The Cymbal Song by Gavin Harrison

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I hope you enjoy it...and don't forget to join me here This is part of the Rhythmic Horizons DVD available via Hudson Music

Comments from Youtube

Bernie Koenig : Very interesting. Great use of dynamics and proof that percussion can be melodic

Beto Bonfim : Great Job Gavin. It's remind Indian music. I'm a drummer and percussionist. I used to many effects and nuances in contemporary music, like a cymbal bow. And the Burma Bell? It's not avaiable at Zildjian now, only in early time. I'd like to buy one. Amazing sound, like a symphonic triangle. I love your sound on the drums. I saw a lot of videos of your works. Thank you.

ORCHESTRA OF ELECTRIC SPACEJAZZ : This is really handmade music ...

Cyan_ : Get a hang drum! you will love it! By the way, stunning work.

Aaron Wharton : Yes. To his trap set. -nods-

Anton Keyter : How long did this take? It's fantastic!

Juan Carlos Mercado : Congas, triangle, toms, bells. WTF



Uzuckert : A cymbal is a cymbal is a cymbal. Is it? That's incredible!

Menios Pasialis : Hi Gavin awesome video

gato scar : Che figata!!

Wences De león : Genius Gavin!!!

FusionHowie : Amazing cool video! Perfect for my young ones to further interest them in percussion instruments. People don't realize how deep and dark cymbals can be with the right mic position. Please listen to older David Sylvian he uses the lasting hum of large cymbals over a few of his songs. Its very cool stuff! Thanks for the post!!!!

TenThousandTacos : Lol, Gavin's been bored lately.

Klax0n : gavin harrison and queens of the stone age... i commend your taste!

tomáš švábik : link to MP3 download ? :)

Antti Lammi : I remember seeing this before, wasn't this an extra on the Arriving Somewhere DVD? Nice to see it again, though.

nitish sharma : dis is innovative nd beautiful

Maarchland : Gavin, you're really amazing, an endless source of inspiration

aggelosmor :'re a psycho. the good way :D

TheBazookaaa : Gavin Harrison!!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??!!!

unstablereaper : I really liked the splash in the water, genious! Interesting stereo image btw, gavin!

sri sutrianti : amazing stuff, you got my word Gavin!

Michael Weaver : Brilliant, creative, and entrancing.

Jesús Dawaher Bakhos : It reminds me of some Aphex twin as well! Nice!

NoLove DeepWebbb : i want all those cymbals :c

Samir Segovia : Nooooooo, porqueeee, te amo tantoo!!!! (In English: Nooooooo, whyyyyy, i love you so much!!!!)

Joel Azia : Wowwwww!!!!! Too special!!! Iam proud

elena alquati : A dir poco...fantastico!!!

Door6 Clips : Thank you so much Gavin!! You inspired me and my Drummer to create a Soundscape that flows into a guitar solo song. I made music to your video, thanks! I lined you up to 103 BPMs, and made a Bass line and keyboards parts, guitars and then muted you and gave it to my FANTASTIC drummer Rob, a master poly-rhythmist. The best around here (Cape Town). I wish I could send you the mastered mix once it is ready! Regards, Alex Batazzi.

Manny morgan Morgan : My God, music sounds like Indian fusion, awesome man

Mathias Manser : brilliant!!!

Federico Lynch : Amazin Gavin!!

ONTHEFLY : Approved.

Fernando Cañada : IM-PRE-SIO-NAN-TE!

Phil Mckee : Great love it, i wouldn't let you put all those fingerprints on my cymbals tho!

Marlon35809 : Nice!

Drumstick Cph : Love the whole thing, especially the 3 mini cymbals at 1:16 ;)