Surveillance camera shows teacher, nurse dragging boy with autism in Kentucky school

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Daisy Elmir : That was despicable. I worked with special ed for 26 years, NEVER have I seen a teacher, aide or supposed nurse behave like that. I hope they are both charged with child abuse. Disgraceful display.

Shelley Bancroft : So, the so-called "teacher" got fired, but what about the so-called "nurse?!" They both should be fired and charged with assault with bodily injury (or whatever the charge for such egregious behaviour is in hickville)....not to mention animal abuse (of a working dog, no less)! Fkng cows! 👿👿 Despicable, on sooo many levels!! 😡😠 I hope they don't have children of their own! I truly pray that Thatcher, and his doggo (who also sure as heck didn't sign up for this abuse/trauma/feeling helpless during Thatcher's time of need).... as well as his family, are going to be okay and able to progress, rather than regress. Keep being you, Thatcher! 💕

marcus bernau : thats BS!!! defiantly injury to a child case to those women who took that kind of action should be charged and not get away with such action

Sketchmee5 : Lock the school teachers up!

Karen thomas : I'm so angry with two teachers

Andrea T : This really angers me!!!😡😡😡😤😤😤! What is going on with America!!! America is out of hand and needs Yeshuah!!! The nurse should be fired as well. There is no more professionalism anywhere.

Corey Hufnagle : Makes me sick 😡😡😡😡😡

Svet lana : Throw them in jail!

It's me, Joolz : That is dispicable. He most certainly will go through some level of PTSD. Those two need to be charged!

Missna Missna : 😡 There are other ways to move that kid from point A to B. There is training but they did not used it!

Desertphile : Hell is too good for these monsters.

suavejw32 : This LITERALLY made me sick to my stomach to watch! GOD, WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?! IJS #MYTHOUGHTS

Kar Sizzle : This is hurtful to even watch!!

Alex : Disgraceful. School District over reached their boundaries.

Victoria Brooke : The nurse is guilty as well not just the teacher. Both of them should be fired.

eilm lilm : Somebody drag those two idiots up the stairs and see how they like it! I'm surprised the dog didn't do something to them. I've got a dog who thinks she's a nurse and you better not mess with her patients!

Alaska Salazar : He's all bruised.. 😔

Angel Padilla : Kill them before I do

Mia Guzman : SAD!!!! 😭😭

Tzeentch : No matter how opened minded people claim to be they've always looked down at people with disabilities

River Jordan7x7 : This is why I took my daughter out and homeschool her myself so that people like these could stop mishandling and abusing her !!!

S.M A : Cruel world !

remixplayz : Thank you ABC news that was crazy If it was me I would fight back ,I think they should send the student to a better school

Jennifer Herrick : Sick!!!

Dr. Paul McNeil : Lock her up Gitmo.

Abel1120 conlget : good bless America, the land of the free. ..... 😡

• ItsMrRogue • : oh Kentucky...

Herbalist Herbalist : Sounds white 💊💉😂😳😡

Andrew Dolokhov : If the boy can't talk and will not walk, how can he be schooled?

twin sparrow : Unbelievable. Outrageous. Grown ups doing that..... looks like bullying. When I was a kid, I was dragged on a sidewalk in front of the school... by a bully! I categorize these grown ups as being in the same class as a bully!

Political Twinkie : This is nothing short of an assault.   I hope the mother hires a lawyer, sue the school district, and well as the teacher and nurse. They need the quality of  their lives gutted for treating this child this way.

1992Moonchild : That poor little boy 😔 those teachers were trained/educated on how to deal with situations like this. They are teaching special ed children for a reason. They knew what they were getting themselves into. There is no reason for them to have treated him in such a manner😡 the school should fire that teacher and nurse causing that much physical and mental abuse to that little boy.

Diane laughalot : It's called child abuse 😲

??? guess : Criminal behavior by the teacher an the nurse

Phuk Yu : Can I ask what the kid was supposed to be learning in school? Serious question.

Carlos Curry : Sounds About White.

Grace J : This's why more people homeschool their children. We can't trust these people, who are suppose to be professionals, with our children's saftey. Disgusting.

rob76kim _ : They need child abuse and animal cruelty charges pressed on them.

Terry Jones : Not enough, they should be jailed. They do not have the legal right to touch a child. This is physical assault of a minor.

Savy : Come on now. What in the world were they thinking? 😡😡

TheHalfpint1961 : bull. this happens more often than anyone cares to admit.

Athletic Workouts : I should of reported it... last year me and my friends were talking and a kid with a disability tried to talk to us. Then the teacher snatched her and dragged her. Smh my school

GyrlBlaque : The nurse should be fired to

christiane fiorito : good mother, sack the teacher

gabriela draper : That is not an excuse to have poor judge of character and treat so brutally a child with autism.

0sum gamezzz : Yeah just let the kid disrupt the class and let the other kids get no education. Put these special kids in special schools with good paying attendants/teachers who are prepared and trained to deal with behavior. This crap is happening everyday all over the country. Let's quit pretending these cases need to be coddled

SlinkySim : Schools have become some of the most violent places in America staffed with people who are unfit to be around children.

VickyX : Teaching is a vocation not just a job. Those without kindness and patience really shouldn't be in the profession. Shame.

Melissa Spier : WTF

Mcfishy First : This is the confederacy love....