Surveillance camera shows teacher, nurse dragging boy with autism in Kentucky school

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Daisy Elmir : That was despicable. I worked with special ed for 26 years, NEVER have I seen a teacher, aide or supposed nurse behave like that. I hope they are both charged with child abuse. Disgraceful display.

Shelley Bancroft : So, the so-called "teacher" got fired, but what about the so-called "nurse?!" They both should be fired and charged with assault with bodily injury (or whatever the charge for such egregious behaviour is in hickville)....not to mention animal abuse (of a working dog, no less)! Fkng cows! 👿👿 Despicable, on sooo many levels!! 😡😠 I hope they don't have children of their own! I truly pray that Thatcher, and his doggo (who also sure as heck didn't sign up for this abuse/trauma/feeling helpless during Thatcher's time of need).... as well as his family, are going to be okay and able to progress, rather than regress. Keep being you, Thatcher! 💕

marcus bernau : thats BS!!! defiantly injury to a child case to those women who took that kind of action should be charged and not get away with such action

Sketchmee5 : Lock the school teachers up!

Karen thomas : I'm so angry with two teachers

A T : This really angers me!!!😡😡😡😤😤😤! What is going on with America!!! America is out of hand and needs Yeshuah!!! The nurse should be fired as well. There is no more professionalism anywhere.

Missna Missna : 😡 There are other ways to move that kid from point A to B. There is training but they did not used it!

It's me, Joolz : That is dispicable. He most certainly will go through some level of PTSD. Those two need to be charged!

Corey Hufnagle : Makes me sick 😡😡😡😡😡

suavejw32 : This LITERALLY made me sick to my stomach to watch! GOD, WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?! IJS #MYTHOUGHTS

Desertphile : Hell is too good for these monsters.

Victoria Brooke : The nurse is guilty as well not just the teacher. Both of them should be fired.

Kar Sizzle : This is hurtful to even watch!!

Svet lana : Throw them in jail!

Alex : Disgraceful. School District over reached their boundaries.

Alaska Salazar : He's all bruised.. 😔

eilm lilm : Somebody drag those two idiots up the stairs and see how they like it! I'm surprised the dog didn't do something to them. I've got a dog who thinks she's a nurse and you better not mess with her patients!

Mia Guzman : SAD!!!! 😭😭

Angel Padilla : Kill them before I do

Jennifer Herrick : Sick!!!

Loki : No matter how opened minded people claim to be they've always looked down at people with disabilities

River Jordan7x7 : This is why I took my daughter out and homeschool her myself so that people like these could stop mishandling and abusing her !!!

Dr. Paul McNeil : Lock her up Gitmo.

Abel1120 conlget : good bless America, the land of the free. ..... 😡

• ItsMrRogue • : oh Kentucky...

Political Twinkie : This is nothing short of an assault.   I hope the mother hires a lawyer, sue the school district, and well as the teacher and nurse. They need the quality of  their lives gutted for treating this child this way.

Diane laughalot : It's called child abuse 😲

Xtremegamez6 : Thank you ABC news that was crazy If it was me I would fight back ,I think they should send the student to a better school

Free2 choose : Criminal behavior by the teacher an the nurse

Herbalist Herbalist : Sounds white 💊💉😂😳😡

S.M A : Cruel world !

1992Moonchild : That poor little boy 😔 those teachers were trained/educated on how to deal with situations like this. They are teaching special ed children for a reason. They knew what they were getting themselves into. There is no reason for them to have treated him in such a manner😡 the school should fire that teacher and nurse causing that much physical and mental abuse to that little boy.

twin sparrow : Unbelievable. Outrageous. Grown ups doing that..... looks like bullying. When I was a kid, I was dragged on a sidewalk in front of the school... by a bully! I categorize these grown ups as being in the same class as a bully!

Terry Jones : Not enough, they should be jailed. They do not have the legal right to touch a child. This is physical assault of a minor.

SlinkySim : Schools have become some of the most violent places in America staffed with people who are unfit to be around children.

rob76kim _ : They need child abuse and animal cruelty charges pressed on them.

Athletic Workouts : I should of reported it... last year me and my friends were talking and a kid with a disability tried to talk to us. Then the teacher snatched her and dragged her. Smh my school

Savy : Come on now. What in the world were they thinking? 😡😡

TheHalfpint1961 : bull. this happens more often than anyone cares to admit.

Melissa Spier : WTF

christiane fiorito : good mother, sack the teacher

GyrlBlaque : The nurse should be fired to

Sujeiry Mendoza : 😡

Teegos : Are you serious... look, I work with kids like this and this type of thing happens all the time. He was probably on his way to class and decided halfway, “you know what i don’t wanna go to class today” 9 times out 10 these kids act this way because of behavioral issues not because of their disabilities. YES, how these two women handled the situation was poor. But you people have to understand that these kids are a lot to handle. So before you people starts calling for their termination and lynching. Why don’t you apply for the Special Education Unit and stay there for a few years. Because I can guarantee you will not be the same person as when you entered. And of course he’s has bruises, do you guy think that these kids a light? The child I work with is 5 ft and weights 120 lbs... That’s heavy, and I workout regularly. My point is that these two women had to carry this child and I doubt these two are bodybuilder. So they had to hold on to him tightly so they wouldn’t drop him. So yea that would leave surface bruising.

Mcfishy First : This is the confederacy love....

Oscar Gabriel : If your kid is crazy, and disruptive, then you should be required to home school him. Normal children shouldn't have to miss out on class time because their teacher is wrestling with an idiot.

Carlos Curry : Sounds About White.

Seattle Issues : Liberal nutjob teachers. ..

Svan Cute : I have autism i know how this kid feels

donald duck : Jeez not that bad, not like they tortured the kid. Feel more bad for the dog in this case.