Earthrise: What It's Like to Escape Our Planet | Op-Docs

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András Ács : The view count is criminally low.. Wonderful film.

Florian Gaeremynck : don't go to Mars unless we can do it as humans not as nations. Thats the wisest thing I've heard in my life

Andrew Yang : The most impressive and heartwarming stuff from NYT in recent memory!

Jonas Hütte : Just a beautiful film. A beautiful story. A beautiful marble.

The Capacitor : Watching First Man has made me go on an Apollo binge again...

Ndirangu Gichuki : Soundtrack at the end sounds like a soundtrack from the movie Interstellar.

Native722 : We can't be the only ones in this universe.

joe caterman : this is why we need to stop denying climate change... stop denying that we're damaging the marble by deforestation and co2... and start really pushing new tech for energy production. Its the only marble we have in the blackness of space among 8 other worlds... all dead... physics and engineering gave us energy and the means to travel the earth... now it must give us sustainable energy and the means to travel the cosmos.

Natalie : I cried. I love space so much.. it is my dream to go to space before I die.

cardayz : "When I hear people chanting that we ought to go on to Mars, I'm thinking...why don't we get our act together here on Earth first, and go to Mars as human beings, not as jingoistic Americans or Chinese or Russians or Indians. Let's just do it as human beings." Beautiful

chegeny : If we could all somehow have the extraordinary perspective these astronauts were given, perhaps we would be a little kinder to one another and more interested in taking care of this miraculous little planet.

Lithostheory : 19:24 ... better hope we land in the blue part :)

FantastickDark2 : Thank you for this content. Greetings from Earth

egg : The video made me cry

Grey Aria : 1:07 is the proper response to the question they were asked.

timeofsage : Original music: Scott Salinas? Sounds more like Hans Zimmer to me.

Pierre The Hypebeast : Is it just me or is the whole music a copy of Hans Zimmer’s interstellar soundtrack

BlakeT : Incredible great story for humankind

Natanael : Absolutely stunning film. Music was way too similar to Interstellar to not be distracting though.

joe caterman : im in my 30's and i don't think I'll get to visit the moon or that ordinary people will in my life time. These people got to do it before i was even born.

JM P : Flat earthers are quaking

jayrod59 : If only we could spend as much money on space travel as we do on making war, if only.....

Ryan's Adventure & Info : Amazing documentary! 19:03 is my favorite line.

roninpainbringer : BUT ..BUT THE EARTH IS FLAT

Carlos Cesar Espinoza : 5:05 homie was enlightened without psychedelics !

HidefVince : I can't believe this comment section isn't filled with conspiracy morons and their unending capacity for stupidity ...I hope I didn't just jinx it.

Dog Tagz 99 : But this is just the government lying to us!! The earth is flat! No. It's not. This is VERY emotional and really changes some opinions and beliefs when watching this..

Subversively Surreal : Just trekking around ( meaning up and down ) the Himalayas, and seeing how thick the stars were from “The Roof of the World “ was a mind-expanding experience... I would never have thought to ask that question using the word, “ Wrench “, but I appreciate the response that they ought to have sent, “Poets”... I would go in a heartbeat!

K W : absolutely beautiful. This was well done. Thank you and keep reporting news, past and current, especially in these dark times

BillyCBoxingFan : If this doesn't inspire people to achieve what you want in life, not much else will.

lisa evers : I would never have thought that astronauts could be this introspective, spiritual, 'feeling', sensitive... the way they described what they saw/felt, and then seeing those images, well.... how could one not view one's day-to-day existence very differently, after seeing this video? This film sure puts things into perspective, eh? I'd love for our government and officials to be forced to watch this...and all those who say global warming is not real...that saving endangered species does not matter... etc. ...and I wish every American citizen would watch this and understand that we are ALL Americans, no matter what side of any political/social debate we may be on. This film is just so poignant and beautiful. What also strikes me about this men self-effacing they humble....

Opfi Pip : Yes, our earth is very small. But it is of great significance. Because its is full of LIVE and we can live there and enjoy life in a way we never can in space. Because space for us is a place of death where we can only survive for a short time by very high developed technical skills and things we bring with us from earth. We have only this one planet. We should really take good care of it. But we do not. That is so sad.

Leonardo Ramírez : Thankts NYT for this beautiful documentary

Woke Conscience : This is going down as one of the most beautiful documentaries ever in YouTube history. Just heads up 4:39 that's the countries of Angola and Namibia. Africa's a continent. Just so you remember. :)

Cooper Tweedie : Wow... absolutely amazing

Lithostheory : The music sounds like a ripoff of the music from interstellar.

Diy With B : Stunning....

Sticky Lizard Studios : 1:32 Elons insperation for #dearmoon

Rya N : But I thought the earth was flat?

Now 1 : One Day.

Rich Campus : ~●~ The anagram for Earth is Heart ~●~

Luis M : Amazing documentary

aAaa aAaa : Anyone notice the music was pretty much Interstellar?

cardayz : I absolutely loved this video. I feel that if there is one thing I must do in my life, it is to go into space and contribute to a science that transcends our nationalist diversions: science for the progression of humanity as a whole.

Subversively Surreal : I find it so interesting that these men regarded the Earth from space as ‘a marble’, yet after the tedious activity of looking at and documenting what Gore Vidal called, “Our one, dull moon”, they viewed the Earth’s re-emergence with such excitement. Perhaps it indicates that humans, with an excellent aptitude for adaptation, also suffer from the inverse, which, in English, is a commonly understood phrase which is clunky, “ Taking it for granted “. I am unaware of any studies about these excursions, and the collective consciousness of the population, whatever their personal conditions. Whilst this period is recalled as one of great divisiveness, it was also a time during which even monied conservatives regarded their personal status by time, and place, and happenstance. I would only add to this point that the book, “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” was on literally every bookshelf during that era.

zapfanzapfan : Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer? Sounds very Interstellar, very appropriate :-)

TheEpic Burger : This is actually.. really saddening. Beautiful but saddening. To me atleast

chairmanofrussia : I’m trying to feel how it feels to be truly immersed in that experience. I don’t think videos would do it justice. And at 4:10 (watch it from 3:57) think I just felt what he was talking about—I can barely describe it, but it got me teary eyed. It’s unbelievable. Such a sight should fill one with an instant love for our planet, and realize just how under appreciated it truly is. It’s the kind of feeling where if one wanted to talk about race, nationalities or politics I’d just laugh. Let me try to explain the feeling I think the astronaut is trying express of seeing earth from deep space. Have you ever had a dream that made you think all day afterwards, a dream that you wanted to go back to because it was so beautiful? Multiply that feeling by 10 and imagine it being due to a *live experience*, and then add on the feeling that you’re outside of everything, in an endless black nothingness looking down at the blue marble, in all its splendor. Something so great that surely only God could create it. Almost as if you’re looking down at heaven itself! (And I’m an atheist, I don’t throw around these words lightly). Literally can only think of angels, gods, gold, paradise. And then you’d realize just what an incredible thing had been achieved, being so proud of humanity and its intelligence. If you’ve ever experienced a breath taking sight you never thought you’d see—like a tall foggy mountain range or a wonder of science: this is like that, but on the ultimate scale, and hard to believe that it’s actually a real experience. For the conservative-minded, the experience can be both full of awe, and terrifying, as if they were in another realm or dimension and wanted to get back on the ground. For me if I stayed in deep space long enough, I would forget that societies, traffic, anger, sadness, money, business, nature, wildlife, oceans all even existed. Amazing video. That clip alone needs to be done in VR. If the experience could be sold for even just 1 minute, it would be worth at least $20. Five minutes being worth $100. Those astronauts are truly lucky!! That’s how I think their experience is like anyways.

Average Alien : I would die to see earth from space. I would be ready to go on a one way trip if I had the opportunity to see our planet from space.

Dumb Name : This is the epitome of man kind and all of its achievements