Try Not To LUST Challenge ( Reddit Funny )

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Ace Vaper : Not laughing, not funny

A Person : “Name a yellow fruit” “Orange” Wth dude

Jose Lopez : 7:17 those memes don't make any sense AT ALL!!!

Xander Raschke : 4:14 the cat is just like "you are a grown man and you keep on doing things like this, this is the 4th time this week"

Stan3402 : Disliked the video cause of 2:52

Thomas Ricci : I didn't laugh.

Celeste and Millie's YouTube chanel : 8:45-8:59 does that remind enyone of the time Justin beber threw up on stage 😂😂😂😂

itz Lizalizurani plaz : 5:03 poot kitty i felt...sad for that kitty...Why??????😢just why?!?

sketch ! : I don't go to try not to laughs to try not to laugh I go here to laugh if I'm feeling sad

Tiina's Life Official : 3:30 have you ever heard of seatbelt?

PhilMusical : Wasn't that bad, I didn't laugh

Tutorial Man : 12:28 My grampa when he is mad at me

DaNeighborlyTuber 2 : 3:05 damn it,I couldn't stop laughing, I am so cruel

50 subs without videos Chicken Nugget : *oKAy i NeEd a DOnNuT nOW*

Mobile Gamer : 9:29 GREEK!

Roland Deschain : Do you have a degree in economics? Yes I do. Hightest Honors. Why didn't he get a joint and some sunglasses?

Donut Jazmin : I know I wasn't supposed to laugh, but 0:08 had me dead! XD

SpideyPlayzYT : 8:45 mr camera I don’t feel so good

LPSRiptide tv : 10:10 if u don’t know what movie this is from we can’t be friends😂

Kobe Cressey : Napolean Dynamite.... great film

wingss : Didnt laugh till 10:18

Jason Thompson : #Distgusting 9:00

Celeste and Millie's YouTube chanel : 8:23-8:32 me when I have alcohol and I'm walking home

NotOriginal : **all comments have been hearted**

Sprite Zero : So what the vid at 0:46 made me laugh. I am a man of humor thankyou very much.

Jeremy Boateng : All these memes ancient now damn

sriracha shrimp : 4:43 when you go to grab a plate, but everyone's asleep

Joseph Funk : 1:48 me in calculus

INSANE IRL : 2:30 Ahhh Parent Hacks Can't get bad can they? Ok that's a lie

Muhammad Firdaus bin Afrizal : 3:37 I almost lose bro😁

Robin : I didn't laugh, but the puking guy playing that instrument almost got me.

Honest News With New York Boy : 0:34 is the funniest to me

Star Flame : Roses are red Violets are blue Even if ads aren’t buffering I’m still suffering

Qazu G : Not funny enough

Mr.Fruit Loop : 12:27 you'll thank me later. Your welcome.

Master Epps : It's always try not to laughs with titles like this that are the least funny

spider dude : 0:00--------------------8:58 <. ^ >

Mike Terk : Most of this is the important videos playlist

Iprestige321 : Who else had a straight face 😐

LEELO_ boi : I told my self I'm not going to laugh and the first clip I was FINISHED🤣😂

DAL3TH : mom with sock got me

Someone.? : 0:19 me😂😂

Bld Fan : Here's a tip: Dont lift a bloated dog's tail unless you want dog poop on your shirt. 2:35

Red Ketchum : This makes me wanna drink mountain daye

Bailey Rose & Stella Bowker : That's so very very sad...

random user : I laughed at 13:14.... everytime man

FaZe Nick : 7:37 your alarm clock

Branden Fernandez : 12:01 It's BackPackKid xD

stickybombmanplayzz andvlogs : Lol the lion guy

Jarius Nelson : 2:54 made me really mad who ever made this go to hell