Kitten Training Walking on a Leash

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Milo the Munchkin Cat : Hey guys! Sorry about the re-upload of an older video, something happened so we wanted to re-post it :) Hope you enjoy this blast from the past as much as we did!

Alfin Fellialnyoo : huh i never knew a fluffy caterpillar could run faster than me. best thing i've ever watch

Nancy Maschio : No problem. All the kittens are beautiful. Love them all. Thank you very much. 🥀🐈

John Leal : I could watch this all day

Eliza Ash : He looks happy😀

Nat Amaral : That is one sweet furbaby!

shariys1 : What a beautiful, clever baby! He really wanted to run!

Ree™ : Such a lucky kitteh!


Isabella : Go beautiful Kitty go, go !!!!

RainbowCandy Starglow : Can munchkin cats be on leash because it says keep it indoors and I’m afraid that it won’t get enough fresh air so can all munchkin cats be on leash because it looks like it please answer this question just please answer because maybe I’ll get a munchkin kitten

tina : I love Milo !

Berry Sweet : Sooooo cute! ❤

Catify Co : This is adorable

Rıfkı Can : Yerim ben bunu hamm çok datluuuuu yaaaa pisicik❤️❤️❤️

Ching lan Lie : Goooooood boy milo

gamingbygaming : miaow so cute

Evon Williams : Now that was really to cute and funny

Michael Zacarias Benjamin Glass : fine work

Sumu Gogoi : sweet beta...

Melissa R : Gosh he is so tiny and cute😘😘😘

Oyuncu-nun Yolu : He looks like a Cat.

SuperNova : Just waiting for the eagle

Paulo Gilvan : love

gamingbygaming : awwwwwwwwwww

Zafir Amin : Lol

Ishijen Llanes : Milo is so cute😍

i M : ああ💓 so cute😍💓

Vandana Raghavan : OMG.....

TaniaThriller : 💖!!!!

hakan kağan : Hi i want to munchkin how can i..

LcvgamerMusic : white tiger on road ROAR.

X -tina : Omg a fluffy potato! 😍

Archi Hisham : Lovely kitten

The collector 101 : So CUTEEEE!!!!!! I NEED ONE IN MY LIFE XP

Tune BoyZ : when u walkin

silia salem-fan- de angelina jolie-antonia : I put I loved for the kitten not leash

Insiyah Insiyah : meow meow cute

ItsRøse : *kachow*

Ankita Kulkarni : Aw w w w

nairitya ganguly : So cute

Afsana Harun : 😗

Akra : Thats a cat not a dog. I dont see why you would waste time doing this.

Phill Walker : What a fatty