The Time Zack Morris Worshipped Belding’s Scumbag Brother

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unstoppableExodia : Rod Belding is basically an older Zack Morris. That's why belding caves into our favorite blonde sociopath. His brother had him conditioned for it for years

OhCarolina_ : _Rod is Ryan Gosling/Nicholas Cage's baby_

SonicYouth1979 : This is just Jake Paul in high school..

ZIM252 : "... threw his dreams in the Zack can."  Gold. Pure gold.

obbah1818 : He’s like a sexy Cartman

Delohn Wyatt : Zack Morris maybe trash but Rod Belding is complete shit.

Levi Ackerman : Actually I'm really surprised Zack didn't start some scummy scheme to go to Hawaii after being told they don't have enough money.

rogerskolney : Rod Belding is traaash

Lizeth Padilla : Never realized how trashy Zack was until I watched this

SAPProd : The way Zack tells Kelly to stop it when discussing the trip...pure trash.

Darkb4light 06 : ....and we never saw or heard from/about Rod ever again.

Christopher Szakacsi : "Rod's banging a smokeshow stewardess with a cool name. What a legend. The gang would have loved it. Classic Rod."

Sephiroth766 : Rod is basically what Zack Morris will be one in 15 years

Nathan_the_Barbarian 79 : Plot twist: Rod Belding is Zack Morris real father.

Our Founding Liars : “The time Bayside high had a school shooter, and Zach Morris spread the theory that it didn’t happen”

rice dick : *next video* Zach Morris burns orphanage and learns nothing

MoonPalette Art : Wait, we never saw Belding's brother ever again. _You know what that means..._

Shir Deutch : Wait, is Rod Belding played by Michael Bay?

I am alive. : Thanks for making my Fridays extra fun.

Julian Thuesdee : Zack Morris becomes more of a shitty person episode after episode. I hope you never stop making these videos. P.S. Do "The Time Zack Dates His Best Friend's Love Interest' (Bayside Triangle)

Mark H. : "Dumps his dreams in the Zack can." I saw what you did there.

Sabrina : I don't know. This one made me feel worse than usual. Perhaps it's the adult example that sometimes people like Zack don't change, are trash, and then kids still admire them. Rod Belding is trash!

ElEternoPoetaLuis : Please, do the episode when Zack dates Lisa, breaking Screech's heart. He was utter trash in that episode.

Julie Gutierrez : Jeez talk about moose knuckle jeans. Freaking dudes balls are strangled by those 90s jeans lol

Dan Jones : I think a more appropriate title for this one should be ‘Mr. Belding’s brother is Trash’

Oliver Sacco : Mr. Belding was probably one of the greatest principles!

Breana McGill : So I teach an elective class for 8th graders. We talk a lot about basic life skills and there is ALWAYS a Zack Morris who makes light of the education system and how their way is so much better. It's funny how people who've never been a full grown 25 year old adult have it all figured out.

ivanbluecool : When will you do the zac tricks kelly into giving up college to marry him and live in a shack and not follow her dream

Christopher Edwards : Bastard Blond Belding!! Perfect alliteration

Counter Clockwise : Series Finale: "Let's review, Zach Morris ditched his friends and unlawfully snuck his way into first class despite only having paid for an economy class seat, bothered the flight crew, and not only failed to spot a group of obviously suspicious hijackers, but actively helped them in distracting the air stewards and getting them into the cockpit when they asked nicely where they then proceeded to navigate the airplane into the World Trade Center, and in his final moments, instead of standing next to his friends or organizing a plan to fight back, he cowardly sent Screech and Slater to do all the fighting while he stupidly and unsuccessfully attempted to talk this terrorist group into safely landing the plane somewhere, while Kelly and Lisa did some actual work and located the parachutes and black box onboard. And we _never_ see Zach or the terrorists ever again, because they actually fucking killed themselves. Zach Morris, is trash."

MrRav1247 : Sorry but zack was clearly out trashed here by sexy belding

Levi Ackerman : Rod Belding is trashhhh

Hardcore Bunny : I feel bad for the principal, honestly the man must have steely resolve and a heart of platinum.

Gabriel Schleifer : This is probably the only SBTB episode I can even remotely relate to. I didn't have this exact situation happen in my high school, but there was one guy who, for all intents and purposes, thought of himself as Zack Morris and was unnecessarily hostile to the one teacher who just tried to do his job while worshiping one guy we had who was basically a glorified babysitter to us. It annoyed the shit out of me not because I'm ant sort of super student but because I just wanted to do my work and go home with no trouble.

Arvind Arya : A Zack-can...Genius..!!

MrJreed1000 : This show is the besT 5 -7 minutes of my fridays

Gary Turbo : I never felt bad for a principal until now

Akin Adeyi : The very second that Zack says "I love this guy," I knew that I would hate Rod Belding. And sure enough, it ended with Zack saying "I acted like a jerk." It's a good thing that Richard Belding has experience with dealing with Rod and Zack.

rafael mercado : Beldings brother is Zack Morris in the FUTURE! MIND BLOWN...

SAPProd : Too bad Belding didn’t plan a trip to Singapore; it would have been interesting to see how fast Zack would get himself sentenced to caning (though somehow, he’d have Screech take the caning for him).

konami1979 : Ha, I was wondering when this episode would get "trashed." When I was a kid, I got a kick out of Mr. Belding's brah ditching the class just he could get laid with a woman he'd probably never see again.

Patrick Thomas : I promise these are funnier than the show!!!

Ryan Smith : “Zach calls him ‘Fat’ and pokes his belly” I choked 🤣 so funny

スケールVanessa : Did we ever see Rod again though?

jimjam totheflimflam : 13 Zach Morris fans disliked this video. They're trash, too.

Matthew Driggers : Zack likes Rod so much because he's a narcissist, and Rod is basically grown up Zack.

buffjoey78 : I look forward to this, and A Very Special Episode, every Friday. Gets me through the week. Keep up the fantastic work!

Marcus Lee : Rod Belding is Trash

Marisela Calleros : these are always so dramatic i love them

DonnieDarko Requiem : ZaCh MorRiS is TrAsH