Should You Be Monogamous?

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Unyt : Jokes on you. I don't got relation.. Ships... ;-;

MD : I'm currently in a Zerogamy.

YoAntoNeo : Based on the comments, it looks like people are confused between polyamorous vs polygamy: Polyamorous -means dating different people at the same time, via romantic/sexual aspects. But there's honest and open communication by all parties; consent. Polygamy- is more of a religious/cult thing of usually a man having many wives.

Kikematamitos : Forgot the love.

Bryan Márquez : As long as it’s consensual, legal and doesn’t hurt anyone do whatever the hell you want.

Steven Baumann : College kids in exclusive relationships 😂 when did that ever happen?

Ethan Manning : I’m not religious at all, but something about non-monogamy just feels wrong. It feels like betrayal. Monogamy means stronger love for your partner. Commitment is deep

Barath Vedant : in the next episode: is cheating REALLY that bad?

Crystal Walker : That's just not true. If you guys want to go have an orgy fine but don't try to bend the facts 🙄

addyud : To those suggesting that this video is biased, really think about/look up what it means to be biased and notice that it is anything but prejudicial towards monogamy. From the get go, it establishes that monogamy is very much socially imposed. If nothing else, the fact that so many people shy away from calling themselves polyamorous, even though statistics and their own actions prove that they are (by cheating..etc), is very indicative of that. The video is by no means saying that you, as an individual who is honestly monogamous, is more at risk of STI. Rather, it's saying that for those people who statistics show to be polyamorous , but who call themselves monogamous, they are more likely to develop STI's/disloyalty..etc simply for the lie they tell themselves in order to live up to their own biases and societal expectations. Society is undoubtedly biased on this topic.. That's why it's so difficult for scientist to figure out exactly why monogamy is preferred in our culture and all this video does is to try to present why we shouldn't be biased about it.

Kid Jay : This is not making my Valentines Day loneliness any better...

Nigel : I believe that love is far more likely in a monogamous relationship than a non-monogamous relationship. Non-monogamous relationships seem to be more about lust.

Peacecraft117 : You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals. So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

Its Yeety : I'm not trynna cheat, and I don't want my girlfriend banging other dudes while we're still together

neutral name : Why are so many of those "philosophical" youtube channels telling people to reject monogamy? I had to unsub from school of life because of that. It was starting to feel like propaganda.

vocalweeb : Epic Cuckoldry

Alex : I'll stick with being alone.

The Soft Glow of Brightly Burning Hope : This video is either poorly researched or intentially misleading because you left out the part where as you get older there is evidence that the less sexual partners you have had the happier you are. At very least for women it's not a good idea to be poly for pregnancy reasons. It's not a good idea because the longer you wait to pick a partner and settle down the fewer options you have. Women over 45 who don't have kids rate themselves as less happy than the women who do. I hope you did your research poorly and you aren't purposely trying to mislead people. What a horrible thing to damn someone to loneliness because you told them poly would make them happier in the long run.

sergio recinos : My other half? Oh, you mean my other 1/5

opelgtman73 : 1:47 I don't remember standing in the back for that picture, weird.

Trevor Nestor : Sounds like someone is trying to justify their behavior lol

inex333cov : First point - we evolved for a reason. And we developed to control our basic 'animal-like' instincts for a reason. There are practically ONLY two things that make us different than animals. And these are the capability of emotions and the ability to spend our life in a relationship with one person. In fact, these things are closely related and dependent on each other. If we take away emotions and the whole wide spectrum of human reactions caused by them: love, guilt, trust, sacrifice, regret, sadness, relief, devotion, commitment, disappointment.. we are nothing but animals, limited in their decision making, led by simple instincts of surviving and reproducing (here we have a link to polyamory). Emotions are in fact what makes us a more advanced form of living than animals. And it is the emotions that allow us to make that conscious choice to stay with one person for our entire life and be faithful to them The fact that people in 'polyamorous relationships have more trust and less jealousy' doesn't say anything positive about it - it just outlines the definition of what these relations are. Logically speaking, how can you actually be jealous when you fully consciously are allowing your partner to sleep with someone else while you are also doing the same thing? The definition of polyamory is that you are not faithful to one person so to me, this is mutually exclusive with jealously. One of the top if not THE TOP reason for couples having the biggest arguments in their lifetimes is exactly that - jealousy and suspicion of cheating, whereas in polyamorous relations this reason doesn't exist. The whole 'positivity' of polyamorous relationships probably comes from the fact that partners don't argue as much therefore theoretically their 'relationship outcome' is more positive than for monogamous. It's like saying that apple tree is better than cherry tree because it doesn't grow cherries. It doesn't grow cherries from definition - because it is a freaking apple tree so there is no reason for it to grow cherries! In short, I feel like the idea of this research that was mentioned is just flawed..

Anh Ng : Aaaand you completely left out the part of taking care of a child in a marriage. It's also a fact that a child being raised up by a happy and committed couple would do way better socially and mentally.

IISocratesII : Liberal cuckoldry for the childless

Bob Bytes : Remember kids, people who have had several partners in the past are more likely to divorce

Bittersweet : Props to anyone that has a non-monogamous relationship. I’ve read about it in the past and considered it before, but the thought of someone else getting intimate and all close and personal with my boo makes me uncomfortable.

ruoweii : people really can't grasp the concept of informative videos can they

Azante : Monogamy is important for children...

Genessa : Your guy’s relationship going okay? 😅

Gozh Man : I can almost smell the soy from this one.

Homo Sapien : That heart linking diagram at 3:05 💙💚💜💛

seasong : Isn't monogamy better for child raising?

Raime : CuckSCIENCE

Jackee Lee Dee : But you’re presenting your argument as biased towards polyamorous relationships. The part about monogamous couples being more at risk for STIs because they don’t use condoms is assuming all monogamous couples are cheating, and not in fact monogamous. Couples can get tested one time at the beginning of the relationship and be std free and therefore make condoms unnessecary, assuming pregnancy isn’t an issue. You talk as if all monogamous couples have trust issues

Cyime : Yes soyboys let Chad and Tyrone bang your wife/girlfriend there’s nothing wrong with it.

Cadenthecapybara : My best friend is polyamorous, and it doesn't bug me a bit. I don't think I could be, but I'm glad she's being herself and doing what's best for her! As long as people are honest and open with their partner(s) and everyone's a consenting adult, I don't see any problem.

Sir. Wankinondemcows : Leftist propaganda.

Mikayla Stewart : I feel like the older you get the more you only want one partner. To have that settled down feeling. I bet more people over the age of 40 are for exclusive relationships and people younger are more for open ones. I don't think you can have a long term open relationship. There will always be the favourite/the number one partner. I would never do an open relationship. I think if you can't commit to one person you can't be held reliable to commit to raising a family.

Okayish Guy : All the dislikes are by people with STIs 😂

Xalxitz : Actually the most important factor of why Humans practice monogamy is the fact that pregnant and child-caring women are pretty much "disabled" in a sense. They cannot survive on their own. That's the reason why woman want a man, who can take care of them during those years. Also keep in mind, back then there were no real ways to abort the baby or prevent pregnancy, so the woman spend her entire fertile years constantly pregnant or taking care of children. So I would disagree with your choice of words that "historically humans didn't practice monogamy" just because a man is married to more than one woman. That was actually a common way to take care of single women, who otherwise wouldn't have been able to find a mate. Even the old testament talks about a brother having to marry the widowed wife of his brother to take care of her. It wasn't an "everyone fucks everyone polygamy". Anyway even today women get maternity leave, because as a society we recgonize that a pregnant of child-caring woman simply isn't as economically competetitive as a single woman. That's the number one reason for monogamy. You can also really see how we are a civilization in decline by just speculating about the severe soceity-destroying aspects of giving women the possibility to just not have a man and lettign the state take care of her. Single motherhood is at an all-time high. Letting a woman also be seperate and independent of her husband, but still dependent on his money is also very damaging and a complete reversal of the conditions that led to humans practicing monogamy. I hope we can learn, before the consequences of our actions catch up to us.

Anonymous71475 : Monogamous relationship is a necessity for a development of civilization - nuclear family is the core foundation of civilization. Drop that principle and you butcher younger generations which are supposed to build the future of said civilization. For as far as I know there have only been one """successful""" polygamous civilization - but said civilization prospered through plunder and forced-conversion. As for the rest, rampant polygamous relationships (and interestingly, women liberation and socialism too) are only found at the end of great empires like Rome and Greece - right before their collapse. Also, your argument on STD is flawed... Or should I say deceptive? Monogamous couples not using condoms don't mean higher STD risk in monogamous couples. Polygamous people are more likely to f*ck a person with STD, who are also more likely to f*ck a person with STD. It's like saying that regular civilians are more likely to die from nuclear radiation than nuclear reactor workers because they don't wear radiation protection equipment.

Buddy : I consider myself polyamorous, as long as ALL partners consent, I cant stand those that are monogamous and cheat on their partners, if everyone isnt consenting, i reject it. Polyamory should be about all your partners loving each other. Sometimes one polyamorous person in poly relationship may have a monogamous partner, but if that partner consents to their polyamorous partner being with other partners, thats also acceptable. why im polyamorous is more on the lines because I just, cant love only one person forever, and dumping them doesnt seem right to me. This video made me more confident in my polyamorous views, thank you.

Kevin Korrekt : you simply stop using condoms when youre in a relationship. who made this? a virgin?

Smoov : no thanks i dont like sharing

R S : Even though I'm a liberal myself - I don't appreciate the liberal propaganda that this channel is plagued with. It's a science show for god's sake.

cathy2000 : More spouses = more divorces

Park Leek : Its simple, there's just no rules. You can love 1 person or more, depends how you consider the question of love, sexuality and life.

WarBeard : This channel is cucked.

Rodrigo Morfín : Only problem i see, you are kinda reducing reason of existance of monogamy to reducing stds. You are not mentioning the whole not having more than half of males mateless problem, and the utility of having two parents purposedly giving resources, time and attention to their offspring instead of plenty of woman trying to compete to get their alpha male attention and resources for their kids.

Preston Chapa : Are these guys cuckolds?