Falling Down - Dumpstore (Part 1)

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Kurt Mason : They're great for STOMPING QUEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rnlsg : I think its an army surplus store not a dumpstore.

Paul Deronne : Take it easy mary

Kyle Coyne : Take it easy Mary, take it easy.

Cass Carter : "For my own personal amusement" subtitled as "Vor de lol."

RollersPostulate : NEVER GET OUT THE BOAT

Jim Smith : The store owner had his back, he should've showed more respect...

1971irvin : muhahahaha.......this boots are great for stopming QUEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Makoto Mikami : I love this guy, he hates the same people I do xD

Darkton80 : " Alternate Lifestyle My Ass!!!!! " LOL

JC Malone : "And what about them muff divers?...think about it"

Arthur Ponzarelli : Nick is FOX News' target audience. 

lubui2583 : Vietnamn jungle boots lmao

Gray Fox [ROU] : Send Obama to this guy! It would be a better world.

ReichfeuherSS : I LOVE this guy (not in a pervert way either)!

Vath121 : YOU got the problem.

HuskyGamersUNITE : The matter-of-factly tone that he delivers "and what about those muff divers? think about it!" couldn't have been done any better. A one-take goldmine. Always bust up at that.

sal bundy : just from the first scene. ..this will be my Friday night movie tomorrow. ..

HELLH0WND : Be honest - Everyone loves Nick the NAZI.

Jack Mann : So, who's got the Balls to pull the pin in the complaints department?

Sabrina Artois-Davis : this dude is surely a Trump voter

Roth Vantage : "I'm looking for a man." "Are ya now?"

Khan Man : Gotta love that a gay guy like Joel Schumacher made this scene.

JHinsonMusic : Really, a great piece of acting

Nozzy1110 : Murica lol

SgtPiggie : The muff divers are very cool. They have made countless superb videos. Think about it!!!

Nate Murdoch : And what about the muff divers? Think about it! I agree Nick, lol.

A Tea Daze : Think about it.

Bill Shatner : woman detective is hot

stormz media : fuckin great movie all together.

PIlotrcm : Michael Douglas was the good guy. It was society that was fucked

ImBoredAsHell21 : "And they're great for STAWMPIN' QUEERZ!" LOL!!! I'm not homophobic or anything, but the way he says that line just KILLS me!

Abort Everyone : This man spoke the truth and was killed by a government operative. Just like all those people 9/11 when the Mossad blew up the WTC!

Mr Snrub : Hi, im Nick ! 😏

Dragon lair : " not very fond of gay people" LOL

CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER : Take it easy Mary...

FILMMAKER PERO : FALLING DOWN..........................................ONE CULT MOVIE !!!

Hitler Did Nothing Wrong : This guy is great!

Pat Moon : Welcome to /pol/

Slaver : "...and they're great for stompin' QUEERS!" Haha, that cracked me up.

sunthunder thor : here is something alot of people dont know,the actor portraying nick here is frederick forrest,who also played in a great western called lonesome dove with Robert duval and tommy lee jones,he played a ruthless half breed murderer named blue duck.

SgtBaker16 : put all that on the label: Vietnam jungle boots. cost you half as much last you twice as long and they're great for stomping queers.

Carle 2 : The comments are atrocious on this video. Warning to those who wish to peruse them.

Justin Armageddon : This guy has to be the biggest racist I've ever seen

Bill Shatner : will you just come on, I don't need this shit today!...       so he is the effeminate one?

Ubasute Yurei : kinda like this guy haha

idontreallyknowno : The joke is that homosexual men "clean" each other's poop out of their rectums ("waffles") with their "stick", e.g. their penises.

vinobody : something that signifies..you know

Brian Potter : This film should be required viewing for all SJW's.The results would be devastating.

Dan Castor : Surprised the Nazi guy and his store could survive in a ghetto part of LA surrounded by Black and Hispanic Gangs...