Should You Be Monogamous?

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Jaylen Baptiste : This is not making my Valentines Day loneliness any better...

Homo Sapien : That heart linking diagram at 3:05 💙💚💜💛

Kikematamitos : Forgot the love.

MD : I'm currently in a Zerogamy.

Peacecraft117 : You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals. So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

Unyt : Jokes on you. I don't got relation.. Ships... ;-;

Alex : I'll stick with being alone.

Mara Rivas : A while back, someone I used to be in a relationship with (off and on, mostly) asked me about considering an open relationship. Of course, being the traditional person I am with loving ONE person, I said no. I did, however, looked into it bc it was ironically and coincidentally being brought upon frequently (whether it be in a show or in a movie, etc). I am aware of the “benefits” of it. Nevertheless, I don’t like sharing haha it’s just not for me, but kudos to those who do it.

opelgtman73 : 1:47 I don't remember standing in the back for that picture, weird.

ruoweii : people really can't grasp the concept of informative videos can they

Its Yeety : I'm not trynna cheat, and I don't want my girlfriend banging other dudes while we're still together

Bob Bytes : Remember kids, people who have had several partners in the past are more likely to divorce

Gozh Man : I can almost smell the soy from this one.

Bittersweet : Props to anyone that has a non-monogamous relationship. I’ve read about it in the past and considered it before, but the thought of someone else getting intimate and all close and personal with my boo makes me uncomfortable.

Bryan Márquez : As long as it’s consensual, legal and doesn’t hurt anyone do whatever the hell you want.

Vandal Anthrax : (((Asap Science)))

set get : CUCK

itsasin1969 : 33 yrs and counting ,, we are very open.

Cyime : Yes soyboys let Chad and Tyrone bang your wife/girlfriend there’s nothing wrong with it.

Cadenthecapybara : My best friend is polyamorous, and it doesn't bug me a bit. I don't think I could be, but I'm glad she's being herself and doing what's best for her! As long as people are honest and open with their partner(s) and everyone's a consenting adult, I don't see any problem.

Augucio : CuckSCIENCE

neutral name : Why are so many of those "philosophical" youtube channels telling people to reject monogamy? I had to unsub from school of life because of that. It was starting to feel like propaganda.

Michael Aiyedun : I wish I was in any relationship ;-;

AlphieStudios : ok cuck

YoAntoNeo : Based on the comments, it looks like people are confused between polyamorous vs polygamy: Polyamorous -means dating different people at the same time, via romantic/sexual aspects. But there's honest and open communication by all parties; consent. Polygamy- is more of a religious/cult thing of usually a man having many wives.

Sir. Wankinondemcows : Leftist propaganda.

Azante : Monogamy is important for children...


superjem111 : Love isn't a thing i guess

Feynstein 100 : I'm not trolling but sometimes I feel like life is too short to spend so much time and effort testing people out in relationships until you find "the one". Unless.......the very act of being in relationships makes the process worth it. But that worth is entirely subjective. Anyway, what do you guys think?

Starlight02 : Thank you so much for this video, I loved it! Please don't let the nasty comments discurouge you from making more videos like this.

IISocratesII : Liberal cuckoldry for the childless

Eli Anto : Interesting information. I don't think using college students is the best place to be asking about monogamous relationships. Perhaps investigating long term benefits of monogamous vs polygamous relationships may be insightful too. - fixed a typo

Preston Chapa : Are these guys cuckolds?

Trevor Nestor : Sounds like someone is trying to justify their behavior lol

Nigel : I believe that love is far more likely in a monogamous relationship than a non-monogamous relationship. Non-monogamous relationships seem to be more about lust.

addyud : To those suggesting that this video is biased, really think about/look up what it means to be biased and notice that it is anything but prejudicial towards monogamy. From the get go, it establishes that monogamy is very much socially imposed. If nothing else, the fact that so many people shy away from calling themselves polyamorous, even though statistics and their own actions prove that they are (by cheating..etc), is very indicative of that. The video is by no means saying that you, as an individual who is honestly monogamous, is more at risk of STI. Rather, it's saying that for those people who statistics show to be polyamorous , but who call themselves monogamous, they are more likely to develop STI's/disloyalty..etc simply for the lie they tell themselves in order to live up to their own biases and societal expectations. Society is undoubtedly biased on this topic.. That's why it's so difficult for scientist to figure out exactly why monogamy is preferred in our culture and all this video does is to try to present why we shouldn't be biased about it.

Karma_miguel : I clicked this not knowing what the word meant. I got asap learning.

B : Children crave monogamy in their parents. There are three pieces of emotional nutrition that children need. The love other their mother, the love of their father, and for their mother and father to love each other. When one of these three elements is missing, there is trauma involved for the child. So it makes sense that something that is something that is to integral to a children's emotional well-being (the monogamy of their parents) is something that we as humans have established as the bedrock of civilized society. Non-monogamous relationships lead to trauma for children, destabilize families, and ultimately destabilize society.

GabbyNoctis : Studies show that cucking is healthier!

sergio recinos : My other half? Oh, you mean my other 1/5

Magos Errant Malleator : Yes goyim, cuckoldry is good for you.

Diana21Dee : The key here was that the people who were a poly couple and were happy were HONEST about it. Without the honesty and openess of being in a poly relationship you are simply CHEATING. Science can justify your desires of having multiple partners, but it DOES NOT justify you hurting another person who never agreed to it.

Ethan Manning : I’m not religious at all, but something about non-monogamy just feels wrong. It feels like betrayal. Monogamy means stronger love for your partner. Commitment is deep

Vedant B : in the next episode: is cheating REALLY that bad?

Natalija S : I call bullshit on this

Ravi Singh : Even though I'm a liberal myself - I don't appreciate the liberal propaganda that this channel is plagued with. It's a science show for god's sake.

Jared Smith : Makes sense. But I'd stick with monogamy. One love and only one.

Urho Toivonen : Boi these cucks be wildin

Kingdom Gioia : data shows polygamy is damaging for familes, children, and the personalities of the couples