Conor Mcgregor Cant Throw Football

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Nik : He's Irish dude! He plays Real "FOOTBALL" not american "Handball".

Wrestler- Kickboxer : Now lets see the NFL players throw a spinning wheel kick.

gloom cloud : What do you expect from an Irish

CG : guess what ....hes irish. we dont play "AMERCIAN football"

DAN LONDON : Who the fook cares ,, and u are making videos on it,, Even worse then the throw

KHAN BROS GAMING : khabib gave him brain damage.

Sack Lunch : I bet everyone who reads this comment will never throw a football on the field of the Dallas cowboys stadium wearing a tailored suit... Stop hating

Jason Gadbury : I forgot everyone commenting on here was a quarterback

Dhruvish Kapadia : Coz he ain't a footballer..he knows how to throw a punch..Just because he performed terribly vs Khabib(after 2year lay off) he doesn't lose all his achievements

Trevor Smales : Who cares how you throw in a game of handegg ?

Uber BARBIE : Irish guy is meant to be clued up on yanky sport? Sounds fair.

zeek : Probably throws better than half the people commenting on his throw.

Albanian Eagle : Khabib has damaged him physically and mentally now. Looking more humble now, but still a fraud with fake laughs. Once a fraud, always a fraud.

The Truth Hurts : Sad. But after watching this I realised how badly hes spiralling LOL

TheBeaTle : I don't care about ppl getting mad, Conor acts like a total phoney and tbh it's more sad than annoying at this point.

Minnesota Fatz : I know this is normal for people who aren't American, but it's still hilarious. My neice can do better than that.

Queen Kweeen : Conor Fans right now: "He Is sTiLl MaKiNg MilLiOnS"

Darren Maltby : I don't personally like the guy but in his defense he had probably never even picked up an American football before let alone thrown one. By the way, shit video, thumbs down.

Sanjay Menzies : 'my balls are hot'- Derrick Lewis

danilo osiris : Conor would say at least I know how to throw a punch

Otis Tyson Boris : I'm so sick of seeing videos of Conor, I have to unsub to a lot of channels now including this one. Conor trows a football Next Conor ties his shoes, no thanks

Laa0fa : Ireland primarily plays rugby and not American football. I'm no rugby star but it looks like he had decent form for rugby and that could just be what he is used too

Obsidian : Becuase he doesnt watch it pr play it😆

Paul Y : Look at all the Conor lover's crying about their hero being laughed at 😆😆😆

TherealGeorgeSt-Pierre : Shows that he injured

Kansas City Shuffle : He throws a football like he wrestles.

stabwound187 mastakilla mi9 : He dont need 2 throw a ball he throws punchs n knocks ball player's spark out!lol✌🏼

Jo The Great : I would have practiced before an event like this.

RANDOM GUY : His still dizzy bro go easy on mctapper

sc12100 : Celebrating after he just got his ass kicked

Geralt- NightCity15 : This is number 1 crazy guy 😂😂😂😂

Psycho Mantis 7 : He can't throw a football but he can make 100 million dollars in 26 minutes. Just remember that next time you want to hate on him.

Cheech Capone : He's an irish rugby head. That's how they throw it

Salvatore Bianco Jr : I think Connor McGregor was so caught up with the celebrities, the cameras and his own fame he didn't even think about finding the laces on the Football! He actually threw the ball very well it just wasn't a spiral. It also looked like he was having the time of his life so give him a freaking break! People are way too critical and analytical these days! Get Outlook for Android

Crimson Tide : He throws bout like he fights!!😏

Markus Magnon : Must be really hard to be a celebrity these days. Cameras everywhere. And when you do something that looks a bit strange.... someone will make a video out of it and 30.000 people will watch this shit. I am not evben a FAN of Conor. I don´t care about Fist Fighting or whatever he is doing. But Lieutenants Loft is the real loser here. Sitting on his ass.... and the only cool thing in his life is to upload this shitty video and talk about it.

Chuck Norris : Ohh you're one of these weird Conor haters Unsubbed

StevenF Jaxsen : This is an extremely normal issue with the VAST MAJORITY of all fighters throughout time. Tyson, Ali, and any other fighter you can find footage of! Fighters are always the worst then you have a scary # of professional basketball players who all have the same problem.

Sasori Man : That is not Football thats footlongball

TooShortToTurn SS3 : Because he's naturally right handed, but he always tries to do everything with his left. Plus Irish play real football, not American football

jojo dancer : Look.. At.. That😂😂

Chris Rhome : Conor has no business at an American Football game.

kekemay 55 : He threw with all palm 🤣

jay82bob : why not make a video about the fact conor couldnt walk into burger king and order and eat half the menu? its literally no different.

Read This : That ain't a football.

Tailgater ! : Throw your ass out a window

J GOLD : Alright now let me see a football player do a roundhouse kick followed by a deadly left right left right combo without a flinch. Smhh

The Wizard : But he can kick one

Ethan Low : Slow news day huh

C Si : This #1 bs