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Mattias Krantz : WHAT!? Lucas just released the tabs for free on his Patreon . Go get it before he change his mind! Also consider supporting him, It would be awesome to see more of him on Youtube.

eerereps : Level 11: Drug addiction

William Gabriel : Level 11: earning Money with music

hilmi yahyah : Very impressive, but can you....whopss wrong channel

carsyn diane : Lvl 100 mafia boss

Luciano0903 : Level 11 = Use T H E L I C C

GoldKunai : This made me want to learn jazz guitar

zoranhacker : Woah, was not expecting level 10, amazing!

Rita Daskalow : If this doesn't make you appreciate the guitar then idk man

FunkyHighCat : Yes, but where is the lick ?

Garnet Nard : Came for the guitar, stayed for the voice

Filippo Vittorio : Level 11: Django Reinhardt

samsuddin midday : He probably has 5 brains 😍 Brilliant Man ❤️

sour cream : Well i don't think i know how to play guitar anymore.

Brent : I was expecting wonderwall as level 10

Dizzzy101 : How you are able to sing while playing that will forever be a mystery to me

iZaheed Ahamed : I thank Reddit that it led me here..☺️

Irfan Fauzil : What name that music?

Grant Mayberry : I would kill several people for those tabs.

Loll Tukan : I'm here thanks a reddit

Archit Gupta : Sorry but level 7-level 9 it just becomes classical/ gypsy one could argue. But definitely not the classic jazz tune that summer time is...

Bigngreen : Reddit sends it's love.

ZeeQW : came here from reddit :]

He Soyam : Classical + Jazz = Epic

The Thedwick : I thought for sure that 10 was going to be playing on time

[HtB] 12 : Yea for me singing and playing guitar is the MOST hardest thing. I always messed everything up with my strumming. Lmao sorry bad english :v edit : omg thx for 3 like.

JaggieMusic : level 10 should have been smoke on the water

Stravalnak : This is like modern day Paganini’s capriciosos. Amazing.

ESGandG : I am the guitarist in a middle school jazz band and I don’t get to have a lot of fun with it because it is school taught so I have to be at the same level as the people playing school taught instruments so I can’t do harmonics and arpeggios and stuff, I play chords a riff and improv solos( the best part)

Constant Throwing : Awesome of your to give the guy an opportunity AND to do the 'skip to 30 secs' thing to aid the virality. Kind, but also smart and practical. You're a keeper basically.

Aleksandar Stojanovic : Somebody knows the song Name?? I know this melody for years.....but mit the Name Thanks

Michael Novak : level infinity: Allan Holdsworth

4000 subs without videos ? : Dayum!!!!

Yoga Prasetyo : Next level: making money with music.

SeanStephensen : what about the level where you can only play the lick

Rodrigo Aguillón : Im in level 5 :D

Da BJ : Is his guitar sitting on the table or something?

rob bennett : I thought he was going to play All Star for lvl 10

sepita10 : But can he play smoke on the water?

Tom_24 : So beautiful, love too much, it’s really cosy

Sadman Yawn : Who else is stuck on level 3?

Nakano Lemon : Summertime ohhh

Amir : Did you trade your soul for those skills?

BigBLackChickenwings : I imagine myslef sitting on a chesterfield couch on a snowy sunday night staring into the chimney and sipping on some wine when in reality im sitting at my desk, watching this video while eating instant ramen....

In the Misosoup. : What do you think would be at Level 100 ?

Jibril Akmal : Level 11 = Ling ling

omar essaidi : I am Level 10 but without guitar XD

Jose Garcia : These makes “Summertime” more interesting than ever

DJ Shuffle : He's good, but he's not Tommy Emmanuel.

V.Zoli : Start music: 0:30