Odor v Bautista fight- told to rap beat

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Adrienne Hindman : Damn straight don't mess with Texas! Hahaha love it!

Chicago Street TV : MLB Network needs to sign you ASAP

Paul Adams : Odor with a glove slap? That's a bad Venezuelan!

2BROZ Tv 2 : Thats my new favorite song...LETS GO RANGERS😂😂

hfontanez98 : 8 dislikes? It must have been the Blue Jays starting position players.

Hallie Pierce : This is one of my favorite videos. Odor is a bad ass Venezuelan! :-)

Gabi Munoz : Yes.

MrTexmex07 : haha greatness

Race the cool guy : What's the real song

Peep Platoon : Lmao I searched up rap and this came up, dope tho lol

Tim C : still love this moment

Vince Carter : Odor punches like a queer just saying, it looks bad but if it didn't knock him out or even down its nothing

Ryan Ouchas : It kind of annoys me in away you guys came to Toronto this playoff season... Fackin' brought your trash here and we had all this sweeping to do... Damn.

Patrick Moylan : This just made my life!!!!

Sniper Dog : he Is just better than odor Even I live in texas

r mac : Both should be suspended!