The 10 Levels of Jazz Guitar

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THE 10 LEVELS OF GUITAR played on a classical nylon by Lucas Brar. Song: Summertime by Gershwin. FREE Fender Play Trial: I get comission if you sign up to the free trail, love you. Do you want to see more of Lucas? Subscribe to his Youtube: Invest in yourself and take one on one lessons with Lucas (Be quick because he only accepts a couple more students!) Follow on Instagram: Tabs on his Patreon site: Website: Follow me on Instagram for more videos Twitter:


eerereps : Level 11: Drug addiction

G : *Level 1 - Only Bass* Me: WHOA MAN slow down

Luciano0903 : Level 11 = Use T H E L I C C

carsyn diane : Lvl 100 mafia boss

Brent : I was expecting wonderwall as level 10

cngzgul : *Level 11:* Pick up girls with your music.

sol10 : Woah, was not expecting level 10, amazing!

Aris Mukti : this kind of videos are either motivating or subtly tell you to quit playing guitar

Filippo Vittorio : Level 11: Django Reinhardt

FunkyHighCat : Yes, but where is the lick ?

Konoha's Kid : Level 1:Bass Bassist: *Am I a joke to you?*

Dizzzy101 : How you are able to sing while playing that will forever be a mystery to me

Damn Right : Level 11 : Asian

iZaheed Ahamed : I thank Reddit that it led me here..☺️

Jacob Watson : Level 11: smoke on the water

Akram Safirul : Level 11: pick any girl you like

William Gabriel : Level 11: earning Money with music

Constant Throwing : Awesome of your to give the guy an opportunity AND to do the 'skip to 30 secs' thing to aid the virality. Kind, but also smart and practical. You're a keeper basically.

Loll Tukan : I'm here thanks a reddit

Sebastián Fernández : Very impressive, but can you play *THE LICC*

ESGandG : I am the guitarist in a middle school jazz band and I don’t get to have a lot of fun with it because it is school taught so I have to be at the same level as the people playing school taught instruments so I can’t do harmonics and arpeggios and stuff, I play chords a riff and improv solos( the best part)

sour cream : Well i don't think i know how to play guitar anymore.

Erol Mert Yurdakul : Level 11: Forget all and do your special imporvisation.

omar essaidi : I am Level 10 but without guitar XD

R M : Motherfuck! Damn man... That was tyt

I like Jazz : IS that song called "summer time"

hilmi yahyah : Very impressive, but can you....whopss wrong channel

Michael Novak : level infinity: Allan Holdsworth

Christopher Mafnas : Amazing... great player! Thanks for sharing! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

Purpleblop : aka summertime in ten levels of sounding good

jacob ohlo : Definitely impressive but classical guitar technique at all. Still in love with his playing. 🤘

He Soyam : Classical + Jazz = Epic

DankseidirLG : Absolutely incredible! Thanks SO much for sharing!

Abel Cruz : Jason M'raz feelings! Extraordinary technique and sweet voice! What's the name of this song, dude?

Bryan Mateo : everything combined *SURE* XD

Daslynnter : came cus I thought it was was a joke, left contemplating my life choices

Grant Mayberry : I would kill several people for those tabs.

Jovin Abriam : full version of both that instrumental and singing please

Noy BoySample : Level 11 - sampling it and saying words that rhyme over it

Arven Skankin : Very2 wonderfull skil 👏👏 and he's Voice like Jazon Mraz 👍

ZeeQW : came here from reddit :]

Lander : who else wants to listen to this all day

Nash Burges : Yeah that's not level 10

Erik Tempelman : %×(**/=")€ this guy is AMAZING... source: have been playing c guitar for 30+ years. Thanks!

Dennis D : Level 11: go for this guy's show.

Howie Wu : Lv4 comes over Wait summertime When you know you also jazz

MisterKill666 : That was so good I subscribed to Lucas AND yourself! Thank you :)

SingHouse : wooooot this is amazing. Thanks for much the tabs!!!!

Ferds Garcia : These makes “Summertime” more interesting than ever