unique encounter between 2 polyglots in 21 languages

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Donald Gately : Actually they are speaking 22 languages... They are speaking Italian the whole time with their hands

Flynn Swagmire : They said they wanted to be friends and travel together hella times. Bet they exchanged emails and never talked again.

d1234 : If i walked past these guys during this moment i would of thought i was experiencing a live glitch in the matrix

Adam Steve : The convo in greek was: - When? - I don't know - Does that mean now or tomorrow? - Si, ok ok.

Themanhasnoname : it was hardly understandable... I wouldn't say that they do speak french. Plus, if the other languages they speak is as bad as tbeir french, they don't really speak 21 languages.

Yolo Swaggins : Not knowing where they're from makes them look like weird androids or genderless aliens.

mikeyle : a lot of the languages theyre speaking in they know just basic conversational phrases. not even close to fluent. their korean and vietnamese was horrific.

Gordon Calder : I have worked in 44 countries, and being a typical Brit (Scot) I only spoke English. I was embarrassed at how good the rest of the world spoke in English, so about 25 years ago I decided to learn a bit of as many languages as I could so that I could tip the balance back in a small way. I now speak a very limited amount of 28 languages (None as fluently as these guys) and the best thing about it is that it's a great ice-breaker and the people I speak to are generally A. Surprised and B. Happy. Some just laugh because they don't expect you to speak to them in their mother tongue. I met an Arabic lady in Guadalajara, Mexico a couple of years ago (in full Abaya) and she was moved to tears because I spoke to her in Arabic.

Clarkuson doku zan : I would rather prefer to speak 3 or 4 languages perfectly than sounding like these guys. Their languages sound forced and nervous, they also say things that don't make much sense, especially when speaking Spanish. That you can stutter 21 languages doesn't mean that you are fluent at them.

CK_32 : These guys can speak 22 languages, and his wife can’t even keep her finger out of the lens 🤦‍♂️ You had one job.

jonh hancock : Their Mandarin is horrible so I'm going to assume the rest are just as bad. Still amazing regardless

david martre : Good job but neither of them speak any French at all. The accent, the grammar, the syntax, it was all completely off. In fact I couldn't even understand what the bald guy said at one point. They can say a few words half heartedly and that's about it. Their English isn't all that great either. It's all good being able to say hello in 22 languages but I think it would be much better to focus on fewer languages and actually mastering them. Just my opinion

derheglmeier : No polish. Amateurs.

snowslik ball : the bold guy absolutely nailed German. he sounded like a native and german is a hard ass language. props to you man

Nanette Nette : Coming soon to a theatre near you "Two Spies Meeting: Dutch Again" Seriously though, love this and thank you for introducing Zaanse to YouTube! :D

Isaac Bourn : 5:30 not african, afrikaans

Striktong Lalake : I can live with the wind but that finger makes wanna die.

Franco Papa : That’s not Argentinian accent, at all…

Malhar Deshpande : No one speaks better French than joey.

J M : These guys can speak 21 languages while the camera person can't film without putting their finger in the way

Jones : I speak English. I'm told that it is a difficult language to learn, so I feel very accomplished in that regard. Oh, and that is also the only language I speak.

Robbert van der Eem : And they speak English with a Dutch accent. Both of them...

Monk : That's not brazilian Portuguese, and that's far from being fluent.

Morgan 3-6-9 : 21 lenguages and not a word of italiano....hahahahah that's the base from Latino,if u are a true polyglot u need Italian in u archive

Orgil : It's like every time they switch to a new language they become new people and have to shake hands again xD love it

RedHotSlik : What? No Punjabi?!

Tom : "I learned Korean here." "Thanks". Yeah, those guys are totally fluent...

Randyy1 : In Serbian he said "My favorite one was the one where they poured oil from the peanuts, the mill". And he said it in the perfect "gangster/street" accent (Dorćol, Belgrade) 😁

Joe Buehner : Later virgins

Lucid Jackson : I can smoke more marijuana than both them

Youye Youcef : Votre français est très faible mais bravo quand même pour toutes ces langues apprises.

Abdusselam Zahma : Sure they can speak fluently dozens of languages and with many accents. And they both speak the same languages even the "rare" ones. They just memorized a text and they're reciting it. I guess they're dutch because since there's a mill and because they came back to dutch when they forgot their text for a moment

Ryan Hickey : I took 6 years of French and can count to 39.

T I : Left guy’s French accent wasn’t good. Didn’t hear much French from the guy on the right.

Chef Cringe : Bro they're just flexing on each other the whole time

Mr. Onion : That odd feeling when you're not even good at your own language...

Big Boy Arnold : I speak 3 languages well >Russian(1st language) >English (2nd language) >Spanish(3rd language) And 3 languages kinda shit >French >German >Arabic

Vasily Custom Builds : Bald guy did an excellent job on the Slavic languages, Ukrainian, Russian, Belarus etc.

Luke Faulkner : That is incredible...

DinoCola : I'm happy I can speak 3 languages fluently, can write in 2 languages and can understand 5 languages but these dudes.... I had french for 8 years and i still cant speak fluently. These dudes learn in 7 months and speak it enough to understand them at least.

T I : Right guy has the better accents

Satan Revenue : Learning a new language is just a hobby for them

Rafael Ramirez : I'm not so sure this guys are "fluent" in that many languages but it is remarkable how they are able to interact with each other like that..! As a person fluent in a couple of languages myself, I can say that is so difficult to master more than two or three because of the several grammar rules and idiomatic expressions that exist on everyone's native language. And this is just talking about pronunciation, writing them properly is even more complicated. We all have a mother language which is the one we grew up developing our brains through, and learning the rules of communication among our peers. Seeing these guys interact like so, tells me they are well traveled. And besides traveling, PRACTICE will help bunches....PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

Luis Ferigle : Impresionante habilidad pero de conocer algunas frases a conocer un idioma... Que descaro!

Serafim B : How to shake hands in 21 languages

FlamingDragun : And I even struggle to learn just 1 language.

Desired Sanity : their French was kinda shit tbh it sounds like an other foreigner speaking it for like 2 years. I was born in Wisconsin but moved to France (Lyon) when I was 6 and lived there for 9 years (I’m 16) and went back to America a year ago. I honestly really miss the French population and the new people speaking French because they think their accent is good even though any natives can immediately tell they aren’t from france.

Leona Caran : Holy crap, his Croatian! He speaks it the same as someone who's fluent!

gestucv olonor : Every language is a diff personailty so they have to introduce themselves again

Austin Acton : This looks and sounds like sims talking to each other