Creighton Boys School's Popular New French Teacher - Saturday Night Live

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Ivory : Love the way the German teacher seems completely unfazed when her husband walks in and also flirts with the French Teacher. She's already given up.

MatchstalkMan : “Oh, I thought when you got divorced, it changed back…” Burn!

MrYousifmen : I wish I had that endless sandwitch

Kasino80 : Haven't we all had a teacher like that. The one that made it a bit harder...I mean easier.

DorianYT : "My name is Michel, now, s'il vous plait" Hahaha

Claire Garcia : just realised her name is supposed to be Dequoi which would translate to "DE'WHAT"

A N N A B E L : "You're perfume makes you look like a 'OOKER😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Eric : I'm french, and I got to say, her french is not very good. But good lord Seth is funny as hell.

Brian Fantana : SNL should updating this New French Teacher with current casts. They have Cecily Strong now, as she is pretty, tall, dark haired and can speaks French.

LifeAsJodi Forever : 4:04 "Ilary,your perfume makes you smell like a OOker! " hahahahahahah

Anouska Sfx : I love the sketches when Rachel Dratch just eats all the way through

Brian Fantana : Yeah, i wish my teacher back then looks like Catherine Zeta Jones.

TheDarkKnight : "when will u get home honey?"

ernest747 : i wish German teacher's part was bigger in this sketch.

NewhamMatt : For some reason Seth and Amy are at their funniest when being snarky with each other (probably with the exception of Weekend Update).  The Sally and Dan Needler/Harrison sketches are some of their best, and they fire it off again here.

Nuper In Nocte : The German teacher is how one should take life. Just chill, and observe.

Nuno Anjos : LMAO "my name is michel now".......... No wonder!

Steve27775 : What ees zuh raison pour zis mogger-ree of zuh Fraunch? Zey are no differaunt to vous. Og-ay, we manger zuh legs of zuh froggies and peut-etre zuh meat of an 'orse, mais we adore le comedie aussi: "Ooh regarde moi, je suis Johnny 'allyday. I 'ad un affaire avec Edith Piaf. Oh, it was tres stormie, mais I sink - 'ow you say - she 'ad no regrets. Ma colon ees now fine. Sank you vary mush."

Hey you : I'm french and I can't stop laughing

Sean Haggard : Audience didn't get veni vidi vicci. I laughed just to flex on these non classically educated foos.

Ben Dandelion : I wish I had a sandwich that never ran out...

DysfunctionalTuber Z : My German class has 2 students 😂

Dluxxkingz : Never knew that Catherine Zeta Jones could speak French and Welsh and English.

Diljit Singh : say that in spanish..... ehhh olo!!!! lolz

xxxx85 : "What time you getting home honey?" Hahahahahaha :D

redcaddiedaddie : Yes... when I was a HS freshman, we had English with Miss Janice Overby, a 26-yr-old, blue-eyed brunette from Mississippi, with a deliciously syrupy Southern drawl, and a habit of sitting on the front edge of her desk & crossing her high-heeled legs while she discussed poetry. I had difficulty focusing on what she was teaching, as blood that should have been going to my brain kept taking a detour, a condition I suspect was afflicting all the other guys in the room as well LOL. (SIDEBAR--- A (slightly) related joke, courtesy of Larry The Cable Guy)... Yeah, the other day I heard about a 16-yr-old boy who had had sex with his teacher. I thought 'Hey, way to go kid!' That is, until I found out he was being HOME-SCHOOLED!!!

The Spokesman : Catherine J Jones is damm hot!!!!

darwin orendain : When is she going to finish her sandwich?

Sašo M : What time do you get home honey 😂

Tristan Mattwig : It's pronounced weni, widi, wici in Latin not veni vidi vici (although it looks like that). Some Latin teacher lol

Goo Fy : I love how dratch never stopped eating

John Dorcic : Everything Rachel Dratch did was brilliant.

Angry Fat Boi : French Teacher and immediately Sophie Marceau came to mind.

LoKitty 626 : Pleas please please to an update version of this with Marion Cottilard!🙏

OddUndeniably : Really love Seth in this sketch

Carlos Pelaez : She is so hot with that accent, 👌🏿(and without too lol)

macrocosmique : Haha, love the way she speaks French ;) with a cute accent

jackster1212 : Catherine Zeta Jones is stunning... always was... but this character is annoying. And entirely too perky to be French.

Zac Zac : Damn, Kenan has been on there *forever*.

Kimberly Young : I love this sketch, but the best part for me was Rachael Dratch eating that sandwich 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jimmy M : I never had a really hot teacher unfortunately. Or maybe that was for the best. I went to school back in the days before teachers slept with their students, and weren't young and hot. They were all oldies.

Jay OLeary : It's like those French have a different word for everything!

J Bellamy : "Holo??" 😂🤣

Bunkersmasher : Damn, I wish my french teacher was like that

GG Babe : French teacher is stunning

Michael Hall : He obviously doesn't speak Latin. The phrase is pronounced like "wennie widdy weechee".


iridescence † : So I'm currently taking latin and I know that v's are pronounced like w's. So why did the teacher say "vene vidi vici" if the correct pronounciation is "wene widi wici"?

DP Z : Catherine Zeta and Selma Hayek we're my Higher Power tag team when I had to go to AA meetings because I love 🍺, and motorcycles. I figured wtf if I'm going to be there I might as well have fun with it, they said "a God of your own understanding" which is more dangerous than drinking and driving if you ask me, in short it was a room full of whackjobs with a book based on the Christian bible and yes, a very religious group that a judge can order anyone to go to for brainwashing, and they themselves admit that they have about a 5% success rate, how fucking funny is that. In short, I prayed and prayed but I never got the tag team hour long interactive dream session I sought, AA lied about that one also, meditation my ass. Yupp.

Kevessi : first language is French but it never happens to me.