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Valeria Arbea : The Lorax...? My life would be complete with that ♡

Alice Dodds : "When I'm with you, I'm with you." I don't know why that made me feel so many things.

DoctorOfSarcasm : Pogo... this movie, and Pooh in general, was my entire early childhood. Thank you for making another amazing mix! Been listening to your stuff since Nicey Nicey and it's all very very good!

Bruce : My favorite song of yours, Pogo : )

Smirky : This is absolutely amazing, and hit me right in the childhood. Mad respect, good sir!

Julie The Awesome : HAPPY 10 YEARS POGO!!!!

* Snowflakebottles * : "Listening to all the things you cant hear" Christopher Robin was on a different level

The Distraction : T H I S I S N T H O N E Y ...

B Soldaat : from 1:35 is just amazing... the timing on the ''dam ti dam, ti dam dam''... Great stuff!

Hungrybox : Pogo you are a wonderful human being, thank you for all the sounds and vibrations as I grew up in Florida. <3 - a big fan

Early June Sadness : lyrics?

LeafMeAlone : First time asking this, but FOR MY SAKE AND OTHERS release it on SPOTIFY😍

Brady Bluhm : I loved this! I played the voice of Christopher Robin in this film. I feel honored to have you create a remix with my voice like this! Fantastic work. Beautiful song. Great message. Thank you for putting this together!

Fokushi : I can't believe you're still around making tunes Pogo, we are all so thankful for that. thank you

Cztv productions : This video makes me much more hyped fore the new Christopher Robin movie ( the one with Ewan Mcgregor. )

Sleepy Pup : I can't believe I thought Pooh was on fire on the thumbnail.

evil little cockroach : I know you'll likely never read this, but on the off chance you do, I wanted to let you know I struggle from severe OCD, anxiety, and depression, and your music is often one of the only things that can lighten my mood and remind me that whatsoever, things are joyous and playful. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world.

Shawn Barbour : thumbs up if you live in winnie the pooh .... aka winnipeg canada. LOOK IT UP

Peyton Hoover : Remix Rick & Morty? Pleeease?

Zmugin37 : Vocal chopping of the highest degree. Amazing work Pogo.

Robert Tova : thank u pogo, I'm getting scared of the eclipse, and ur music calms me, and for that... I thank u. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

Generic StevenUFan : What is the style of this music called? I want to find more stuff like this.

Levi Paladin : Jim Cummings, the guy voicing Winnie the Pooh here, also voiced Minsc in Baldur's Gate.

Meg B : "What a load of old arsery" - Nick, editing this video 2017 😂

Abigail Eldritch : I swear I keep hearing "when I'm with you, I'm with you, nigga" WHY

Lazdinger : Man, this is really good. Smart move Disney.

A stranger named Aymara : Lyrics plz

Nana Banana : 2:15

Luna_ Lu : Oh, it's very-very-very-very-very cool! You and you song wonderful! You well done🌸♥

meta : When I'm with you, I'm with you´

CL 98 : I listen to this song multiple times every single day and I don't quite know where I'd be without it.

pezzimizt : im going to be honest here. i dont like this. pogo, i really love your work but this feels somewhat hollow. it lacks the feeling of depth that your other songs have. and i understand winnie the pooh is a very slow show but this just feels boring, when it should feel like a slower paced song that still has a lot of layers. to me this just sounds like youve harmonised some dialogue from winnie the pooh and put an unfitting beat over it. its really underwhelming. as i said before, i love your work but this song is really disappointing to me - because i know how much better you can be.

Justin Gage : Yikes buts still Adhd gen rep

Kaida Jones : I ship it

Ryan H : When will this be availabe to buy? Cant find it anywhere

Esponic : Where are your new beats pogo qq

Pumpkin Smasher : R.I.P. Christopher "chris" robin 1942-2004 May your soul forever be at peace

George Rowe : Will this be on ITunes?

Rach Frisella : I am a simple woman. I see Pogo, I click.

Luke Schneider's planes : Nice

Nathan Thomson : Man this song is solid gold! Makes me so happy to listen to it. Love you Pogo

Kyle M. : One of your best POGO!!

Heklyn Shay : This is quite heartfelt and I absolutely love this. This song made me cry happy tears :) Thankyou.

Ginger : Pogo do you perform live, tour or anything?! I'd love to hear your mixes live!

Mega Megan : Winnie was a big part of my childhood, so this kinda touched me on a personal level.

Bec Crawley : Incredible work of art! Perfect for the start of spring here in Australia! Thanks Nick :)

nerdsman567 : This song is like Winnie the Pooh meets Daft Punk! xD

AussieTechGamer : Replayed this at least 20 times...

Kyle Medeiros : what's the deal with Pooh using Christopher Robin's full name?

Michael Wilson : I actually met Jim Cummings this weekend drunk in an elevator he did Tiggers voice and everything it was so surreal