Chappelle's Show | R. Kelly (Parody) - "Piss on You"

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Comments from Youtube

PabloCruise91 : This was the last nail in the coffin of R. Kelly's career.

K O : Came here after watching Surviving R.Kelly... Lol.

T Wang : Drip drip drip

Kenny Tee : R Kelly's wife be sayin: "Everytime I feel raindrops on me, I gotta turn around to make sure it ain't R Kelly "

Comedy Central UK : R. Kelly said he's never seen this sketch :S

Harry Solente : No girls were pissed on during the making of this video.

walter parker : "said yo body, yo body - is a porta potty"

Akel Dimis : Who's here after 'Surviving R Kelly' lifetime documentary

monex5 : "only thing that make my life complete is when i turn your face into a toilet seat" *sigh* I'm glad I came across these

Bolor : *"I'm gonna piss on you"* *isn't that romantic, ladies ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Craig Norrie : Maaaan I miss Chappelle, with all the shit celebs do these days just imagine the comedy gold he could come up with xD

Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot : Drip drip drip!

pinstripes4life11 : How old is 15 really?

Jazzy Moni : 🎵Only thing that makes my life complete is when I turn your face into a toilet seeeaaat....🎶

Comedy Central UK : Do you think R. Kelly enjoyed this more than his Huffington Post interview?

Daryl Castillo : "How you gone make a video about peeing on somebody?!"

Antonella Davis : This guy is Funny, gives me pain in my belly of all the laughing.

talyor swift : R kelly's doo doo butter lmfao xD

Toshe Nacarov : "Close ur eyes show me ur face... im gonna piss on it." I laughed my voice off.

Sue Zbell : Trickle down economics defined.

Contre Courant : Dave Chappelle is the greatest... funniest guy and never get bored of watching his stand up over and over again. he was too smart and creative for that greedy industry though. peace.

James Jackson : Awesome that Comedy Central uploaded all these Chappelle videos, timeless stuff.

abcun17 : Love Dave! His humour is brilliant, relevant, poignant and needed! He was one of the few to take on R. Kelly, because he saw him for the creep he always was!

Andres Esqueda : 1:04 lmao the way he swings around the water jug hahahaha!!

Aaron Wright : I miss this guys genius. Can't wait to see him in London!

Reginald Pippin : R.Kelly told 54 teenage girls that he pissed on to dislike this.

nygeek64 : drip drip drip

Iafiv Iv : Make pissing great again.

fidel domingos : dave chappelle is cold blooded lol

Zen Master : "I'm gonna tsss on you...tsss on you". That's golden after the drip, drip, drip.

Fish Cheap Or Go Home : Only thang that make my life complete is when I turn your face into a toilet seat....

Arthur Dhillon : Coming here after the release of R. Kelly's docu series. Man this video gets me everytime. 🤣

Mauti Machungwa : you'll never feel.... quite the same. when you get a whiff, of my hershey stains.

kingShango Sativa : Dave is a crazy mf.😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

T. A. Ford : LOL. I can't stop watching this. Too funny. Vida Guerra has a gorgeous body! And I wonder if that's Jamie Foxx singing the backing vocals....

ooga booga man : that one line killed me, "close your eyes show me your face, im gonna pee on it.

Tyler DiCicco : "Director: Chuck Berry" so many great and hidden things in Chappelle's skits. The mans a genius!

TheMysticS69 : We miss you, Dave! And all of your colleagues and collaboraters, too. Your show has had staying power, because of its jokes were of a universal nature, (it's 2015!) and some of your stuff became an 'instant classic' simply because you're smart as well as goofy. I could adj. this to death, so I'll stop. Come back for more if you can! Best! Run for DC mayor OK I lied, but not this time.

Vinesauce Obscurities : Glad I'm not the only one who had this song immediately playing in their head in light of...recent events.

I Am Legend : drip,drip,drip....😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jordan Torres : I had to bring this into 2016 with me !

Ivrezyizcold : John Mayer - Your body is a wonderland Dave Chappelle - Yo body is a portapotty Which line makes panties drop first?

Artur Grigoryan : Lets make this trending!!!!!😂


M1NDSET STUDIO : 2016 still making me 😂😂

FrownyMascot : i just noticed it says directed by Chuck Berry lmfao!...unless it's someone else

OfficialHazChannel : Came here after R Kelly’s interview 😂

RizzyWow : Make Golden Showers Great Again!

Jack is not in the box : I don't even want none of the above ~~~