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Stylish Steven : Make a Steven universe one please Pogo (╥_╥)(╥﹏╥)

KJsGotGame : I've been praying that he would make a song from this movie ever since he started sampling it for songs like sky heart. It's so fitting that the day that I start my first day of work in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World, Pogo made that dream of mine come true.

Julie The Awesome : HAPPY 10 YEARS POGO!!!!

Mr Swifties : What exactly IS doing nothing?

Acid CH : The related videos are infected with awful finger family and nursery rhyme videos.

Peyton Hoover : Remix Rick & Morty? Pleeease?

* Snowflakebottles * : "Listening to all the things you cant hear" Christopher Robin was on a different level

Alice Dodds : "When I'm with you, I'm with you." I don't know why that made me feel so many things.

evil little cockroach : I know you'll likely never read this, but on the off chance you do, I wanted to let you know I struggle from severe OCD, anxiety, and depression, and your music is often one of the only things that can lighten my mood and remind me that whatsoever, things are joyous and playful. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world.

Meg B : "What a load of old arsery" - Nick, editing this video 2017 😂

Lee Thomas : Christopher Robin says cunt

Cztv productions : This video makes me much more hyped fore the new Christopher Robin movie ( the one with Ewan Mcgregor. )

The Distraction : T H I S I S N T H O N E Y ...

Mobile GamesPlayer : What is the style of this music called? I want to find more stuff like this.

Meg B : In seriousness though, I watched as much of the livestream as I could and it was such a treat watching this be put together ☺️❤

Kaida Jones : I ship it

Shawn Barbour : thumbs up if you live in winnie the pooh .... aka winnipeg canada. LOOK IT UP

Fokushi : I can't believe you're still around making tunes Pogo, we are all so thankful for that. thank you

Abigail Dredhwen : I swear I keep hearing "when I'm with you, I'm with you, nigga" WHY

LeafMeAlone : First time asking this, but FOR MY SAKE AND OTHERS release it on SPOTIFY😍

igtov : You are just super! You do wonders. I listen to your works every day! Thank you POGO!

Danny 6798 : My childhood is here

nompynuthead : Dum dee dumm dinggg dum dum

Will Ryan : Nice job Nick, another masterpiece.

ari : Aw frick this is so beautiful and lovely sounding ;w;

Bernard Aeleck V.Dungog : This song made me feel human again. Made me remember the warm hugs I used to get and the honest compliments I used to get flattered with. Thanks. 😊

George Rowe : Will this be on ITunes?

Kilroy Was Here : Still waiting for the Bob Ross remix

Stepharia : Beautiful!

Lazdinger : Man, this is really good. Smart move Disney.

Phaota : Perfect melody. Wonderful job Pogo.

Morphine_Slurpee : This is INCREDIBLY beautiful. Thank you so much for making this.

CJ Note : omg lol wow

Kawaii Amelia : pogo did it again :) I love this!

Nicole J : This is my new favorite Pogo song <3<3<3

Roly : OMG MY HEART!!!

Mega Megan : Winnie was a big part of my childhood, so this kinda touched me on a personal level.

Canal Adoreiaj : cute

Hannah Stepp : Who all thinks this should be the song played at the end of the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin. 🙋✋

Clément Compère : pure masterpiece

B Soldaat : from 1:35 is just amazing... the timing on the ''dam ti dam, ti dam dam''... Great stuff!

AussieTechGamer : Replayed this at least 20 times...

Bec Crawley : Incredible work of art! Perfect for the start of spring here in Australia! Thanks Nick :)

ƒœs : What happend to the aladdin remix :((

SchwarzundWeis : Pogo I love you man, but please stop spouting your political hate shit. Keep your views to yourself, don't destroy your awesome work with your alt-right views :(

Kyle Medeiros : what's the deal with Pooh using Christopher Robin's full name?

Smirky : This is absolutely amazing, and hit me right in the childhood. Mad respect, good sir!

Preston Garvey : Another great song. I hadn't expected to encounter my new favorite song at 4:16 AM, but that ain't so bad.

Kelyu : So much feelings, I don't have the words... Please keep working on those Nick, I love your compositions !

Rach Frisella : I am a simple woman. I see Pogo, I click.