Kazakhstan: Military helicopter stops to ask for directions on road near Karabutak

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alexnickolaev : if you get involved in road rage with him, you are getting a missle salvo right in your face

King Lurch : I bet his wife was in the helicopter making ask

jeffiek : Silly people. He wasn't asking for directions to Aktubinsk. He was asking for directions to a toilet. When you gotta go,you gotta go.

Anthony Stone : million dollar helicopter but no GPS

Uros Lazic : wtf???? 😂^_^

silverfox441 : You have got to love Russian's no-nonsense approach to problems...

GIna Park : No GPS signal in Kazakhstan?????

Richard Watson : BUSTED! lol, he thought he might get away with getting lost.

Who Cares? : This driver gotta be badass,as if he sees helicopters lands on roads everyday

Lupul Alb : ROFL :)

ripperuL : His iPhone battery was down, therefore the helicopter had no GPS...

Sana Ullah Khan : nice job

Unstoppable : if you cross the second set of train tracks you've gone to far.

Wormhole Times : RT = Russian Troll propaganda news will be banned in the US. FAKE NEWS

Cesar Gomez : 😆😂

Amstrong Chi : What can you do when the landscape is covered with a snow blanket and all you can identify is a truck? Better ask for directions than to crash.

jeff schnablegger : Helicopter Pilot>>Hey Bro, Do you know if there's a Taco Bell around here? Truck driver>> Yeah man, just head that way about 10 miles till you get to the town. There's a Taco Bell right Next to Wal-Mart. Helicopter pilot >> Cool bro..Thanks!

Aldhika Bl : "Hello Blyad, sorry to block your way, do you know where's the commercial store who sold Vodka and Kompot?"

LinusKuzmick : Half drunk truckie: Dah Snemahyoo,Snemahyoo. ;)

DaSnipy : aww, the compass froze ! thats why ! xD

HighSpeedNoDrag : Hey it was low visibility and he might of been low on fuel.  Excellent corrective action!!!!!!!!

Carlos Marinho : what is the surprise? last week a Boeing747 pilot has landed next to my Fiat to ask airport directions . He forgot to pay the phone bill and has no way to contact the control tower.

mighty Power999 : Hey wanna buy some GPS from USA hahah never fails always on point. Go USA

Mikhail Angel : that's kinda embarrassing being lost.

the24062008 : Don't drink and fly !!

Chris Niemczyk : He doesnt have navigation map?

ᴄᴛʀx 14 : lel

Rob M : Borat: We need somewhere to park our black asses for the night.

Johnson 5mm : Golden

nicola facciolini : Made in RUSSIA

2 1 : هههه😂😂😂