The Submarine War - WW2 - 008 October 20 1939

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Darth Calanil : The Polish submarine story should be made into a movie. Like seriously damn!

Indiana Jones : “One man says to another let’s get together and have a game of war. Everybody dies” -Stanislaw Sosabowski

Timothy House : SS officer: "We investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong."

Bart De Coucke : A Polish submarine captain is asked: ‘you see in your periscope a German and a Soviet cruiser. Which one do you attack first?’ ‘Of course the German one’ the Pole answers, ‘duty comes always before pleasure.’

TwoHeavens : Really nicely done team, getting better every episode! And those subs are going up every episode too!

Slightly Right Of Centre : Indy's phone bill must be astronomical at this point... Imagine what it will be by 1945

poonczey : "make Poland so poor that poles would want to work subservient jobs in Germany" WHAT YEAR IS IT??!

BIRD MUST FEED : Soviet Union: We stand against the Imperialism dogs who oppress and exploit Native people across the world!! _Also Soviet Union_ _Invades Poland_ _Invades Baltics_ _Invades Finland_ _Invades Iran_

Grishnikov : Hunt for Red October - Poland Edition

A Henderson : Thanks for giving the Polish Navy a mention I never expected them to ever be talked about in any detail. My Great Grandfather was a sailor in the Polish Navy and served on a couple of destroyers throughout the war before settling here in Glasgow, Scotland afterward, I left a comment about it a couple of weeks back so wont repeat the whole story.

NeuesTestament : “Make Poles so poor that they want to work subservient jobs in Germany” Sounds familiar to something, I can’t really put my hand on it.

Pirusiandres : Indy was receiving a call from himself back in 1918. He is a time traveler!

Radoslaw Piotrowski : All your effort and hard work should receive far more recognition. All historical content should be (must be?) widely presented to teaching program at schools. Maybe then, now twenty-something year old's, stop talking rubbish like Americans retrieved first Enigma coding machine from German U-boat??? And is not even outrageous any more, it makes me sad. Great work!

Gianluca Borg : Awesome, simply awesome. Keep up the good work. Good job to all the team for both this and all previous such videos! Your documentaries are a great service to those who fought and died, to historians then and now and to these generations and future generations of people, historians, politicians and, the list goes on. This work is priceless. Thank you!

Joint Special Operations Command : *SUBMARINE ONLY CHALLENGE*

idigcrzychicks : I don't know about anyone else but I LOVE how you did the maps for this. Also the colorization on the pictures is fantastic. Great job all around. I'd like to buy one of the maps behind Indy if you ever decide to put them for sale.

Daniel Tsiprun : I wonder on what they are using there patreon money Probably to buy more phones

Skuerzo Skuerzo : "The Fins said 'no'". What a missed opportunity to say "No way, Jose".

Pereplut : 6:06 The tale of two estonian guards makes me laugh. Of course Germans thought they were killed because that's what Germans would do. But they were guests on polish ship and polish hospitality is not a myth :D

Chef Mussolini : USSR:Finland can I have some land? Finland:No!!! USSR:Why u so rude Finland😔😔😔

Chezzers : I think I need to be taken prisoner by a Polish submarine

Artur M. : What can I say? It's an awesome episode! You did a good job pronouncing Grudzińkski and "Wilk" (wolf) and acceptable job pronouncing "Orzeł" (eagle). :-) The "rz" digraph is kinda like the French "j" only a bit harder, or voiced retroflex sibilant fricative, using the proper terminology. It is usually represented in English as "zh", for example in transliterations of Russian words.

fuckyshityfuckshit : I’m glad you guys have a channel you own now you deserve that more then anything. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for your team. Much love from New Zealand

Random Estonian : Wow i didnt know that polish stole our guards

Marcin Dobrowolski : This is official now, this is the best history channel on YouTube. I have never seen any series that were made as well and detailed as yours, not to mention historically unbiased and accurate. The honour you give to my people by this series is worth very much to us. We have been fighting for years to remind the world about those forgotten deeds. Thank you! Best channel ever!

Astro Bot : Clothing from other decades..., detailed knowledge about two world wars...,funding of 2 YouTube shows, Indy appearing on a photo of a pinada in Mexico in 1885..., that telephone is obviously a time machine!

Marin Eduard : That moment when the British do a blockade: Hans ,get the u boat.

Valdagast : Who else here plays Hearts of Iron IV?


Behemoth29 : I love a good nautical adventure, this episode was thrilling!

Leanne Boulton : Wow... that Polish submarine story is astounding, just one of thousands upon thousands of incredible stories I have never known about during this war, thank you for the outstanding work you and the team do Indy.

Macieks300 : Phenomenal episode. I'm Polish and I never heard that submarine story. I never even knew that we had a submarine division.

Mr. Random : When will you start doing Special Episodes about Countries, tactics, weapons etc?

alexander williams : Nice country you have there, would be a shame if somebody invaded it.

Daniel Tsiprun : One war indi cant cover is the six day war because it was took less then a week to end

oOkenzoOo : Friendly fire against submarines because of poor communication or identification.... why have i the feeling this won't be the last during this war ?

kingsofserbiangameplay 162 : What a great story of Orzel, those guys were heroes, btw what happened to the captain?

Kev : It looks like You got some very bad news, from that call in the begening

capnazrael : I'd like to know how they were going to rob a vessel for maps without any small arms. Were they going to climb aboard with knives between their teeth?

Vern Etzel : I'm really enjoying this series.

Jan Wacławik : Indy, the "rz" in "Orzeł" is pronounced like the "rz" in "Przemyśl". You pretty much mastered saying "Przemyśl" in the last four years, so I guess that'll be a good hint.

lil-Fly-Raist : Kinda amazing to think of Poland being essentially knocked out of the war in a weeks time. The two war machines crushing down on both sides, and a recurring theme of promises being broken. My two countries aren't going to be in for a while... But I'm very much enjoying the show anyway. Much love from America 🇺🇸

rampantjesus : The phone thing is so corny, but I love it

typxxilps : Recoloured pics are pretty impressive ... especially the new british movie with coloured and resynched footage from the time , this "they won't grow old" movie that had been released this week.

Anonymous Person : I love this channel

A.J. K : I love how in this format there is room for all the little details of the war, like the story of the submarine, that just get lost in other hour long documentaries. It gives a much more complete story of the war.

mikiroony : 7th like, reporting for duty

VforArt : it is also important to mention operation "tannenberg" or "inteligenzaction" or "AB" - advanced barbarians (germans) planned extermination of Polish inteligensia - Poland lost 39% of doctors, 33% of school teachers, 30% of scientists and university teachers, 28% of priests, 26% of lawyers .................... and those are only german planned exterminations .... how many had to flee? how many died because of other reasons? how many soviets murdered? .......................... the extent of german barbarity is staggering.... normally when war breaks out enemy captures scietists and inteligensia - here germas tried to exterminate them to sever the head of Polish nation from body .... there are no money in this world to pay for such crime.................. btw. germany didnt pay reparations to Poland and they still play dumb

Eric Gabriel Along : "How much did your life change in the past two months?" That question, in reference to the invasion of Poland, really struck me. I love this channel so much. It makes us feel and live history. We no longer merely look at black-and-white pictures and read about casualties on footnotes. Because of you, we are brought in 1939, beside the generals as they planned their slaughter, their poor victims, and the world clueless of the greater horrors ahead. Thank you so much for this. I hope you will make it to 1945. 😊