10 Reasons Not To Visit Australia (Aussie Reacts)

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Isaac Butterfield : Australian Tour - On Sale Now! Link - www.isaacbutterfield.com/tickets

The JKing : Oh my god who couldn’t stop laughing 😂

Eli Big : You shouldn’t visit Australia because of the sun 🤣🤣🤣🤣 seriously?

Çreêpy_Łemoń : Give me a like if your in australia

Harry Roussis : 5:48 Ants aren't our biggest problem in Australia it's bloody needles in strawberries Edit: Thanks for the likes, didn't expect that many

Coco K!tty : This is Australia ———> 🇦🇺 Every time this comment gets a like, one more person visits. How many people will visit Australia?

Ozgar Thunderhammer : "The sun" Yes, the sun only exists in Australia. No were else. If you see the sun anywhere except Australia, you WILL die.

Opinions .ω. : The worst thing about Australia is......... Magpie :'(

craftyheidi : Reasons not to visit Australia: 1: *Ibisis*

Rachel McNamara : An Australians guide to surviving Australia 1 - Don't mess with the animals. Don't stick your hand in a fire ants nest. Don't get to close to a cassowary. Don't pick up snakes or spiders. Don't try to play fetch with a dingo. I live in a relatively rural place and there actually aren't snakes everywhere. I've seen six in my backyard in the last few years, and they just leave after a few days. They've never attacked me. Leave them alone. It's not that hard. Common sense ( cough cough Americans cough cough ). Also crocodiles literally never just show up in pools. They just don't. 2 - Don't go swimming in business suits. Duh. 3 - Every country has a sun. Wear sunscreen if you're a pale paranoid freak 4 - If you don't know how to swim, DONT SWIM IN THE OCEAN. YOU IDIOTS. OF COURSE YOURE GOING TO DROWN AT BONDI IF YOU SWIM OUT OF THE FLAGS AND YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO SWIM. ITS NOT THAT HARD. Anyway, there you go. Stick to this guide and you will survive very easily. Also don't insult our food. If you do you will be attacked. And you will be killed. I'll see to it. 😀😀

Animal Lover : Wakey wakey hands off snakey 😂😂😂😂😂

Proving Demons : Wakey Wakey hands off snakey lmao plz meme that someone

Ian Chen : The number 1 reason not to visit Australia is Pauline Hanson

BJJ Live Show Time : Who lives in Australia 🇦🇺 and watching this?

Merrin Spackman : I think everyone who watched this is from Australia like if you agreee

meow meow : I live in Australia and had the exact same reaction as he did we are fully sick come visit us now alright, to anyone who thinks other wise go get ****ed

Kaylee Wallace : Who is coming to Australia to go to look in the “basement” 😂

Isabella Hamilton : I’m in Australia and I have been for 13 years and it’s amazing ❤️

sethyxomsp : I love it how the people commentating the video are English and the English colonised Australia

JustYoDeYo : My god! The biggest problem in australia are Collingwood supporters!

aaliyah's life : I live in Australia and I've never seen a casowary 😂🤣

Evan Brown : I saw fifty cassowarys in woolworths!!

Keira Fraser : No our biggest problem is our petrol prices *EDIT* where I live it's almost $2 per litre

RealCool Panda : Any Australian lads here he looks like Ned kelly

gallium yttrium : 5. Magpies 4. Canberra is utterly pointless 3. Sharks 2. Snakes 1. Spiders The real reasons why not to visit Australia

WINNIE27396 : God, lucky you don't live in that island off the coast of Australia, what was it, oh yeah, New Zealand.

JuRin Yoon : I live in Australia and that video is so UNTRUE! and I have never seen a cassowary except 4 in a ZOO!

Russell Connelly : Come visit but make sure you go back to where you come from

That Otamatome Guy : Isaac: I reckon this ones gonna be a cracka! Video: PERENTIE

jasmine missen : WHO THE F*** IS PERENTIE?!?! Gets me every time 😂 Btw sorry i made two comments at about the same time 😐

MsLilmissk : I live in Aussie the only bad thing is the bloody needles in food

FluffyroxGames : Subbed. Agreed with everything you said and it was hilarious :D

Js Twin : Where in Australia do you live?

Pixel Anime : I'm offended

Emma Awesomeness : Plot twist: they are actually from Australia and are trying to protect us from vegans and idiots ; orrrrr they are just idiots

animal lover : The perentie is the largest monitor lizard or goanna native to Australia, and the fourth-largest living lizard on earth, after the Komodo dragon, Asian water monitor, and the crocodile. Me: search up perentie and look at the forth picture.....

Young Blue Skeptic : Australia IS a beach

XD Llamaking : So no one's gonna visit Australia cuz of animals that are also in other countries.

miffystyles : What the heck?!?!?! This list was so stupid! You could get caught in a rip anywhere! And they don't have wild animals running around the streets!!!

Wideolink : Haha This is so funny ! LOL ! SUBBED !

Cupcakinator 909 : One of the worst reasons is me ;-; Oh yeah and magpie, dem can be meanie birdies, of. And of course the sun, we all agree the sun is a forbidden thing found in only Australia because in Australia sunscreen doesn’t exit! I’m joking there is lots of sunscreen XD

Aya Alhussaini : omg he's so funny. 😂

Tanisha Mollah : *A DINGO ATE MY BABY*

Jaxon Banton : Im Australian and all these reasons are rubish like if you agree

Pixel gun Man : There clearly America

Teä Fäm : Like this comment if your from Australia Edit:Woah so many likes in one week thanks guys XD

Peachjuice Animations : im a proud Australian

Pretzil Man : Wakey, wakey... hand off snakey

Heartless Stone : They used the *WRONG VIDEO OF A PERENTIE* Perenties are goannas, the *FOURTH* largest lizard *AFTER THE KOMODO DRAGON*

dark sider : Dingos are cute