BC Lion Marcell Young taking out “streaker”

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Mike Murphy : We take our chances and should be prepared to pay our dues. The streaker chose to run on the field and took a hit for his actions. It is NOT somebody else's fault. It was a good hit.

Bill T : By the way - that was a clean hit, not clipping or blocking in the back, nor leading with the helmet. That was textbook straight up.

Andy Mo : Police take note. This is how you deal with BLM blocking the streets.

Ja Ja : now this fricken moron got an ambulance chasing lawyer to sue for head injuries. I'm pretty sure it can easily be proven that he already had a few loose screws before the hit.

Bill T : YEAH MAN! That's what I'm talkin' about! Welcome to pro football!

Derek Oliver : "How's that feel!" hahahahah

pete zab : would have loved to see helmut 1st to his face

Gurvir Saini : I was there front row lets go Lions

MedGrower710 : That's straight up assault.

Mr Wizzykin : Why is security a bunch of fat guys who can barely move? Shouldn't security be fit personnel who can actually protect the people they're being paid to protect? A player shouldn't have to do security's job because he can barely move a foot a second.

Ryan A : Well deserved, you clowns that think its OK to disrupt a game that people pay cash to see, give your head a shake... You do realize that the streaker could have had a weapon or ill intent to do something besides streak...

Ethan Rakell : Yes. No more streakers . Tackle of the year !

Gemcor : And now he's getting sued and this guy who got hit will own him

Goldy Dhaliwal : the security guard was fast

BOSTON GERR 12 : And that piece of shit is from Mississippi.. hmmm .. what did they do back in the day in Mississippi ? Don’t forget where your ancestors came from .. and did

Rata 4U : The dude is now suing. That was unnecessary violence.

Robb G : Assault and battery, this guy is gonna make a lot of money suing that team.

Henri Kotylak : i hope that asshat player loses his job and becomes financially bankrupt!!v

Mikeeey0 : People freak out when cops use excessive force, but when an athlete does it, it’s fair game? Bunch of hypocrites here. Guy was drunk, his conduct was deserving of being kicked out by SECURITY and possibly even banned, but to concuss a paying customer with a blindside hit? Unacceptable...