Freddie Mercury talking about Michael Jackson

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Omega Son : I don’t know too much about Freddie, but I already love the guy. So very down to earth, I respect people like that a great deal

Sootiro : When someone understands that people are into things that your not without any judgement.

Chris Southall : Remember when musicians were gentlemen and didn't diss each other or cause shit?... this is a perfect example

Visionary0001 : Freddy Sounds like JOHNNY DEPP, when Depp does one of his British "character" voices.

Maria Menediati : Is it just me who watched the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” and suddenly is looking for small details and interviews of Freddie ?

KISSING X. : 2018 artists: “Yeah, he cool. We talked every now and then, but it's whatever.”

Christine Thornhill : Freddie is Still a Treasure. Such a decent kind of man . Very much missed.

Okin Arierom : Such tragic thing when he says he couldn't be like Michael and just isolate himself in his house.. Mercury's illness forced him to be confined into his house for the last legs of his life. Such irony that he ended up like Michael, only for different reasons. He did carry his illness like a champ to the bitter end. All of those people contracting the infection because the society was so punishing on them that a subculture developed that was very fertile for transmission. If people were able to love each other in public and express themselves, I don't think the 80's would have claimed so many victims. When us humans are forced to repress ourselves we find other ways to do it, and often this creates situations that also can become harmful like excessive substance abuse, orgies and fantasies that can be fueled by the needs of our repressed bodies and need to be accepted and loved as we are.

Aaron Moen : Its great knowing the King of Rock and the King of Pop worked together 😊

Pinklaeti : Freddie Mercury has always been respectful regarding his colleagues, in addition to investing a good deal of time to music. Michael too. One of the reasons why they are legends.

Ilppo Niemelä : So ironic Freddie saying that he understands Michael jackson not being comfortable among people and that he himself needs to go out, or he'd go crazy. Later in his life, Freddie would also become a recluse at his Kensingtron home due to his illness, with paparazzi camping outside his house like vultures. So sad.

besamemucho5 : Freddy mercury. ..Michael Jackson. ..and prince...incredible least we have their music...

kali mali : Freddy never had a bad word to say about anyone. A true Gentleman.

Alex It : Songs are songs, as long as our friendship carries on we can write all kinds of songs humble and kind to the core.

Fred Miller : Freddie was one cool cat. Non-judgmental, down to earth. It really is true. The good die far too young.

Roderick Alexander : Can't wait to see Bohemian Rhapsody

psicofukapus : Freddie was the one guy who was born to wear a mustache, it's perfect!

Stuart Watson : I have always loved Michael jackson and queen since I was 2 years old Michael Jackson is my favourite singer and queen is my favourite band

Album Reviews And Such : this man had a soft spoken voice,but when he sang,goddamn did he shake the world beneath his feet...what a great talent.... best ever to do it,R.I.P Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson

stephieirene1 : Michael really loved Freddie. In all the pictures, he's looking at him like he's in love. Also, you can tell how much Freddie hated interviews, he's awkward and stilted, while on stage he's so free and fluid.

UA : These so called 'artists' today, have no clue

Nizzar Alexander : Freddie is a legend but Micheal is a king , a glorious legend

tnetroP : On stage Freddie was the best entertainer, bar none.

Epic water Melon : the sweetest man, when you partied with him he made sure everyone got home safely, he was one of the best and kindest men in the 80s and forever

ProjectDrift : Legend respects another legend, I have high respect for Mercury.

xoescapethrumusicxo : these 2 virgos were and still are musical genuises..... and highly talented..... and this makes me proud to be a virgo

producedproductions : *A songs a song. As long as our friendship carries on, we can write all kinds of songs.*

Ruth Parks : Freddie never spoke badly of other artists, except perhaps Sid Vicious, who he thought was a total moron and his pet name for him was Simon Ferocious 😂😂😂😂😂

Lone Star Progressive : R.I.P. Freddie Mercury, what a great talent, & he seems like he was a really nice guy too

Yo Mama : The respect they had for each other came from knowing each other's talents and abilities unlike today where auto tune sings their songs for them!

CR User : What a beautiful and talented man. He is greatly missed.

Harvey Kittle : Heaven must sound pretty dam good now

Yoshiki G : R.I.P Freddie and Michael. Such two legends.

Steven Coates : I'd love to see Freddie Mercury and MJ do some kind of parody performance 😁. Like Freddie wearing a fedora and White glove while MJ has a fake mustache while dancing with the microphone stand! It'd be interesting to know what kind of music they'd have made had they collaborated 🤔

Spaetzle Monster XD : My god.... He is so kind and has a peaceful voice, he respects Micheal Jackson like a normal human does... It‘s sad that he is gone. R.I.P Freddie Mercury

Edward Agee : Everyone that gives this the thumbs down obviously has poor taste in music

Michael Reed : There WILL never be another Michael Jackson or Freddie Mercury. I’m glad I was alive to be able to experience their greatness. 😔

Krishnan unni : Freddie Michael Kurt Cobain My heroes💓

Aakash #bantawakoyu : Legend talking about another Legend

Pi 101 : TWO DEAD MUSICAL HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Al Nor : I love how he is able to intelligently say why he understands Michaels isolation aside from himself being an extrovert. That is called being empathetic to others and not judging them or making them feel less than. Not bashing another artist just because his views are different or the way he acts are different. This should be applied to anyone in general, to empathize with each other and understand, not criticize or or act better than just because you are different. Bravo Mr. Freddy Mercury, thank you for your great music, artistry, and kindness.

Martin Silveira : I know everyone says this but I'm gonna say it again. Freddie is a legend

Mz Virgo317 : Can you not see and hear the similarities in the two artist work ethics..both men were masters of their crafts!! Icons...both Virgos.😎

Richard Bárta : Two most talented musicians ever born !

Marco Francisco : Love both of these men. Sad that they both passed. Back then Micheal probably had enough money to hire Queen for a private concert.

Diego Funes : Damn, imagine Mercury and Jackson being alive this days making music, with Mick Jagger, and Bowie, and Lennon, and Harrison, just imagine that, in 1 stage.

Dr. Sexy : We need a Michael Jackson movie And call it Thriller

Mario Plater : Can you imagine two huge legends like Mercury & Micheal on stage together. Wow

Audrey Dempsey : I didnt know they met wow😍😍😍

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