jerome 092 : Seems like they knows 4-5 and the rest they know some phrases. Still impressive that they want the knowledge. Learning a new language is extremely hard. I use to be trilingual, Spanish, French and English, forgot most of my French because I never practice no one knows it so don’t practice it, I got to the point where I just remember basic stuff but I am no longer fluent

Laurenz Bachmann : The right man speaks nearly flawless German and even as he said, with accent

Twitch.tv/venom_18 : Hahahahah Der rechte kann echt deutsch gut aussprechen

gestucv olonor : Every language is a diff personailty so they have to introduce themselves again

Zantilo : The Spanish part wasn’t great sorry.

Florian Ehren : Der Typ spricht perfekt Deutsch wtf

Ourlordtomcruise 11 : I kind of want to punch them in the face... idk why, I shouldn’t. But they are also just a couple of smug assholes. They’re not, but I can’t shake the feeling they actually are. In any event. Very punchable.

_3k : I actually met the guy with the hat 3 years ago! This is filmed at the Zaanse Schans in the Netherlands, where he works and sells his paintings. I was there with Chinese Exchange students. He suddenly started speaking Chinese to them! He is an amazing dude!

Orgil : It's like every time they switch to a new language they become new people and have to shake hands again xD love it

GetBuffs : The bald guy is lit in german Baller meine Packs die Texte für Neider Jacke mit Pelz sie glänzt von designer

D. DeAssis : The guy with the hat speaks Portuguese with a Brazilian accent from Rio de Janeiro (to be specific) and the other guy speaks (Portugal) Portuguese. Both did well.

Yuri : Portuguese (PT) = 2.5/10. They cant understand, but just speak some weird words.. wtf was that.

Lara Elle : The guy on the right almost speaks German like a Native German. That is incredible! But the guy on the left is also really good but (like he said) he has an accent. I think that's quite funny. They are soooo good! Respect!

DinoCola : I'm happy I can speak 3 languages fluently, can write in 2 languages and can understand 5 languages but these dudes.... I had french for 8 years and i still cant speak fluently. These dudes learn in 7 months and speak it enough to understand them at least.

Daniel Felices : The one with the hat talks crappy spanish with basic grammar mistakes

Vincent Penschke : The german part was actually really good, especially the guy on the right sounded like a native speaker at times, i think it is just a rather intuitive language and they really went with it. I give them the german seal of approval! :)

alvin nicolas : Can i have 20 likes here.😃 just 20 like. No more.. Just a little experiment,,

André Rocha : they don’t know how to speak portuguese, i’m a brazilian and i didn’t understand a word they said

No Face Gaming : That was Brasil portuguese mixed with Portugal portuguese... the accent was pretty bad hahaha it looked slavic like russian. But awesome job knowing that many languages :)

intergalacticanime : the korean was so funny omg what was that XDXD

Alex H : 2 guys that know 50 words from 20 languages

Rowan Murphy : People walking past must be so confused

Flynn Swagmire : They said they wanted to be friends and travel together hella times. Bet they exchanged emails and never talked again.