Terrible Grown Man Steals Foul Ball From Little Kid at Cubs Game
What a Piece of shit

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Derek Bosley : He and his gal pal...bums!

Brian Clarke : Apparently the Cubs made up for this act later in the game by presenting the boy with a ball. Itโ€™s shame on only the guy who stole the ball away from the kid but also his wife or girlfriend who should have handed the boy the ball as soon as the man took it and handed it to her. Wow!

Jeep 2010 : The same happened to me a few years ago in Texas. Joakim Soria (Kansas City) threw me up a ball and a grown white man went in front of me and stole that ball. Fortunately Joakim Soria saw what happened and told me to move apart and threw me another ball... Guess what? Another grown white man tried to steal it, also. It's sad see that kind of actions.

Bob Wangor : Yeah it was just a baseball . But that move screams volumes about that guys true character.

Honda Development : Cabrรณn!

CallMeMrX : According to Reddit, this guy actually gave this kid a ball previously in the game, and then gave him this one after he took a photo of his wife holding it. You can find a photo of this kid online holding two baseballs.

Chuck Hickl : Might be a good idea to look into the story just a tad before you pull the race card. More to the story than this short clip shows and yet everyone is so quick to judge. Won't bore you with the details as you can look it up if you care to know the truth.

colfrankslade : Chicago...what else would anyone expect ?

planetcheck : People still go to baseball games? Why?

mzk123ify : lol...yes he is a jerk but some of your reactions....a bit over the top.... I suggest therapy...

Eli Castillo : The wife's face when the ball is thrown to the kid says it all, and the mans priority is to retrieve the ball for his wife, instead of giving it to the person it was intended for. This was low. regardless if the kid got a ball before, or after. that ball was meant for him, and i think he, and that woman owe that kid an apology. Both, him and his wife showed disappointment when they realized the ball was meant for the kid. and did not hesitate to steal that ball from the kid. You have got to be one inconsiderate person to not give that ball to that kid. People need to realize that sometimes you can be on TV broadcast to everyone at anytime, and there are more dire consequences to mistakes when there are enough people who care about the accountability of your actions. This guy slipped up and let his selfishness overcome his humbleness.

Aurora Lebeouf : The only person besides the mom and son, that seems to comprehend the situation and that any evidence of empathy is the other child wearing the gray champions hat behind them. He genuinely looked like he felt sorry for the other child. These adults are f-king clueless.

Frank Burdo : Well that settles it, the Chicago Cubs have the worst fans out of all the teams in all of the major sports. First Bartman now this. Can it get any worse? I'm really not sure with these Cubs fans.

termyt : @HOT SPORTS: You going to issue a correction or what? chicago_cbslocal_com/2018/07/23/viral-video-taking-baseball-kid-only-part-story

im just peachy : "hey I already gave away three foul balls to different people , maybe ill give one to my wife" *camera focus on him, curb your enthusiasm theme plays*

Aleasha Abbas : We need wholesale changes in MLB and it's Commission for these unmitigated physical assaults, cultural vandalism of artifacts, hurt/damaged psyches of children! Get rid of the Commissioner of Baseball for this and for not spreading the reach of democracy as an international weapon of security! In FIFA recognized events, the Executive Governing body (albeit they are bigger than the United Nations and it's rostrum, with all the mandates to "engage the sport" that turn violent, into wars, or into an international propagation of utter diplomatic hierarchy), they give the ball back to FIFA teams, players, referees, coaches, and or players upon being projected into the stands! Poor Illinois and their Chief Magistrate's Proclamation. I have lost hope in the quality of people from Illinois. This is a civil liberties problem, not civil rights. Although it is rather strangely unintentional, and coincidental that the black family was in the front row and the European Americans are still second class cultural citizens in sports culture. This is not a political problem nor racial. It is cultural and diplomatic because of the Commissioner of Baseball hiding behind the cloak of integration and civil rights. We need wholesale changes and civil liberties are the threshold and security measure! Limit the governing head constitutionally by check pointing his use and mismanagement of civil liberties for discreet children, minors, and youth.

DaZeD Merlin : Their greed was bigger than their self respect

Spin Dogg : Fuckin colostomy bag.


Johnny and Johnny Jr : It was a misunderstanding. He had already given foul balls to all of the kids around him.

Mz. Libra : Jerk!!!!

Racerx917 : Here is the truth. And no, I don't know anyone involved. Just hate the quick to judge news stories. I spoke with people from the Cubs. The man who grabbed the ball on the widely seen video had actually already helped the little boy get a ball earlier. The young man has a game used ball and a Javy Baez ball. All is well. Guy is A-OK so let it go people. โ€” David Kaplan (@thekapman) July 23, 2018

Elvis Martinez : Seen to me kind of racist.idk the way he try to ignored them like he dont see them. Ohhh well now he everybody know

R E : Well it kinda goes both ways what if the couple has a child themselves. But nonetheless thar particular ball was indeed for that child. Shame on you , you big bully!!

Super Mario Stephen : Ah ha look honey I cot it myself (0:12)

matthew zimmers : I was just as mad until I read the updated story ๐Ÿ˜‚ now these comments are hilarious. Dude helped a kid get one and gave away 2 during that game. The one here was given to the kid next to the lady and the front row kid already got one. The mom already said theyโ€™d give any more incoming ones away.

Brian Clarke : Have you no shame?

E dfa E : Just think of what else this douchbag is out in the world doing.

Tirnipgreen : OK....Here's what you no one is telling any of you about what happened. I know it looks bad, but the kid had already been tossed a ball in the previous inning by another coach. Everyone sitting around him knew it. Yea, it looks bad, but the kid was already treated to a ball...how about giving someone else a chance for a souvenir...??? Things aren't always what they appear. Even the Cubs didn't know the backstory and sent the kid ANOTHER ball...autographed...!!! Again...it looks far worse than it was and everyone around them knew the whole story.

Matthew Richey : This guy had already given a foul ball to the kid he "stole" it from and gave all 3 foul balls he caught during the game away to kids sitting near him. This is a classic case of trashing someone on social media when you don't know the whole story. Really everyone trashing this guy here ought to be ashamed of themselves. Statement from the mom: https://www.instagram.com/p/BllwpgZg0sl/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=sh2o8dunyysz

Chuck L : From Inside Edition: While the little boy at Wrigley Field appeared to be dejected, he actually walked out of the stadium that night with two baseballs, and those who eviscerated the man for his actions may have rushed to judgment. Chuck Mycoff was seated next to the man who grabbed the ball. He said he actually gave the same little boy a ball in the previous inning. "When I saw the video I can certainly understand how anybody would have come to that conclusion, but it is just not what happened at the game yesterday," he said. "He gave that ball away. He gave another ball away and literally got a third one in the game and gave that one to another kid. So, he did all the right things." Nevertheless, the Cubs came through with another ball for the little guy, signed by star infielder Javier Baez.

Benito Camelo : So he and his wife are monsters and should be erased from this planet... because he didn't give the ball to the kid. Makes sense

Hey Joji : Fake news the dude gave it back and in fact the kid got an extra one from the cubs signed

Javier Canizal : That guy had previously given him a ball. That ball that he "stole" was actually given to another kid.

Matt S : The update on this is that the guy had grabbed several of these balls and was giving them to people in his section. He also maybe gave the kid a ball earlier too. Just heard this on the Dan Patrick Show on July 23, 2018.

Duh its Abner : For the Lil guy 3 things. Sorry, learn to catch, and finders keepers is the lesson learned. For those two trash bags, shame on you for acting as if you didn't see who that ball was intended for. Glad you did this that way you will forever be on film and known as the trash bag and can. "Ha Ha "

Tuffy Cat : Hopefully that curses the Cubs for another 108 years if not more.

Courtney Minion : This guy is whipped... lmao

Law Pickett : Didn't he already give the kid a ball?

Cold Case : Damn i feel bad..wish i can get him a ball..they to wrong for that

Jimmy Sheridan : If this was done at Yankee Stadium the guy and his wife would be booed out of Yankee stadium

Lt. Dan : First base coach Will Venable had tossed a ball to this young fan who was caught by surprise and ended up missing it. (Then we saw what happened next.) It did not go unnoticed by some of the Cub players. Another ball was presented to the young fan followed by Javy Baez handing him a signed ball. (Info provided by Bing News.) Watch the video again. It is obvious the ball was meant to go to the boy. The greedy fan (Mr. Greedy) saw that too. He let his greed prevent him from what would have been the right thing to do. The two young fans to the left of the lady even knew that. Look at the elderly gentleman sitting next to Mr. Greedy. His expression and body language says it all. He knew what Mr. Greedy should have done. Mr. Creedy's wife would have loved it even more if Mr. Greedy had given it back to the young fan.

Angelica Bertolet : Everybody sees this and says, wth, jerk, ideot! Right? Well this isn't the whole story. He actually gave the kid a foul ball baseball already in the game, and gave people around him some to! So before y'all judge a book by its cover how bout y'all do the research first before calling somebody ungrateful names that arnt even necacry!

dionreynolds2008 : Dirty!! ๐Ÿ˜ถ

Isaac Kim : I realized the other day that humans are like the word God and Dog which can be switched. Humans experience either through capacity of freewill. I mean hell we even have variety like dogs do but thats a different tangent.. Ill see myself out now,.

Brian Daniel : Well kid got another baseball and an Autographed Javy Baez jersey. He's good! lol! But don't be these people!!!

Girilotusclix : People who posted the video is worst people Theyโ€™re clearly garbage They ruined โ€œone good guyโ€™s lifeโ€

BizWiz : *Oh youโ€™ve got to be kidding me.* _Some people have no class. Give the ball to the kid. It was intended for him. Then the guy takes it. Heโ€™s one of those Cub fans that think the Cubs organization loves him back, but they actually think heโ€™s a douche._

Run4kova : The way he handed the ball to his partner was like , yes I'm getting laid tonight, then wife pretends to text, he claps for himself, turns and fist pumps the mans leg lol