Odor v Bautista fight- told to rap beat

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Adrienne Hindman : Damn straight don't mess with Texas! Hahaha love it!

Paul Adams : Odor with a glove slap? That's a bad Venezuelan!

Chicago Street TV : MLB Network needs to sign you ASAP

2BROZ Tv 2 : Thats my new favorite song...LETS GO RANGERS😂😂

hfontanez98 : 8 dislikes? It must have been the Blue Jays starting position players.

Ryan Ouchas : It kind of annoys me in away you guys came to Toronto this playoff season... Fackin' brought your trash here and we had all this sweeping to do... Damn.

Race the cool guy : What's the real song

Sniper Dog : he Is just better than odor Even I live in texas

Hallie Pierce : This is one of my favorite videos. Odor is a bad ass Venezuelan! :-)

Peep Platoon : Lmao I searched up rap and this came up, dope tho lol

Tim C : still love this moment

MrTexmex07 : haha greatness

r mac : Both should be suspended!

Gabi Munoz : Yes.

Patrick Moylan : This just made my life!!!!

Vince Carter : Odor punches like a queer just saying, it looks bad but if it didn't knock him out or even down its nothing