Munchkin Kitten Training to Walk on a Leash

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Milo the Munchkin Cat : Hey guys! Sorry about the re-upload of an older video, something happened so we wanted to re-post it :) Hope you enjoy this blast from the past as much as we did!

Nancy Maschio : No problem. All the kittens are beautiful. Love them all. Thank you very much. 🥀🐈

John Leal : I could watch this all day

Alfin Fellialnyoo : huh i never knew a fluffy caterpillar could run faster than me. best thing i've ever watch

Eliza Ash : He looks happy😀

Ree™ : Such a lucky kitteh!

tina : I love Milo !

shariys1 : What a beautiful, clever baby! He really wanted to run!

Nat Amaral : That is one sweet furbaby!


Vandana Raghavan : OMG.....

Catify Co : This is adorable

Berry Sweet : Sooooo cute! ❤

Melissa R : Gosh he is so tiny and cute😘😘😘

TaniaThriller : 💖!!!!

Ching lan Lie : Goooooood boy milo

Paulo Gilvan : love

Isabella : Go beautiful Kitty go, go !!!!

Michael Zacarias Benjamin Glass : fine work

Chetoss Yaman : Yerim ben bunu hamm çok datluuuuu yaaaa pisicik❤️❤️❤️

Sumu Gogoi : sweet beta...

hakan kağan : Hi i want to munchkin how can i..

Zafir Amin : Lol

i M : ああ💓 so cute😍💓

Ishijen Llanes : Milo is so cute😍

Oyuncu-nun Yolu : He looks like a Cat.

Evon Williams : Now that was really to cute and funny

SuperNova : Just waiting for the eagle

gamingbygaming : miaow so cute

gamingbygaming : awwwwwwwwwww

Afsana Harun : 😗

silia salem-fan- de angelina jolie & Simge : I put I loved for the kitten not leash

Insiyah Insiyah : meow meow cute

Ankita Kulkarni : Aw w w w

Akra : Thats a cat not a dog. I dont see why you would waste time doing this.

Phill Walker : What a fatty

nairitya ganguly : So cute