Earthrise: What It's Like to Escape Our Planet | Op-Docs

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What is it like to see the universe in a way no one ever has before? In “Earthrise,” this week’s new Op-Doc, the astronauts of Apollo 8 tell the tale of humanity’s first journey beyond Earth’s orbit. Director Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee — who previously directed the Op-Docs “Sanctuaries of Silence,” “Vanishing Island” and “Who Speaks Wukchumni?” — masterfully weaves archival NASA footage and candid interviews with the astronauts themselves to explore what deep space means for the human spirit. More from The New York Times Video: Subscribe: Watch all of our videos here: Facebook: Twitter: ---------- Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It's all the news that's fit to watch.


Florian Gaeremynck : don't go to Mars unless we can do it as humans not as nations. Thats the wisest thing I've heard in my life

Natalie : I cried. I love space so much.. it is my dream to go to space before I die.

Andrew Yang : The most impressive and heartwarming stuff from NYT in recent memory!

Ndirangu Gichuki : Soundtrack at the end sounds like a soundtrack from the movie Interstellar.

The Capacitor : Watching First Man has made me go on an Apollo binge again...

Jonas Hütte : Just a beautiful film. A beautiful story. A beautiful marble.

Skram Amme : I'd go to Mars or even the Space Station not caring if I ever came back or if my life were to end as a result. Just leaving this planet and being able to experience something _this_ profound would be worth it.

Native2458 : We can't be the only ones in this universe.

joe caterman : this is why we need to stop denying climate change... stop denying that we're damaging the marble by deforestation and co2... and start really pushing new tech for energy production. Its the only marble we have in the blackness of space among 8 other worlds... all dead... physics and engineering gave us energy and the means to travel the earth... now it must give us sustainable energy and the means to travel the cosmos.

Lithostheory : 19:24 ... better hope we land in the blue part :)

Grey Aria : 1:07 is the proper response to the question they were asked.

FantastickDark2 : Thank you for this content. Greetings from Earth

egg : The video made me cry

cardayz : "When I hear people chanting that we ought to go on to Mars, I'm thinking...why don't we get our act together here on Earth first, and go to Mars as human beings, not as jingoistic Americans or Chinese or Russians or Indians. Let's just do it as human beings." Beautiful

chegeny : If we could all somehow have the extraordinary perspective these astronauts were given, perhaps we would be a little kinder to one another and more interested in taking care of this miraculous little planet.

jayrod59 : If only we could spend as much money on space travel as we do on making war, if only.....

Canadian Astronaut : This is truly stunning. One of the best documentaries I've ever watched. The effort, the Interstellar-like music and the awe-inspiring photography. This is a documentary I'll never forget and I'll be sure to share it. Great work!

timeofsage : Original music: Scott Salinas? Sounds more like Hans Zimmer to me.

Steven Tarsitano : really some beautiful stuff. i LOVE the perspective we are getting from the astronauts. it really does make you think, and make you consider what our universe is like. it's a sobering feeling, but it's beautiful.

Blake Torres : Incredible great story for humankind

JM P : Flat earthers are quaking

joe caterman : im in my 30's and i don't think I'll get to visit the moon or that ordinary people will in my life time. These people got to do it before i was even born.

Natanael : Absolutely stunning film. Music was way too similar to Interstellar to not be distracting though.

Cooper Tweedie : Wow... absolutely amazing

K W : absolutely beautiful. This was well done. Thank you and keep reporting news, past and current, especially in these dark times

lisa evers : I would never have thought that astronauts could be this introspective, spiritual, 'feeling', sensitive... the way they described what they saw/felt, and then seeing those images, well.... how could one not view one's day-to-day existence very differently, after seeing this video? This film sure puts things into perspective, eh? I'd love for our government and officials to be forced to watch this...and all those who say global warming is not real...that saving endangered species does not matter... etc. ...and I wish every American citizen would watch this and understand that we are ALL Americans, no matter what side of any political/social debate we may be on. This film is just so poignant and beautiful. What also strikes me about this men self-effacing they humble....

e m : Thank you for this awe-inspiring video! It sent chills down my spine and reminds me that we should not take this beautiful blue planet for granted.

Opfi Pip : Yes, our earth is very small. But it is of great significance. Because its is full of LIVE and we can live there and enjoy life in a way we never can in space. Because space for us is a place of death where we can only survive for a short time by very high developed technical skills and things we bring with us from earth. We have only this one planet. We should really take good care of it. But we do not. That is so sad.

Pierre The Hypebeast : Is it just me or is the whole music a copy of Hans Zimmer’s interstellar soundtrack

Leonardo Ramírez : Thankts NYT for this beautiful documentary

cardayz : I absolutely loved this video. I feel that if there is one thing I must do in my life, it is to go into space and contribute to a science that transcends our nationalist diversions: science for the progression of humanity as a whole.

Ryan's Adventure & Info : Amazing documentary! 19:03 is my favorite line.

Dog Tagz 99 : But this is just the government lying to us!! The earth is flat! No. It's not. This is VERY emotional and really changes some opinions and beliefs when watching this..

Chris Tie : The soundtrack of this production is heavily influenced by Zimmer's "Interstellar".

Diy With B : Stunning....

0bvi0us Plant : "An inescapable perspective awaits" -Carl sagan

David Edwards : A beautiful piece of journalism that is so important in this fear-riddled, nationalistic, populist, tribal age.

Brandon Shields : Wait i thought the earth was flat? Lol beauiful film . Cheers

NUKE : If NASA had just planned a mission, to go to the Moon without landing or making any scientific research and just film the entire ride and then come back with hours upon hours of footage - that would still be enough to change the world... Nasa really did changed the world that decade and we should all be thankful for the Americans and the other Nations that took place in those missions for doing something so beautiful, as to take these pictures of the Earth of the Moon of Space itself, so that we can understand our position in this universe that we are all stuck into and have no clue how we ever got here in the 1st place... This video was so beautiful words cannot describe, because our ancestors living up the trees and into caves could never had the chance of creating words good enough to describe all this beauty. Isn't peace a beautiful thing?

Luis M : Amazing documentary

J Smith : I had a physics professor in college who was an astronaut. He was working in Mission Control during the Apollo 8 mission and he talked about the mood in Mission Control when the first earth rise was broadcast back to earth. He said it was an extremely powerful and humbling experience. Just hearing him talk about it was amazing enough, I cannot imagine what it was like for the three guys on Apollo 8.

Chris Hayes : This is so good! I can't believe I only just found this great doc.

LeNomEstYves : This was amazing. Instant favorite.

John Mode : Watching this and realizing that we're on a immensly huge sphere, floating in a dark room is a powerful feeling. It's truly mysterious. I hope that commercial space-flight will become a thing some time soon haha.

Adnan Daghastanli : I'm watching this just thinking "wow, the Earth is the best place in the world" haha.

Warren Musselman : Stunning... and brought tears to my eyes.... but then I'm of a certain generation who heard the call.

Johannes C : We are all astronauts what a great statement and so true.

Strider Soft : When I was a child I can remember dreaming of going into space and then, as an adult, appreciating the utterly inhospitable and dangerous emptiness of space. Watching this video makes me feel proud of the absolutely stunning progress of Science in such a short period of time. I just hope we get our act together and pass the ultimate test for the longevity of evolution vs technological advancement.

BillyCBoxingFan : If this doesn't inspire people to achieve what you want in life, not much else will.