Falling Down - Dumpstore (Part 1)

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1971irvin : muhahahaha.......this boots are great for stopming QUEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Neil Tipton : Alternate lifestyle my ass!!!LOL

Kron Hertz : Although the shop owner is a certified bigot, you can't deny he's honest. Many surplus store owner these days will try to sell you the most expensive item on the shelf. This store owner on the other hand is actually mindful of his customer budget.

Paul Deronne : Take it easy mary

Kurt Mason : They're great for STOMPING QUEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Smith : The store owner had his back, he should've showed more respect...

rnlsg : I think its an army surplus store not a dumpstore.

Makoto Mikami : I love this guy, he hates the same people I do xD

Roth Vantage : "I'm looking for a man." "Are ya now?"

Laurence D : This scene has been making me laugh for years!

Just a speck in the universe : "And what about them muff divers?...think about it"

ImBoredAsHell21 : "And they're great for STAWMPIN' QUEERZ!" LOL!!! I'm not homophobic or anything, but the way he says that line just KILLS me!

SgtBaker16 : put all that on the label: Vietnam jungle boots. cost you half as much last you twice as long and they're great for stomping queers.

Toyota Supra : Has to be one of the best parts of falling down Frederick Forrests character could not of been played by any person better than him, he has now produced some classic lines from this movie which will always be remembered

Sabrina Artois-Davis : this dude is surely a Trump voter

Kyle Coyne : Take it easy Mary, take it easy.

Rubert Max : Why they don't call u guys police officer sses LMAO

JHinsonMusic : Really, a great piece of acting

SgtBaker16 : they're late for their Barbara Streisand concert

tekubus : Love this guy.

Cass Carter : "For my own personal amusement" subtitled as "Vor de lol."

lubui2583 : Vietnamn jungle boots lmao

HuskyGamersUNITE : The matter-of-factly tone that he delivers "and what about those muff divers? think about it!" couldn't have been done any better. A one-take goldmine. Always bust up at that.

Brian Potter : This film should be required viewing for all SJW's.The results would be devastating.

Mr Snrub : Hi, im Nick ! 😏

Bitler Did Nothing Wrong : This guy is great!

Lurch Hightower : In a way, this scene is made to ridicule the opinions of this guy. It's natural common sense to be disgusted by queers. But unless they're bothering me or try to brainwash my kids, I say live and let live. But they have a point in that his over-the-top hatred for queers hid a fascination with the topic, which shows in part 2. And it is in fact true that blacks are more prone to deadly violence, just check the statistics. But again, his hatred made himself violent.

Jack Mann : So, who's got the Balls to pull the pin in the complaints department?

acotytamwiesz : so the cops are looking for the guy in his 'late 30-ties' - am i hearing this right?? So they are definitely not looking for Michael Douglas who is 49 in this movie, and doesn't look much younger than that.

unnamed715 : "And what about the muff divers? Think about it..." LOL! Shit cracks me up every time! XD

Corbin Dallas : Gotta love that a gay guy like Joel Schumacher made this scene.

RollersPostulate : NEVER GET OUT THE BOAT

Vath121 : YOU got the problem.

Pat Moon : Welcome to /pol/

Gray Fox [ROU] : Send Obama to this guy! It would be a better world.

FILMMAKER PERO : FALLING DOWN..........................................ONE CULT MOVIE !!!

sal bundy : just from the first scene. ..this will be my Friday night movie tomorrow. ..

A Tea Daze : Think about it.

SgtPiggie : The muff divers are very cool. They have made countless superb videos. Think about it!!!

Nate Murdoch : And what about the muff divers? Think about it! I agree Nick, lol.

Arthur Ponzarelli : Nick is FOX News' target audience. 

Carle 2 : The comments are atrocious on this video. Warning to those who wish to peruse them.

Dragon lair : " not very fond of gay people" LOL

CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER : Take it easy Mary...

RossBayCult : The store guy must've been Trump's idol.

TheNWOKOFan : Literally every skinhead nazi.

Blind Fool : Lol best character in the film

John Mead : I need to upload this and re-title it "My trip to /pol/"

Asait : I'm surprised he didn't say "Have a nice day ladies"

Ubasute Yurei : kinda like this guy haha