Earthrise: What It's Like to Escape Our Planet | Op-Docs

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András Ács : The view count is criminally low.. Wonderful film.

Florian Gaeremynck : don't go to Mars unless we can do it as humans not as nations. Thats the wisest thing I've heard in my life

Andrew Yang : The most impressive and heartwarming stuff from NYT in recent memory!

joe caterman : this is why we need to stop denying climate change... stop denying that we're damaging the marble by deforestation and co2... and start really pushing new tech for energy production. Its the only marble we have in the blackness of space among 8 other worlds... all dead... physics and engineering gave us energy and the means to travel the earth... now it must give us sustainable energy and the means to travel the cosmos.

The Capacitor : Watching First Man has made me go on an Apollo binge again...

Ndirangu Gichuki : Soundtrack at the end sounds like a soundtrack from the movie Interstellar.

Jonas Hütte : Just a beautiful film. A beautiful story. A beautiful marble.

egg : The video made me cry

Native722 : We can't be the only ones in this universe.

timeofsage : Original music: Scott Salinas? Sounds more like Hans Zimmer to me.

chegeny : If we could all somehow have the extraordinary perspective these astronauts were given, perhaps we would be a little kinder to one another and more interested in taking care of this miraculous little planet.

BlakeT : Incredible great story for humankind

Pierre The Hypebeast : Is it just me or is the whole music a copy of Hans Zimmer’s interstellar soundtrack

Lithostheory : 19:24 ... better hope we land in the blue part :)

NatMan : Absolutely stunning film. Music was way too similar to Interstellar to not be distracting though.

joe caterman : im in my 30's and i don't think I'll get to visit the moon or that ordinary people will in my life time. These people got to do it before i was even born.

FantastickDark2 : Thank you for this content. Greetings from Earth

Grey Aria : 1:07 is the proper response to the question they were asked.

Ryan's Adventure & Info : Amazing documentary! 19:03 is my favorite line.

Dog Tagz 99 : But this is just the government lying to us!! The earth is flat! No. It's not. This is VERY emotional and really changes some opinions and beliefs when watching this..

K W : absolutely beautiful. This was well done. Thank you and keep reporting news, past and current, especially in these dark times

Subversively Surreal : Just trekking around ( meaning up and down ) the Himalayas, and seeing how thick the stars were from “The Roof of the World “ was a mind-expanding experience... I would never have thought to ask that question using the word, “ Wrench “, but I appreciate the response that they ought to have sent, “Poets”... I would go in a heartbeat!

Leonardo Ramírez : Thankts NYT for this beautiful documentary

Cooper Tweedie : Wow... absolutely amazing

roninpainbringer : BUT ..BUT THE EARTH IS FLAT

Lithostheory : The music sounds like a ripoff of the music from interstellar.

cardayz : I absolutely loved this video. I feel that if there is one thing I must do in my life, it is to go into space and contribute to a science that transcends our nationalist diversions: science for the progression of humanity as a whole.

cardayz : "When I hear people chanting that we ought to go on to Mars, I'm thinking...why don't we get our act together here on Earth first, and go to Mars as human beings, not as jingoistic Americans or Chinese or Russians or Indians. Let's just do it as human beings." Beautiful

happy face meme : This is going down as one of the most beautiful documentaries ever in YouTube history. Just heads up 4:39 that's the countries of Angola and Namibia. Africa's a continent. Just so you remember. :)

Luis M : Amazing documentary

Rya N : But I thought the earth was flat?

Carlos Cesar Espinoza : 5:05 homie was enlightened without psychedelics !

Jacob Lesperance : The 23 down votes are flat earthers

tr0uble07 : Frank couldn't even spell and he got the job as one of the first men in space (5:47)

Diy With B : Stunning....

Kerem Sarac : Inspiring.

Lithostheory : 15:50 that picture made it all worth it :)

Mark Arnott : I Love Everything SPACE & APOLLO Missions a big fan🥇 👴 keeps the world researching new designs as we are in 2018 🌎👉🚀

jbrunnez : incredible sound design

YawnGod : I like the pseudo-Interstellar soundtrack going on.

aAaa aAaa : Anyone notice the music was pretty much Interstellar?

Dumb Name : This is the epitome of man kind and all of its achievements

zapfanzapfan : Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer? Sounds very Interstellar, very appropriate :-)

Guerin Ouverture : Wow I got chills up my spine when they flew past the moon. Looks so dark and scary there!

Rich Campus : ~●~ The anagram for Earth is Heart ~●~

BillyCBoxingFan : If this doesn't inspire people to achieve what you want in life, not much else will.

Michael Hope : Absolutely gorgeous

Subversively Surreal : I find it so interesting that these men regarded the Earth from space as ‘a marble’, yet after the tedious activity of looking at and documenting what Gore Vidal called, “Our one, dull moon”, they viewed the Earth’s re-emergence with such excitement. Perhaps it indicates that humans, with an excellent aptitude for adaptation, also suffer from the inverse, which, in English, is a commonly understood phrase which is clunky, “ Taking it for granted “. I am unaware of any studies about these excursions, and the collective consciousness of the population, whatever their personal conditions. Whilst this period is recalled as one of great divisiveness, it was also a time during which even monied conservatives regarded their personal status by time, and place, and happenstance. I would only add to this point that the book, “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” was on literally every bookshelf during that era.

Avinash Rudraksha : Thank u America for ur gr8 space programme!!

biocybernaut : Psy-Op-Docs