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Fokushi : I can't believe you're still around making tunes Pogo, we are all so thankful for that. thank you

Karim Jovian : 0:05 - 0:22 Heavenly sound never heard anything like it

Tatsusama : This song almost brings a tear to my eye whenever I listen to it. I don't know why, but it's just gorgeous to me:')

Gajbotron : Another GEM by Pogo! Hey, can I promote this one in my live YT stream morning show, please? I will put all the details & the link in the description. Please? :)

Karim Jovian : daaaaamn

Hungrybox : Pogo you are a wonderful human being, thank you for all the sounds and vibrations as I grew up in Florida. <3 - a big fan

This Is Football : This needs a 1 hour version!🤦‍👊

FatRown : :'-/

Tony : "Listening to all the things you can't hear and not bothering" I have severe Depression and Anxiety disorder. I lost my mother to a blood disease when I was 13 where I watched her body rot from the outside in. At 16 I found my father dead in his sleep after being diagnosed with cancer. That simple sentence covers everything I've ever learned about how to handle life. Beautiful Song, gives me goosebumps.

xCartoon Maniacx : "Are you anywhere"I cried so hard 😭that gave me the feels

quietastronaut : Pogo, I have been following you since the beginning and "Alice". After all these years I still consider it the greatest gift when I see a new upload from you. I instantly get filled with curiosity and warmth and love of music and storytelling, and it brightens up my day, so thank you. This one is my favourite of yours in a long while.

Schnake Eyes : Winne the Pooh was written in a time of war... to show the beauty of innocence and exploration, to give people some sense of hope, making Pooh the worlds most famous bear.

aaronhotchocolate : This has become my all time favorite Pogo song ever. Everything about it is so perfect. Not to mention, it uses one of my favorite earliest childhood movies!!

AcidicCranium : This song to me is so touching. The mellow tones and light pacing of the music take me back to when I was young, drinking Coke with my grandma and watching Winnie the Pooh on VHS. She passed away back in March, this song reminds me so much of those days and of her, "when I'm with you…forever."

David Edwards : Where is the "Loop forever and ever" button?

ayyy : Why is this not on Spotify?! 😫😔😕 On Spotify now! WOOP WOOP

GhoulI : I love this SO much ! <3

Dee Culture : The tears of nostalgia run down my face. Breathtaking

Sarah Beth : You should know... that this song hits me in all the right places ❤️❤️❤️

Addam Santana : im so sorry you didnt get to hear this jonny.. i love you so much big bro...

Angel B. : This is hands down one of my favorite songs you've done.

Philip Bythrow : I was in Romania after having surgery for three breaks when this came out and I instantly felt all my worries and pain leave. ( : Thank you Pogo for 10 years of sharing your superb talent, here's to many more!


PudgyBlu : Am i the only one who thinks each song that Pogo makes has some special or hidden meaning? In my opinion; i think this song may represent loneliness or depression. It really speaks to me somehow; I was almost on the verge of tears by the end of this song... It's that powerful! Thank you ever so much Pogo; for sticking around and still making magical and tippy songs... We all love you! 💖

JereFroFilms : "When I'm with you, I'm with you." Well, you're not wrong, Pooh.

AlienMotion : Beautiful.. :')

When you see Caitlyn Jenner for the first time. : *STEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEEN CROWDER!!!!!!!!*

tonyh16 : What you create is beautiful and it is art. Thank you.

sally doveXD : I love you, pogo. You're the reason I didn't kill myself

Viniso : The best one since Data & Picard

Percepto Shmegington : Pogo's best tune tbh

Julie The Awesome : HAPPY 10 YEARS POGO!!!!

Isabella Mireles : This literally made me cry. Always amazing the shit out of me. Pure and wholesome.

Theofanis Papachristos : This video melted my heart. Keep up the amazing work !

JT Oby : You think pogo could do something with The Tigger Movie

Mappster : average people: A song made about Winnie the Pooh that sounds DIVINE? lol dont make me laugh its impossible. Nick Bertke: Hold my Beer

Alice Dodds : "When I'm with you, I'm with you." I don't know why that made me feel so many things.

ColicoVis : where can I throw my money at you? Like, I feel like I should be paying for the effort and talent that goes into each one of these jams.

KCFlyer2 : I used to watch Winnie the Pooh with my daughter (now 24) and this video brings back so many memories. She was over while I was playing it and looked up and smiled and said "what is this?"...I told her it was the work of a genius. Thanks Pogo.

Jon McDonell : I want to meet other people who enjoy Pogo's work. My friends and family don't understand my love of his music. Seeing that others are just as moved as I am give me a sense of belonging.

Jay Nightwind : This is the place in the internet i go to, when i need to cry. There's something touching, filled with hope, that can take my sadness away. I don't know how you did that, Pogo, but in my eyes this is your most powerful work. And i follow your work for years. I adore your art and am thankful, that your beautiful soul and skillset exsist.

* Snowflakebottles * : "Listening to all the things you cant hear" Christopher Robin was on a different level

CGᄌLuisitoᄌ : Pogo can yo do a video of "Coraline"

ThØmas CΔRØn : I fight Depression. Every time I was down I went to Pogo I was up again.

victogeo000 : I don't know why but "and you will always answer" gets me every time. I love everything Pogo has ever put out, no matter how silly it is ((FMEH)) 😁😁😁

Cande Roldan : te amo pogo

Tiffania Porchiazzo : Thanks pogo It's the best 👍


zordid leijon : That chorus is mighty powerful, and the ending makes my eyes all wet..

Tristan Lotz : This was so beautiful. It seemed to highlight the metaphysics/psychology of Christopher Robin and Pooh and the rest. Christopher plays out in the Hundred Acre Wood and his imagination comes out, and by extension his mind wills being into his toys, given them personalities, which he acts out as a means to make sense of his own reality. "When I'm with you, I'm with you," is intentionally tautological and meaningless, so that we can determine our own meaning to it. (I've been drinking, for what it's worth)