Stupid Pig Jumps Out Of Truck

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01undeniable : Stupid? I call him smart he probably escaped from being slaughtered

UngliBaaz : He just saved his life👍🏻

Fiori Beats : When your brother farts in the car

William W : Stupid? That pig has been enslaved it’s whole life and is probably headed to a slaughterhouse. Id try to escape aswell.

Oscar Plays : The pig is just trying to prevent his dead

FromHyrule : He knew what was coming, he simply wanted to live.

mark v1 : FREEEDOM

Naashon Williamson : *Pig* : "DONT WORRY POOH BEAR IM COMIN!!!

DonNoDraper : He was like ur not getn this bacon 😂

Stay cold : This pig lives longer than the other ones, she choses pain and freedom

Solitude in Arctic : Probably got boared.

Zeke Larsen : He ain't turning to bacon anytime soon, He the real MVP

William Wood : All I saw was a police officer jump out of a dump truck.

TheOne 151 : FREEDOM! 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

Kwakeka Mdivasi : Stupid?? He managed to get away!

Rubmeet Off : thats a free pig!

OtakuBlazeN : Pig planning to steal eggs from Angry birds

Kris Elblaus : Stupid? HaHHah.. better IQ than me i think xD

AQUA CARE NEMO : Redbull gives wings

What is life? I'm shook : We can go on a date when pigs fly *shows video*

deez nuts : It actually is intelligent It was gonna get killed and it knew it

John Palermo : Is he/she ok!?

Corruption Masta : I have seen dogs parkour like monkeys but pigs? That pig ain't stupid, that pig is a boss... BTW There you go YouTube I watched this video are you happy?

Stephen : They'll go back and pick the pig up & sell it as "free range" pork.

Jake Long : Aye, you either break your neck while jumping out or you end up in a BLT sandwich. That pig is smart in my book.


smoothshot 95 : To be fair if I was being driven off in a truck to be killed and eaten I'd jump to

Jonathan Rayne : He's not stupid. He's trying to avoid going to the slaughterhouse. Animals aren't stupid. Just because we don't understand what they're saying, doesn't make them stupid.

The Remix Artist : Just me or did anyone else take notice to that woman at the end of aggressively yet smoothly rolled her "R's"?

I haven't taken shower for 7 weeks, but : I'm impressed with the way that politician jumped from the truck.

Kori Music : AHHAHA è friulano

GTA V Movies : Right when the Pig looked over the edge it thought.. Man I do jumps like this in my sleep!

Architectural Works : He forgot to vote for trump ...

Sharpshooter12345 : His buddy gave him a boost

נער ציון : Me on the way to school

Rafie_ArsyadYT : *Brother, may i have some oats?*

nyherso : I believe I can fly

Steven Tutagalevao : pig aint stupid it's either he jumps or turns in to bacon 😂

mark v1 : I belive i can fly Syke

TheCorvallisBoys : Pigs do fly

xndr : Top 10 memes

kuru fasulye pilav : Einer der besten Videos in YouTube

Abdul Haleem : He knew that his life was coming to an end if he stayed on that truck, He probably realized a long time ago that when ever one of his buddies got loaded on that truck, he never saw them again

J 0 E L : Well the fact that that truck is bringing all those pigs to be slaughtered, I’d say that was really smart

Zanar Aesthetics : Looooool insane youtube recommendation

algon44 : Stupid pig? that mofo was last seen eating the best slop this side of the Mississippi. Stupid pigs stayed in the truck.

japanese lover : He doesnt want to be turn into Bacon.🔥🔥😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

AUGUST PFERSICH : When you don’t get any kill in halo or cod

Zach Van Harris JR : Pig tried to play it off like nothing happened.. did you hear it whistling while walking away?😅😅😅

Justin Y. : I'm surprised it didn't snap its neck